Britain is in ‘deep political crisis,’ communists warns

Morning Star | January 17, 2019

Rightwing Leave and liberal Remainers protest outside the Houses of Parliament last night

COMMUNISTS have warned Britain is in the grip of a “deep political crisis” as they demand an early general election and departure from the European Union on March 29.

Speaking to the Communist Party’s political committee last night, general secretary Robert Griffiths argued that “the root of the crisis” is the vote for Brexit by a working-class majority in June 2016 while “powerful sections of the ruling capitalist class want continued alignment with the pro-big business rules of the EU single market and customs union.”Read More »

Corbyn to May: ‘Do the right thing and resign’

by Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | January 16, 2019

JEREMY CORBYN drove a stake into the heart of the “zombie” Tory government today, declaring that Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Frankenstein deal” was now “officially dead.”

He said the PM should do “the right thing” and resign after losing both “confidence and supply” in Parliament and let the people of Britain decide on the way ahead with a general election.Read More »

Military prepare for post-Brexit civil war in Britain and Northern Ireland

by Steve James

Junior Defence Minister Tobias Elwood says 50,000 soldiers had to be readied for deployment on Britain’s streets in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit.

With Britain’s scheduled exit from the European Union (EU) less than 90 days away, his comments, quoted from an anonymous source in Saturday’s Timesnewspaper, confirm that the ruling elite is preparing for the potential eruption of a civil war.

The Times reported, “Ministers at a no-deal Brexit planning meeting on Thursday [January 3] were told that 30,000 regular troops and 20,000 reserves must be ready to help manage the consequences.” Elwood was reported as warning that the troops had to be in place “in case of civil unrest, to assist at Britain’s airports and to ensure fuel and medical supplies.”Read More »

U.K: Thousands of schools struggling financially as government fails to fulfil promises, NEU claims

by Marcus Barnett

Morning Star | January 07, 2019

THOUSANDS of schools are struggling financially because the government has failed to live up to funding promises that were already “woefully inadequate,” a teachers’ union claimed today.

Education ministers have not even matched past promises on funding that were already not good enough, new analysis by the National Education Union (NEU) shows.Read More »

The British Empire Is Still Being Whitewashed in UK Schools – This Must Change

by Deana Heath

The Wire | November 05, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has recently proposed that British school children should be taught about the history of the realities of British imperialism and colonialism. This would include the history of people of colour as components of, and contributors to, the British nation-state – rather than simply as enslaved victims of it.

As Corbyn rightly noted: “Black history is British history” – and hence its study should be part of the national curriculum, not segregated in a single month each year.

Read More »

UK: Solidarity strikers threatened with legal action by Glasgow council

by Conrad Landin

Morning Star | October 24, 2018

SNP council chiefs came under fire today for threatening workers refusing to cross picket lines with Tory anti-union laws.

Brave male dustbin workers, street cleaners and parking wardens in Glasgow refused to clock on while women working as care workers, cleaners, and school-dinner ladies picketed outside their depots over equal pay.Read More »

U.K: Fight against frackers has ‘just got serious,’ say defiant protesters

by Ceren Sagir

Morning Star | October 15, 2018

Fracking protesters outside energy firm Cuadrilla’s site in Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, near Blackpool

ANTI-FRACKING protesters declared their fight had “just got serious” today as they staged a “lock-on” in response to the start of drilling at its site near Blackpool by energy firm Cuadrilla.

Police closed off Preston New Road this morning as dozens of protesters gathered at the site prior to the start of Cuadrilla’s hydraulic fracturing operations.Read More »