“Shame on You, New York Times!” Scientists Speak Out Over Media Disinformation on China

Alan Macleod

MintPress News | February 15, 2021

WHO Wuhan Feature photo

ATexas teenager has been forced to use her entire college savings to prevent her single mother from being evicted after she lost her job amid a raging pandemic. Alondra Carmona of Houston made the appeal on crowdfunding site GoFundMe, noting that she had been accepted into prestigious New York university Barnard College, but that she used the money she had saved for tuition in order to save her mother.

Some of the world’s top scientists are condemning The New York Times for what they describe as a highly misleading hit job on their recent visit to Wuhan, China.Read More »


Questionable Time – Elite Bias on the BBC’s Flagship Debate Show

Preference for millionaires and top-10% earners revealed in new analysis by STEVEN McCRACKEN and SEAN RANKIN

Morning Star | February 12, 2021

BBC director-general Tim Davie raised eyebrows in October 2020 when he told a virtual Ofcom conference that reflecting “socio-economic diversity, different types of people, different voices” was a “big issue” for the BBC.

Specifically, Davie conceded that Oxbridge graduates are disproportionately represented within the organisation.

His point was neatly illustrated that lunchtime on BBC2’s Politics Live.Read More »


Mass Media Propaganda is Enemy #1: Notes From The Edge of The Narrative Matrix

Caitlin Johnstone

Though numerous, the pseudo diversity of content and opinion is one of the most egregious conceits of the tightly controlled Western media.

The most Orwellian tool of our rulers which does the most damage and affects the most lives is not surveillance, nor police militarization, nor government secrecy, but domestic mass media propaganda. It’s also the most overlooked. It’s good to protest the other mechanisms of authoritarian control, but propaganda is enemy number one.Read More »


BBC Urged to Reveal Costs of Countering Equal Pay and Race Discrimination Claims

Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | December 18, 2020

BBC Broadcasting House in London

MPs have expressed dissatisfaction after the BBC claimed that it could not provide a breakdown of the legal costs it incurred in opposing equal-pay and race-discrimination claims in employment tribunals.

The digital, culture, media and sport committee had asked BBC director-general Tim Davie to provide further information about the broadcaster’s spending on lawyers to fight such cases.Read More »


Corporate Media Silence Deafening as Former Clinton Aide Confirms Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Alan Macleod

MintPress News | December 07, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein Bill Clinton

Atop Clinton insider has revealed that the former president visited the Caribbean home of notorious sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. In a long interview last week with Vanity Fair, longtime aide to Bill Clinton, Doug Band, noted that, contrary to the official line, his boss did indeed spend time on Little Saint James, the private island that the billionaire pedophile used as a base to traffick and rape women and children.Read More »


Media Narratives About China Endanger World Peace

Daniel Renken

People’s World | September 16, 2020

Media narratives about China endanger world peace

U.S. warships photographed recently in the South China Sea indicate that geopolitical and economic interests are what is behind much of Washington’s anti-China propaganda. | AP

In recent months, Americans have received a barrage of news on TV, social media, and even late-night talk shows discussing the “aggressive” actions of the People’s Republic of China. Whether it’s the disputed waters of the South China Sea, the Hong Kong protests, or accusations of religious discrimination and genocide, the presentations of the national media regarding China are generally negative.

The Trump administration relentlessly slanders the country, as a quick look at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Twitter page will show you. But that should lead to an important question: Why now? All of these stories focused on China are not new, they’ve been off-and-on stories for years. So why the sudden spotlight on them, when so many important things are happening here in the United States and elsewhere around the world?Read More »


HBO’s Welcome to Chechnya is Latest Anti-Russian Cold War Propaganda

Max Parry

In 2017, explosive allegations first emerged that the authorities of the Chechen Republic were reportedly interning gay men in concentration camps. After a three year period of dormancy, the accusations have resurfaced in a new feature length documentary by HBO Films entitled Welcome to Chechnya. Shot between mid-2017 and early last year, the film has received widespread acclaim among Western media and film critics. Shortly after its release last month, the Trump administration and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced an increase in economic sanctions and imposed travel restrictions against Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and his family, citing the putative human rights abuses in the southern Russian republic covered in the film.Read More »


Broadcasting and Beyond: Proposals for Progressive Media

Rod Stoneman

Culture Matters | August 04, 2020

Broadcasting and Beyond: proposals for progressive media

You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. It comes from non- conformity – the courage to invent the future. – Thomas Sankara.

Recently sketching an account of my experiences working in Channel 4 throughout the 1980s and early 1990s has led me to speculate about the prospects for a return to a wider range of progressive views in the media. With its bold remit to innovate in the form and content of programmes, Channel 4 was at the cutting edge of a broadcast culture that had been open to more radical voices, and a strong leftist tradition had developed since 1968.Read More »


How the Guardian Betrayed Not Only Corbyn But the Last Vestiges of British Democracy

Jonathan Cook

It is simply astonishing that the first attempt by the Guardian – the only major British newspaper styling itself as on the liberal-left – to properly examine the contents of a devastating internal Labour party report leaked in April is taking place nearly four months after the 860-page report first came to light.

If you are a Labour party member, the Guardian is the only “serious”, big-circulation paper claiming to represent your values and concerns.

One might therefore have assumed that anything that touches deeply on Labour party affairs – on issues of transparency and probity, on the subversion of the party’s democratic structures, on abuses or fraud by its officials – would be of endless interest to the paper. One might have assumed it would wish both to dedicate significant resources to investigating such matters for itself and to air all sides of the ensuing debate to weigh their respective merits.Read More »

Project Venezuela: Right-Wing Activists Push Wikipedia to Blacklist MintPress, other Alternative Media

MintPress News | June 12, 2020

Wikipedia Feature photo

Still unable to convince a sufficient number of their countryfolk to support them, the Venezuelan opposition has turned their efforts towards convincing an international audience – primarily Americans – to support their cause. Part of that is spending inordinate amounts of time online, arguing in English on social media, creating bot networks, and editing Wikipedia articles. Many Wikipedia articles on Venezuela are particularly biased towards the opposition, containing numerous inaccuracies, falsehoods and non-sequiturs.

Read More »