UK: Jeremy Corbyn proves himself to be true statesman as the Tories ratchet up tensions

Morning Star | March 16, 2018

FRANCE has been knocked into shape by its Nato allies, joining Britain, the US and Germany in declaring Russia “culpable” for the nerve agent poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

President Emmanuel Macron has dropped his previous reasonable insistence that Theresa May’s government present “definitive conclusions” before any action was taken.Read More »


UK: Water workers to strike over bosses’ grab on pensions


MORE than 1,000 water workers in north-west England are to strike to defend their pensions after three unions joined forces in the dispute.

Members of Unite, Unison and Prospect are taking on bonus-fed fat-cat bosses at United Utilities (UU) and will strike for 24 hours on Friday and next Monday.

From Friday, they will also ban overtime, refuse call-outs and suspend an advice service to councils until March 24.Read More »

Corbyn: We can define our future beyond the EU

by Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | February 26, 2018

LEAVING the European Union does not spell doom for Britain, with funds “returned from Brussels” potentially being invested in public services and jobs, Jeremy Corbyn will say today.

In a major speech in Coventry to cement Labour’s vision for Brexit, he will argue that the EU is neither the saviour nor source of Britain’s problems.Read More »

UK: Pension strikes continue as uni bosses send out ‘mixed messages’

by Peter Lazenby

Morning Star | February 24, 2018

PICKETS were in action again today at 64 universities as lecturers fought to defend their pensions.

As leaders of employers’ organisation Universities UK (UUK) gathered in London to discuss the strike, the University and College Union (UCU) accused it of sending out “mixed messages” about the bosses’ willingness to negotiate.Read More »

On the Road with Attila the Stockbroker: There’s nothing wrong with newspapers, as long as they print news, not reactionary garbage


Morning Star | February 16, 2018

AS I write this, the front page of the Sun — that festering toilet accessory, that utter waste of trees certainly not worthy of the designation “newspaper” — has a “story” purporting to be a “scandal” about Jeremy Corbyn and a “commie spy.”Read More »

At 70, the NHS is at a defining crossroads

by Gail Cartmail

Morning Star | February 03, 2018

THE NHS, reeling from a cash crisis caused by the Tory austerity agenda, is at a defining crossroads as it prepares to celebrate its 70th birthday in July.

The NHS needs a massive and immediate cash injection to tide it over the winter crisis, a long-term funding plan to meet soaring demand in the decades ahead and a coherent, well-funded strategy that ensures that health and social care are neatly woven together.Read More »

The British economy isn’t delivering for working people

FRANCES O’GRADY invites all trade unionists, community activists and friends of the labour movement to join the TUC march for a new deal for working people

by Frances O’Grady

From the Carillion collapse to the NHS crisis and from to the gig economy to the public sector pay cap, the pattern is clear.

All the risks of doing business are being shifted onto workers and taxpayers, while bad bosses rake in massive profits.Read More »

UK: Outsourcing council facing strike action from its own contract workers

by Peter Lazenby

Morning Star | January 18, 2018

“OUTSOURCING cheerleader” Bromley Council is facing strike action from contracted-out workers who say they have been demoralised by lack of staff, pay and time off.

A strike ballot is being held by the Unite union at two sites as a national row over “outsourcing” of public services to private companies continues following the collapse of construction and services giant Carillion.Read More »

Britain’s richest plot to stash cash away from the reach of a Corbyn government

by Steve Sweeney

Morning StarJanuary 07, 2018

BRITAIN’S super-rich are planning to hide cash desperately needed for schools, hospitals and other public services from an incoming Labour government.

According to Tilney Investment Management Services, schemes are being formulated by mean-fisted asset managers and individuals to protect their wealth from reforms that would see Britain’s wealthiest pay their fair share of tax.Read More »

Only a militant mass movement will deliver the change Britain needs

Morning Star | January 02, 2018

THE biggest train fare rise in five years is a bitter pill to swallow for commuters who already pay by far the highest prices in Europe for services which are among the slowest and least reliable.

There’s something depressingly familiar about the annual litany of threadbare excuses from transport tycoons and Tory ministers for robbing the travelling public blind.Read More »