It’s the labour movement’s job to ensure Corbyn is the next prime minister

Morning Star | April 24, 2018

HOW many union members expected to live to see the day when a Labour leader would tell a union conference he is “proud” to have been a lifelong trade unionist and will die so?

Jeremy Corbyn’s address to the Communication Workers Union (CWU) conference in Bournemouth confirmed that the labour movement choice to back a socialist as Labour leader was the correct one.Read More »


UK: One in three working parents unable to afford meals, study finds

by Ceren Sagir

Morning Star | April 20, 2018

AT LEAST a third of parents in work are often skipping meals because they struggle to afford enough food for their families, a new study published today reveals.

More than one in three working parents cannot afford to have regular meals, according to research by the Living Wage Foundation.Read More »

UK: Teachers ‘being sexually harassed by pupils’

by Sam Tobin

Morning Star | March 31, 2018

MANY teachers in England have been sexually harassed by one of their pupils, a “deeply disturbing” examination of life in the classroom by teachers’ union NASUWT has found.

A recent survey of teaching staff found 81 per cent felt they had suffered workplace sexual harassment or bullying since entering the profession, while 30 per cent said they had been subjected to unwanted touching.

Read More »

UK: TUC Young Workers Conference

Labour youth rep: ‘Unions are for life, not just for elections’

by Sam Tobin

Morning Star | March 26, 2018


TRADE unions are more important to the success of the Labour Party than ever before, the party’s youth representative has said.

Lara McNeill, a medical student who was recently elected to Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) as youth rep, said that “unions are for life, not just for elections.”Read More »

UK: Soldiers should face civilian not military courts, campaigners demand

by Sam Tobin

Morning Star | March 20, 2018

SOLDIERS should face civilian courts, campaigners demanded today, after the court martial of 16 instructors accused of physically abusing teenage recruits collapsed.

The non-commissioned officers, all sergeants or corporals, were said to have abused a dozen 16 and 17-year-old recruits from the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, north Yorkshire.Read More »