Leftovers Virtual: Reading Marx and Marxism in the Age of Uprisings and Pandemics

Haymarket Books

Leftovers is proud to present a virtual panel, following in the theme of our well-received 2019 panel, on reading Marx and classical Marxist theory in the context of the current conjuncture. Far from a mere detached “return to Marx”, Leftovers seeks to recuperate and renovate our analysis by way of revisiting bedrock communist praxis. Among our papers are a two part engagement on Marx’s work on the Jewish question, followed by a reconceptualization of Marx’s concept of “So Called Primitive Accumulation”. Leftovers panelists all share a queer socialist-feminist reading of the Marxist tradition, focusing on a unitary analysis and avoiding class reductionism. We are all of the belief that the popular struggles of today, from the summer’s international multiracial uprising against police murder to the struggles of Indigenous people and beyond, are part and parcel of the class struggle. Thus, in propagating our readings of the Marxist tradition, we aim at a first step of providing readings relevant to the 21st century. PLEASE NOTE: All events for HM Online are free to register, however we would ask comrades who are able to please consider supporting the Historical Materialism project. Please consider subscribing to the Historical Materialism journal, published by BRILL, who are currently offering a 25% discount on individual subscriptions, valid until the end of the year. To use the offer, quote the discount code 70997 when subscribing at: Also, please consider subscribing to the Historical Materialism book series through Haymarket Books. For $25 per month, this subscription gets you every new title from the Historical Materialism series when it is released (as long as your subscription remains active) plus a 50% discount on *all* Haymarket books titles via our website. Non-US subscribers will be charged an extra $20/month for international shipping.… ***For the duration of the conference, all HM titles in paperback will be available for a 50% discount via the Haymarket website***…


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