Global Britain’s real climate changers: Big Oil must be taken down


MR Online | July 17, 2019

Wretched of the Earth contingent on People’s Climate March of Justice and Jobs

The extended heat wave afflicting India has surpassed 50⁰C (122 degrees Fahrenheit), even worse than the terrible scorcher that was assessed “the 5thdeadliest on record” and claimed thousands of lives in 2015.1 Matters could get even worse, the city of Chennai has almost run out of water, putting 10 million lives at risk.2 South-eastern Africa has been hit by an unprecedented series of devastating cyclones, affecting millions of people.3 The global North is beginning to feel the crisis too. Forest fires are increasing across North America and Australia. The late June heat wave across continental Europe pushed temperatures in France over 45⁰C, and triggered a wildfire in Catalonia, which authorities believe started when a pile of manure self-ignited.4 The **** really has hit the fan.Read More »

Eton wins again: Nearly two-thirds of Boris Johnson’s cabinet went to private school

by Phil Miller

Morning Star | July 26, 2019

Boris Johnson sits with his cabinet, two-thirds of which were privately educated

ALMOST two-thirds of Boris Johnson’s Cabinet ministers are privately educated, making it even posher than David Cameron’s austerity hit squad in 2010.

A study by social mobility campaign group the Sutton Trust warns that we have to go back to John Major’s team in the 1990s to find a more elite group running Britain.Read More »

UK: ‘If a bailout was good enough for bankers, why isn’t it good enough for us,’ steelworkers ask

by Marcus Barnett

Morning Star | May 22, 2019

LEADERS in the labour movement are urging the government to nationalise British Steel, as steelworkers ask: “if a bailout is good enough for bankers, why isn’t it good enough for us?”

Labour’s shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey told the Tories to intervene after the company’s compulsory liquidation was announced this morning.Read More »

British firefighters stand with Spanish comrade who faces jail for rescuing migrants

by Marcus Barnett

Morning Star | May 16, 2019

“WE stand with you” was British firefighters’ defiant message to a Spanish firefighter facing prison time for saving drowning refugees.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) meeting at the union’s conference gave four standing ovations today to Miguel Roldan, a firefighter based in Seville in southern Spain.Read More »

‘You’ll always have a comrade in Parliament,’ Rayner tells firefighters

by Marcus Barnett

Morning Star | May 17, 2019

ANGELA RAYNER told firefighters today: “You will always have a sister and comrade in Parliament.”

Speaking at the FBU’s Blackpool conference, the shadow education secretary and former union representative told delegates: “I will always say what needs to be said — because we as a party have pussyfooted around what needs to be said for far too long.Read More »

UK: Prison officers declare ‘major victory’ after government announces Birmingham prison will return to public ownership

by Marcus Barnett

Morning Star | April 02, 2019

PRISON officers declared a “major” victory today after the government announced that Birmingham prison will be returned to public ownership permanently.

Prisons Minister Rory Stewart has said that the West Midlands jail will be returned to state control after security giant G4S was given a 15-year contract in 2011.Read More »