UK: “Shocking ignorance” from MPs who don’t know where money actually comes from

by Jasper Jolly

CITY A.M. | October 27, 2017

Anti-government Protestors Turn Out For Theresa May's Farewell Drinks Event

Money doesn’t grow on trees – but it doesn’t come from the government either (Source: Getty)

The majority of Britain’s politicians don’t know where money comes from, despite being tasked with deciding how much of it ends up being spent, according to a poll of MPs published today.

Only 15 per cent of MPs surveyed answered correctly when asked a true/false question on whether banks create money when they make loans.

Almost two-thirds of the 50 MPs surveyed by Dods for campaign group Positive Money wrongly thought banks can’t create money, while a quarter admitted they didn’t know.

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Corbyn Is Right To Call For Empty Homes To Be Occupied Or Requisitioned. And The Consequences Could Be Huge

Morning Star Editorial | June 18, 2017

JEREMY CORBYN’S determination to see victims of the corporate manslaughter at Grenfell Tower properly rehoused is a contrast to the total absence of leadership shown both by the government and Kensington & Chelsea Council.

Even in the face of the appalling human tragedy of last week, and despite Conservative MPs now lining up to condemn their Prime Minister’s cowardly response to the disaster, residents are still being let down.

Desperate women and men trying to find information on missing relatives have complained of a glaring absence of information, without local authorities taking responsibility to assist people or explain who to apply to for information. Rumours of lists of people who died compiled by doctors spread through the community without being verifiable. Read More »

Deadly London Fire Shows How Concerns of Poor ‘Constantly Neglected’

by Jake Johnson, staff writer

Common Dreams | June 15, 2017

“Anyone who’s worked anywhere in the inner city—this isn’t a surprise,” said Danny Vance, an Associate Pastor at Notting Hill Community Church. (Photo: Matt Dunham/AP)

As the death toll from the horrific and “unprecedented” fire that engulfed London’s Grenfell Tower on Wednesday continues to climb, some are highlighting the institutional and economic reasons behind the devastation amid concerns that frequent safety warnings were ignored by the British government.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Bold Vision Puts UK on Verge of ‘Amazing Political Upset’

by Jon Queally, staff writer

Common Dreams | June 08, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday night said the British people have had enough of Prime Minister Theresa May and the Tories’ economic policies and said he was very proud that people across the country were “voting for hope for the future, and turning their backs on austerity.”

As it looked as though the U.K. election might be heading towards shocking results and a hung Parliament, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May to resign while declaring his party’s campaign “has changed the face of British politics.

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UK: Labour’s manifesto is a shift to the left. It’s no time for compromises with the right.

by Nick Clark

 Socialist Worker | May 16, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn out campaigning in Morley, West Yorkshire, yesterday
Jeremy Corbyn out campaigning in Morley, West Yorkshire, on Wednesday (Pic: Neil Terry)

Forget the media and right wing denunciations, there are some excellent promises in the Labour Party’s draft election manifesto.

In the manifesto Labour promises to scrap tuition fees, and plough billions of pounds into education and the NHS.

It promises to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour and end attacks on benefits claimants. And there are plans to ban fracking and renationalise the rail industry and Royal Mail.

The final version of the manifesto was agreed by a meeting of Labour’s broader leadership yesterday, Thursday. But a draft of the manifesto was leaked to a number of national newspapers on Wednesday night.

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Young workers struggle with reading and maths in UK creating skills crisis

In 2016, 11% of the UK labour market was non-UK nationals

The number of working-age foreign-born people in the UK increased in 2015

A Journal of People report

Britain is facing a severe skills shortage as poor education at schools followed by weak training for adults has left young workers struggling to meet basic standards for reading and maths.

A report by The Telegraph said:

“Almost every other developed country has had more success in building a skilled workforce, leaving the UK economy at risk of falling behind, according to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD)Read More »

Priorities Right On Kids’ Meals

Morning Star | 07 April, 2017

FREE school meals for every primary school child would be a godsend to millions of families across the country.

Labour is absolutely right to be championing such a policy — and right too in proposing to pay for it by slapping VAT on private school fees.

This immediately gives the lie to Theresa May’s tired riposte that Labour, as usual, was planning to “bankrupt Britain.”

The value of the school meals initiative launched by Jeremy Corbyn and shadow education secretary Angela Rayner in Lancashire goes beyond the cost of a kid’s lunch because it strikes at the heart of the austerity myth the Tories — with willing accomplices in the monopoly media — have been trying to dupe us with for seven years.Read More »

UK: Budget Isn’t On The Side Of The Workers

by Steve Sweeney

Morning Star | 09 March, 2017

LABOUR hit out yesterday at an “out of touch” Budget that shows the government is “not on the side of the workers” since Chancellor Philip Hammond’s spending plans fail to address poverty pay and falling living standards.

Jeremy Corbyn accused the government of failing to understand what daily life is like for millions of people and the “crisis” in Britain’s public services. He said Mr Hammond was “entirely out of touch with the reality of life for millions.”

The Labour leader continued: “Last night, over 4,000 people will have slept rough on the streets of this country.Read More »

UK: Can We Expect An Economic Crisis?

by John Ellison

Morning Star | 09 March, 2017

OFF the front pages in the more serious newspapers, and off and on since the beginning of the year, we have been given a series of signals that another financial catastrophe may be not far away.

An expected downturn in Britain’s economy — and for Britain’s people — according to the Observer’s business editorial on January 1, was staved off last year.

Though 2016 began with a rout on world markets, it closed with US and British stock markets touching record highs.Read More »

Millions of British families are on the brink of poverty, finds study

A Journal of People report

Millions of British families are on the brink of poverty. Rising prices and stagnating incomes have pushed them to the brink. A report from a leading UK think-tank has cited the fact.
Included in the 19 million families on the brink are six million children – 45 percent of the total in the UK.
The report warned that up to 11 million of those families will actually fall into poverty by 2020, when the cost of living is expected to be 10 percent higher, far outstripping estimated wage increases.
According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), between 2014 and 2015 up to 19 million people were living below the Minimum Living Standard (MLS) – up by four million since the financial crisis back in 2008. Read More »