Venezuelan Opposition Candidates Admit Election Defeat as MUD Rejects Dialogue

by Lucas Koerner


Henri Falcon
Outgoing opposition Lara state Governor Henri Falcon accepted defeat on Monday. (Archive)

Caracas, October 17, 2017 ( – Opposition candidates in two states have accepted defeat in Venezuela’s regional elections, which the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) coalition has denounced as “fraudulent”.

“Responsibly we recognize that we lost and this has to be accepted,” outgoing Lara Governor Henri Falcon said during a press conference Monday.

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Chavistas Take 17 of 23 States in Venezuelan Regional Elections as Opposition Cries Fraud

by Lucas Koerner


CNE announces results of regional elections in Venezuela
(Credit AVN) CNE announces the victory of officialism in 17 states in the 2017 regional elections

Caracas, October 15, 2017 ( – President Nicolás Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won 17 of 23 states in Sunday’s gubernatorial elections, the National Electoral Council (CNE) has confirmed.

According to CNE President Tibisay Lucena, 61.14 percent of Venezuela’s eighteen-million-strong electorate came out to vote, marking a record participation in the country’s regional elections, second only to the 65.45 percent turnout in 2008.

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Venezuela’s Regional Elections: As they happen


  1. The PSUV won 54 percent of the total vote, marking a significant recovery since the ruling party’s landslide defeat in 2015 parliamentary elections when it garnered only 43.7 percent of the vote. Opposition cries fraud…

Javier Biardeau: Regional Elections Are Strategic Fight for Future of Chavismo

by Clodovaldo Hernández & Javier Biardeau – Supuesto Negado


Javier Biardeau
Political columnist and university professor Javier Biardeau. (SupuestoNegado)

Renowned political columnist and university professor Javier Biardeau discusses Venezuela’s upcoming regional elections this Sunday.

What influence is the National Constituent Assembly [ANC] going to have on the regional elections process?

I think there is uncertainty because there are a lot of factors in the equation. There is the issue of the balance sheet of expectations people have towards the ANC. You’d have to look at what people think about which expectations have been fulfilled and which have not. This is a fundamental point. Obviously, the achievement of public calm [with the end of the violent anti-government protests] is an accomplished objective. But taking on economic problems continues to be a pending challenge, despite the speech by President Maduro in the ANC when he proposed the eight laws. I feel that, although some measures have been taken, there is still an interrupted discussion around what the ANC can or can’t do in the economic arena. That tension is exploding in the heart of the ANC. There is also a great expectation in terms of what the ANC will do on the issue of corruption following the conflict with [former Attorney General] Luisa Ortega Diaz. This is in process. In any case, the regional elections are characterized by many uncertainties. It’s an election with greater uncertainty than in the previous years. It’s a strategic election; it’s not a conventional set of regional races.

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Venezuela Creates Day of Socialist Feminism

by Ryan Mallett-Outtrim

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | September 29, 2017


Puebla, Mexico, September 29, 2017 ( – Venezuela announced Thursday the creation of a national day to celebrate socialist feminism, while activists are continuing to push for greater women’s rights.

The new day of celebration, the Day of Socialist Feminism, was unanimously approved by the country’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC). The ANC has broad powers to propose legislative changes, but has been fiercely criticised by Venezuela’s opposition.

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Have Off-The-Shelf Companies Caused Venezuela’s Exchange Rate Fraud?

by Luis Salas Rodriguez

teleSUR | 03 October, 2017

A cashier counts bolivars at money exchange in Caracas.

A cashier counts bolivars at money exchange in Caracas. | Photo: Reuters

It seems obvious that the Attorney General is committed to seeing that justice is done, to clearing up and making good the scandalous embezzlement in Venezuela caused by speculation and corruption revolving around exchange rate controls and the policies for assigning foreign currency, from 2003 until now.

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Venezuelans Mobilize for Anti-Imperialist March in Caracas

teleSUR | September 11, 2017

Large crowd gather in Caracas for an anti-imperialist mobilization against Trump threats and calls by the opposition for foreign intervention.

Large crowd gather in Caracas for an anti-imperialist mobilization against Trump threats and calls by the opposition for foreign intervention. | Photo: PDVSA
The mobilization intends to deliver a document to the ministry soliciting an investigation against Venezuelans who called for foreign intervention in the South American country. 

On the 44th anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup in Chile, thousands have marched from Plaza Venezuela to the headquarters of the Public Ministry demanding respect for the country’s “sovereignty, independence, and self-determination.”

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Revolution or Counter-Revolution in Venezuela


VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | September 07, 2017

Mural reads "I'm with the revolution!". (Abyayala)

Mural reads “I’m with the revolution!”. (Abyayala)

Anyone who has read anything on the government of Venezuela in the last seventeen years in the corporate media will have noticed that it is characterised as a repressive dictatorship. However supporters of its Bolivarian Revolution will tell a different story, claiming it has passed through an extended period of radical democratic change, achieving significant reductions in poverty. The advances of the revolution and the social progress it has engendered for the working class are very real, however the radical democratic reforms of the Bolivarian revolution are now under threat. Its attempts at measures of workers control, cooperatives and communes remain an important cornerstone of the revolution, but the radicalisation that occurred throughout the 2000s has faced significant setbacks.

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Venezuelan State Reopens Investigations into Hundreds of Suspected Rural Activist Assassinations


VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | September 07, 2017

Two Venezuelan land activists harvesting crops. (CRBZ)

Two Venezuelan land activists harvesting crops. (CRBZ)

Bogota, September 7 2017 ( – Three hundred unresolved cases of rural land activists allegedly murdered at the hands of hired assassins will be re-opened by Venezuela’s Public Prosecution service in an effort to root out impunity for politically motivated crimes.

The measure was agreed in a high level meeting between the National Ombudsman’s office, the Public Prosecution service, the Public Defense, the Ministry of Eco-socialism and Water, the National Land Institute, and the Foundation for Victims of Politically Motivated and Rural Assassinations.

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Venezuela’s Citgo provides free gas to Harvey rescue teams

teleSUR/mrs-RT | 03 September, 2017

Residents use a truck to navigate through floodwaters from Harvey in Houston, Texas.

Residents use a truck to navigate through floodwaters from Harvey in Houston, Texas. | Photo: Reuters
Houston’s mayor expressed his appreciation for the generous donation, stating, “We are overwhelmed by the support from our corporate partners including Citgo.”

Venezuela has provided free gas to rescues workers, firefighters and police in their efforts to help victims in areas affected by Harvey, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

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