UN Expert: No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | December 06, 2017

Independent UN expert Alfred de Zayas
Independent UN expert Alfred de Zayas visited Venezuela in late November. (Twitter/AlfredDeZayas)

An independent United Nations expert has publicly stated that Venezuela is not suffering from a humanitarian crisis following a recent trip to the country.

Alfred De Zayas, an independent expert on International Democratic and Equitable Order at the United Nations (UN), visited Venezuela in late November to assess its social and economic progress.

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Venezuelan Government and Opposition Relaunch Talks in the Dominican Republic

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | December 04, 2017

Representatives of the Venezuelan government and opposition sat down for internationally-mediated dialogue in the Dominican Republic over the weekend in a bid to resolve the South American country’s ongoing political standoff.

Taking place over the course of Friday and Saturday, the talks were mediated by Dominican President Danilo Medina, former Spanish President Jose Luis Zapatero, as well as foreign ministers from Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.Read More »

Four Effects of the Blockade Against Venezuela

by Misión Verdad

teleSUR | November 29, 2017

A ship docks in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.

A ship docks in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. | Photo: Venezuelan Ministry of Transportation

The financial blockade directly affects routine international payments for goods and services.

No doubt remains that the blockade of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is intended to deepen the sabotage of the Venezuelan people’s social and economic life.

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Venezuelans Think Elections Promote Peace and Stability: Poll

teleSUR | November 20, 2017

The National Electoral Board began delivering voting machines to polling stations to allow citizens to familiarize themselves with the new equipment.

The National Electoral Board began delivering voting machines to polling stations to allow citizens to familiarize themselves with the new equipment. | Photo: AVN
The survey revealed that 71 percent, the great majority of Venezuelans, support the municipal elections.

A total of 59 percent of Venezuelans think the October regional elections and the upcoming municipal elections in December contribute to the general peace and stability in the country, a recent survey said.

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Venezuela: Government and Opposition Take Initial Steps Towards December Dialogue

by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | November 17, 2017

Miguel Vargas
Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas has confirmed that the Venezuelan government and the opposition will meet in the Dominican Republic on December 1-2. (MIREXRD)
Bogota, November 17 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – The Venezuelan government and the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) opposition coalition have both confirmed that they will reinitiate previously discontinued talks on December 1 in the Dominican Republic.The news comes after both sides expressed willingness to continue with internationally mediated dialogue efforts following regional elections on October 15 which delivered a landslide victory for the goverment.

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Venezuela, Russia Agree to Restructure Debt as China Voices Confidence in Caracas

by Rachael Boothroyd-Rojas

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | November 16, 2017

Venezuelan Economy and Finance Minister Simon Zerpa Delgado and Russian Finance Vice-Minister Sergei Storchak officially sign off on a debt relief deal for the Maduro administration Wednesday. (Twitter/SimonZerpaDelgado)

Bogota, November 16, 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuela and Russia finalized a deal Wednesday to restructure USD$3.5 billion worth of debt held by Moscow.

According to a press statement from Russia’s Finance Ministry, a new payment schedule has been agreed for the next decade, with “minimal” quotas to be made in the first six years.

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The Governorship Elections in Venezuela. The PSUV Wins By a Landslide, Opposition in Disarray

By Arnold August and Nino Pagliccia – Global Research

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | November 10, 2017


The governing party of Venezuela, the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), has recently obtained a resounding electoral victory for State governorship. The election was called by the CNE (National Electoral Council) at the instance of the ANC (National Constituent Assembly). Soon after, the opposition group MUD (Democratic Unity Coalition) seemed to be in disarray.Enrique Capriles of Primero Justicia (Justice First) party, for example, resigned from the MUD coalition questioning Henry Ramos Allup of the AD (Democratic Action) party who in turn expelled the four AD governors who dared to be sworn-in in front of the ANC in acceptance of the election results.

I asked Canadian author Arnold August to give his assessment of the political significance for the Bolivarian process.

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President Maduro: In Revolution, Time Is a Battle

teleSUR | November 07, 2017

 "This is a Christian socialism, which vindicates a people that want peace, happiness and justice," said the Venezuelan President.

“This is a Christian socialism, which vindicates a people that want peace, happiness and justice,” said the Venezuelan President. | Photo: @PresidencialVen

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro praised the Bolshevik Revolution during a massive march.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro recalled that the Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago managed to get the workers to take political power into their hands for the first time. “In Revolution, all times are a battle and they are a struggle!” said Maduro on Tuesday during the celebration with the people of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution on the outskirts of the Miraflores Palace Caracas.

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Brazil’s MST Celebrates 12 Years of Solidarity With Venezuela Campesinos

teleSUR | November 07, 2017

MST’s contribution in Venezuela is dedicated to social and political education classes, the production of native seeds, crops and other projects.

People-to-people diplomacy and solidarity are two core pillars of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, MST, international agenda.

That in mind, Apolonia de Carvalho, a brigade from the campesino movement that struggles in favor of land reform and against social inequality and injustice in Brazil’s countryside, is celebrating 12 years of collaboration with Venezuelan campesinos in the municipality of Barquisimeto, in Lara state, who support the Bolivarian Revolutionary government.

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Venezuela’s ANC Approves Law to Kickstart National Agricultural Production

by Rachael Boothroyd-Rojas

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | November 01, 2017

The ANC unanimously approved the new law Tuesday. (VTV)

Bogota, November 1, 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) approved a law to create a new agricultural consortium Tuesday in a bid to jump-start national production.

The law was presented to the assembly by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in early September as part of a string of economic proposals aimed at overcoming the country’s economic crisis.

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