Cuban women: A revolution within the Revolution (Photos)


Granma | March 09, 2018

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Cuban women behind the camera


Granma | March 14, 2018

Still from ¿Por qué lloran mis amigas? From left to right: Luisa María Jiménez, Jazmín Gómez, Edith Massola and Amarilys Núñez. Photo:

For a long time, the scarce presence of women behind the camera in Cuban film, especially in fiction, has been discussed. Most of the women filmmakers on the island are documentary filmmakers, but in recent times women have gained ground in other genres.Read More »

Anti-Cuban provocation plot foiled on eve of elections

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Granma | March 09, 2018

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How is the President elected in Cuba?


Granma | February 21, 2018

The vote is an act that is more delicate that any other,
since with it comes life, honor, and the future
— José Martí

Photo: Granma

There is no need to dig through Cuba’s Election Law no.72, dated October 29, 1992, to find the answer. It is explicit, and Dr. José Luis Toledo Santander, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission, gets right to the point.Read More »

Cuba expanding wholesale markets?


Granma | February 06, 2017

Plaza Guanabacoa State Agriculture & Livestock store. Photo: Ismael Batista

Santa Clara.– To the extent that conditions in the country permit, wholesale markets will be established to attend to the needs of the private sector and non-state forms of management, with steps already taken toward this end by the Ministry of Finance and Prices, National Tax Authority and import-export entities, explained Mary Blanca Ortega Barredo, Minister of Domestic Trade (Mincin). Read More »

New Cuban vaccine to be released next year

Granma | January 24, 2018

Photo: Radioreloj

A new and effective Pneumococcal with conjugates against the seven most common serotypes, will be available next year, project leaders announced, January 24.
Developed by the Finlay Institute, the vaccine will be registered under the trademark: Quimi-Vio and be available nationwide, explained Dagmar García, the center’s director of Research, speaking to Prensa Latina.Read More »

José Martí, soul of the Cuban Revolution

by W.T. Whitney JR.

People’s World | January 22, 2018

José Martí, soul of the Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro, center, at the May Day 1960 parade in Havana at the Jose Marti Monument. | AP

Cubans celebrate José Martí’s birthday every year, and preparations this year are elaborate. As before, there will be a torchlight parade in Havana to mark the 165th anniversary of his birth on January 28, 1853. Youth organizations are organizing tours of places throughout the island identified with Martí. Commemorative meetings and symposia are taking place, along with voluntary work projects and torchlight parades in other cities.Read More »

Cuba honors its heroes with pride, just as they defended our independence


Granma | January 12, 2018

Photo: Estudio Revolución

TERCER FRENTE, Santiago de Cuba.–The Mario Muñoz mausoleum located in the heart of the Sierra Maestra, on Esperanza Hill, yesterday January 11 was the site of a military ceremony presided by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, for the reburial of remains of combatants who fell in the War of Liberation or after the triumph of the Revolution.

The sacred site received, with the day’s first light, the worthy sons of the homeland who shed their blood for our freedom, or dedicated their lives to the Revolution, to be interred alongside Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida Bosque who founded the Third Front here and whose remains occupy the highest point of the site.Read More »

Cuba honors Celia Sánchez Manduley

Today, January 11, Cuba’s working class will pay tribute to the heroine of the Sierra and the plains, Celia Sánchez Manduley, on the 38th anniversary of her death


Granma | January 11, 2018

Photo: Archive

Today, January 11, Cuba’s working class will pay tribute to the heroine of the Sierra and the plains, Celia Sánchez Manduley, on the 38th anniversary of her death.Read More »