How The West and Its Allies Sabotaged Venezuela | June 28, 2018

Colombian President Manuel Santos and US President Donald Trump shake hands (Michael Reynolds / EPA)
Colombian President Manuel Santos and US President Donald Trump shake hands (Michael Reynolds / EPA)

Venezuela and Colombia differ in their relations and involvement with the US government and its functions.

Washington makes the case that the US was helping to protect private sectors and the oil industry in Venezuela, as well as defend the Colombian government from the supposed terrorism of FARC, however, this is not the case for either nation.  The Venezuelan government cannot be criticized without taking into account the role that the US, Organisation of American States (OAS), Saudi Arabia, Israel and Colombia have played in sabotaging the Venezuelan government and economy, then using corporate media to blame Venezuela’s problems on Chavismo.

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Venezuela Gov’t Elections Observers Reject New EU Sanctions

teleSUR | June 25, 2018


Venezuela’s foreign minister Jorge Arreaza. | Photo: EFE
In a statement published Monday, Venezuela’s foreign ministry condemned the EU for its ‘blatant subordination’ to the U.S.

Venezuela issued a statement Monday rejecting the European Union’s announcement of sanctions against 11 high-ranking officials in protest of President Nicolas Maduro’s reelection in the May elections, which were boycotted by some sectors of the Venezuelan opposition such as the Democratic Unity Roundtable, or MUD.

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How can the resistance of the Venezuelan people and Nicolás Maduro’s government be explained?


Granma | May 28, 2018

Nicolás Maduro has always remained close to his people, both in moments of celebration and in more difficult times. Photo: AVN

Economic war, sabotage, low oil prices, international sanctions, and political violence. Any president prior to the arrival of Hugo Chávez to the Miraflores Presidential Palace would have succumbed in just a few days faced with an attack such as that experienced by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

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Ten attempts to destabilize the recently re-elected Venezuelan government


Granma | May 23, 2018

Maduro received three-times as many votes as his closest rival for the presidency, Henri Falcón. Photo: El Confidencial

While thousands of people gathered around Miraflores Presidential Palace to greet the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro, opposition sectors, the United States, the European Union and the Latin American right launched a predictable destabilization plan against the most recent democratic electoral process undertaken on Sunday, May 20, in Venezuela.Read More »

Venezuela: Maduro Wins Presidential Election, Despite Imperialist Meddling – What Next?

by Jorge Martin

In Defence of Marxism | May 21, 2018

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected for another term of office in the Venezuelan presidential election on Sunday 20 May. The majority of the reactionary opposition, with full support from Washington and Brussels, had called for a boycott, which led to a very low turnout in the middle-and-upper-class areas of the main cities. Their demand that the elections be cancelled was echoed by right-wing governments in the region. This meant that many in the working-class and poor areas turned out to vote as a way of rejecting brazen imperialist meddling. However, even here turnout was visibly lower than in previous elections. The deep economic crisis is the major issue in people’s minds and many are sceptical about the government’s ability to deal with it.Read More »

Venezuela Slams New US Sanctions as Washington Hints at Oil Embargo

by Cira Pascual Marquina


US President Donald Trump the latest executive order slapping Venezuela with sanctions on Monday
US President Donald Trump the latest executive order slapping Venezuela with sanctions on Monday. (TIME)

Caracas, May 22, 2018 ( – Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza responded forcefully to the latest round of US sanctions, which follow hard on the heels of socialist candidate Nicolas Maduro’s Sunday electoral victory.

“There is no unilateral measure, no pressure from any foreign power that can intimidate the Venezuelan people,” the top diplomat stated.

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