Electoral rolls in Cuba: Transparent and accurate


Granma | January 17, 2019

Photo: Martirena

The transparency and accuracy of Cuba’s electoral registry – with its public, permanent, ex officio nature – guaranteed by the state and verified by the population, constitutes a strength of the Revolution, especially important to the referendum on constitutional reform set for February 24. This was confirmed for Granma International by Colonel Mario Méndez Mayedo, head the Identification, Immigration, and Foreign Nationals Directorate, who reported that, beginning January 16, voter rolls will be displayed in visible locations close to polling stations.Read More »


Where is Cuban science headed?


Granma | January 11, 2018

A total of 53% of workers in Cuba’s scientific sector are women. Photo: Yaimí Ravelo

Efforts in the Cuban science through 2018 were aimed at making this sector a key element to generate wealth and advance toward the sustainability of the island’s socioeconomic model and technological sovereignty.Read More »

Cuba: José Ramón Fernández Álvarez dies

Granma | January 07, 2019

Photo: Granma archives

The Hero of the Republic of Cuba and retired Brigadier General, José Ramón Fernández Álvarez, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, January 6, at the age of 95.

Familiarly known as “El Gallego Fernández,” he was born November 4, 1923, in Santiago de Cuba. From a young age he participated in the revolutionary struggle against the Batista dictatorship, in conspiratorial movements with different military and political groups. He was imprisoned for almost three years on the Isle of Pines for these activities.Read More »

Cuba: The urgent imperative of a resistance front


Granma | November 16, 2018

Photo: ACN

If all democratic forms of government have been subjected to the most challenging tests during these times, this has been seen nowhere more ferociously than in Our America, where they have been placed in serious danger. From south to north, military lodges, landholders, power brokers, uncouth oligarchies, and big business, in sinister complicity, with no holds placed by the UN or the OAS, have abolished fundamental human and civil freedoms. The cynical manipulation of popular will, and the violent removal of constitutionally elected governments by despots of a typical totalitarian cut, characterize this dramatic process that threatens the entire continent.Read More »

Cuba: The people as a constituent body


Granma | November 09, 2018

All proposals, without exception, are to be evaluated by the National Assembly commission. Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

CIEGO DE ÁVILA.–Discussions of the proposed new Constitution of the Republic continue – contextualized, with abundant collective intelligence, and no unanswered questions.

All proposals, without exception, are to be evaluated by the National Assembly commission, and a new updated proposal will return to this body, where it will be discussed once again and approved, to then be submitted to a popular referendum in which every citizen can cast a direct, secret ballot vote.Read More »

Cuba’s future Constitution is a collective work


Granma | October 24, 2018

Photo: Miguel Febles Hernández

The first discussion about the proposal is if we are considering a new Constitution or a partial reform of the 1976 text, and furthermore, if the current one can be revoked. Those who take the latter position do not agree that, according to the reform clause, just as it was amended in 2002, a total reform is not possible, and that this would only be viable if the revolutionary Cuban political and social system were altered, which would lead to a collision.Read More »

Cuba is not alone: Nations of the world highlight the absurdity of the U.S. blockade against Cuba in the UN

Granma | October 31, 2018

Once again, the UN General Assembly debated the draft resolution presented by Cuba calling for an end to the U.S. blockade. Despite U.S. attempts to sabotage the annual debate and pressure other nations to vote against Cuba – through the submission of eight ridiculous amendments to the text – this October 31 saw a wealth of nations express their support for Cuba and condemn this criminal, genocidal policy.Read More »