The People are in the Streets Defending their Revolution

Nuria Barbosa León and Alfredo Herrera Sánchez

Granma | November 30, 2020

President Miguel Díaz-Canel reiterated that in Cuba there is room for dialogue on any subject for socialism, for the Revolution. Photo: Juvenal Balán

Centro Habana’s Trillo Park was the scene of a passionate debate, a tángana, yesterday, where the dignity of the homeland was reaffirmed with condemnation of the most recent U.S. manipulations designed to discredit our country, energetically rejected by thousands of young people, along with the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

This was a tángana in defense of their Revolution facing a new attack.

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US Intervenes as Venezuela Prepares for High Stakes Election

Roger D. Harris

RESUMEN | November 25, 2020

Justice and Peace for the people of Chavez, Photo: Bill Hackwell

The US finally appointed an ambassador to Venezuela after a decade hiatus and in the runup to the Venezuelan National Assembly elections. The new ambassador, James Story, was confirmed by US Senate voice vote – Democrats supporting Trump’s nominee – on November 18.

Ambassador Story took his post in Bogotá, Colombia. No, this is not another example of Trump’s bungling by sending his man to the wrong capital. The US government does not recognize the democratically elected government in Caracas.Read More »


Friedrich Engels: Organiser, Thinker and Joint Author of The Communist Manifesto

John Foster

Morning Star | November 28, 2020

Engels (right) with Marx, statue in Berlin Photo: Manfred Bruckels/cc

IN CELEBRATING the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Engels it is difficult to overestimate his contribution both to the development of the international working-class movement or to Marx’s own theoretical work and its wider dissemination.Read More »


Women’s Oppression, The Origins of the Family and The Condition of the Working Class

Engels Memorial Lecture given by Professor Mary Davis at the Marx Memorial Library earlier this week

Morning Star | November 28, 2020

Peasant Woman Cooking by a Fireplace by Vincent Van Gogh

THE great significance of Friedrich Engels’s Origins of the Family, Private Property & the State is that it is one of the first Marxist analyses of development of family and origins of women’s oppression (the first was August Bebel’s Women & Socialism, 1879) — a subject in which most men were uninterested.Read More »


An All-Out Trade War with China would Cost Australia 6% Of GDP

Rod Tyers and Yixiao Zhou

The Conversation | November 30, 2020

China accounts for more than a third of export dollars earned by Australia.

The figures, for the 12 months to October, cover the period of coronavirus disruptions and disputes over trade.

They apply to physical exports rather than harder to measure services, and are dominated by record high Chinese takings of Australian iron ore.

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Indian Farmers Vow to Maintain Roadblocks Until Modi Drops Agriculture ‘Reforms’

Ben Chako

Morning Star | November 29, 2020

Indian farmers hold a meeting at the Delhi-Haryana state border today

INDIAN farmers vowed today to continue blockading major roads in Punjab and Haryana until the government withdraws three recent laws opening agriculture up to global agribusiness giants.

Jaskaran Singh of the Kisan (“farmers”) Union said it the protesters had declined an offer of talks from the Narendra Modi government and were holding out for the total defeat of the laws.Read More »


250 Million People Participate in Countrywide Strike in India

 Peoples Dispatch | November 27, 2020

On Thursday, November 26, India witnessed the biggest organized strike in human history. Over 250 million workers and farmers, along with their allies among students, feminists and civil society groups participated in the nationwide strike. The strike coincides with India’s Constitution Day, which commemorates the adoption of the constitution in 1949, and comes in the background of an unprecedented attack on workers’ rights and farmers’ protections by the right-wing government of prime minister Narendra Modi.Read More »


Farmers’ March: Protesters Stay Put at Borders, To Decide on Future Course of Action

The Wire | November 29, 2020

New Delhi: After spending another night in cold, thousands of farmers continued to protest against the Centre’s new farm laws on the fourth consecutive day on Sunday staying put at the Singhu and Tikri border points, with farmer leaders deliberating upon their future course of action about proposed talks with the government.

With many roads and entry points being blocked, Union home minister Amit Shah had appealed to the farmers to shift to the Burari ground and said the Centre was ready to hold discussions with them as soon as they move to the designated place.Read More »


Breaking Barricades, Braving Repression, Farmers Reach Indian Capital Delhi

Peoples Dispatch | November 27, 2020

Tens of thousands of farmers rallied to India capital city New Delhi from the neighboring states, primarily from Haryana and Punjab. They are demanding that the far-right Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government scrap the three recently passed farm laws. But the central and state governments did everything they could to stop the marching farmers.Read More »


President Maduro: “Maradona Helped in Secret Operations to Bring Food to Venezuela” (US Sanctions)

Orinoco Tribune | November 25, 2020

Diego Maradona and Nicolas Maduro. Maradona help bringing food to Venezuela circunvating US sanctions.

Wednesday, November 25— This afternoon, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro lamented the death of Diego Armando Maradona, a great friend and ally of the Bolivarian Revolution, and recalled some of the last conversations they held.

“We have received a great blow to our feelings, a great one has left… The eternal Diego… We spoke days after his birthday and he felt very sad about the pandemic. ‘This pandemic cannot go on anymore,’ he told me,” said Maduro, recalling one of the most recent conversations he had with the Argentine star, and how confinement had affected him.Read More »