‘Kill the Bill’ protest to go ahead in Bristol city centre tonight

It will be the seventh protest in three weeks against the Government’s Police Bill

Tristan Cork

Bristol Live | April 09, 2021

A seventh protest in Bristol against the Government’s proposed Police and Crime Bill is set to go ahead this evening.

Details of the protest, which has no official organisers, are being circulated on social media, with the call to gather on College Green in Bristol city centre again at 6pm.Read More »


UK Government to Propose Digital “Freedom Pass” that Allows Heavily-Tested Citizens Out in Public Life

Cindy Harper

Reclaim The Net | November 22, 2020

The UK government plans to provide the rather dystopian-sounding digital “freedom passes” to people who test negative for COVID twice in a week. The plan is an attempt to “allow” people a shot at a “normal life” before a vaccine becomes available.Read More »


No Holding Back: A Report Key to Understanding and Reversing Labour’s Decline

Morning Star Editorial | November 11, 2020

THE No Holding Back report on reasons for Labour’s loss of support among working-class communities merits serious attention.

While Brexit looms large, it looks at the longer-term alienation from Labour in many regions and forces socialists to confront the disconcerting reality that the Tories lead Labour among the poorest socio-economic categories.Read More »

Britain’s communists warn Labour against joining US’s ‘new cold war hysteria’ against China and Russia

Morning Star | July 24, 2020

BRITAIN’S communists have warned Labour not to join the “new cold war hysteria” led by the US against China and Russia.

“Labour should develop a genuinely independent foreign policy for Britain,” Communist Party international secretary John Foster told a two-day meeting of its political committee on Thursday night.Read More »

Corbyn helped bring a movement together – and our challenge now is to keep that going

by Rick Evans

Morning Star | April 03, 2020

I WANTED to write a thank you to Jeremy Corbyn, the most maligned person in British politics.

When the books in the future are written on this period in British history, I believe they will be very kind to Corbyn, unlike so many during the last five years.

He certainly was an unlikely leader and I think it’s fair to say nobody expected it — probably least of all himself.Read More »

UK’s disappearing coastline: Coastal towns at risk of being wiped out over next 20 years

A Journal of People report

Around 7,000 homes in England will disappear into the sea by the end of the century. Happisburgh in Norfolk will be worst hit with 318ft of erosion in the next 20 years.

Figures from Plymouth University, cited by the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership, found that coastal erosion is occurring along 17% of the UK coastline – comprising 30% of England’s coastline; 23% in Wales; 20% in Northern Ireland and 12% of the Scottish coastline.Read More »

UK Election: Making sense of a shattering defeat

Morning Star | December 13, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks after the results was given at Sobell Leisure Centre for the Islington North constituency for the 2019 General Election

AS SOON as the scale of Labour’s shattering defeat began to emerge last night, pundits began to push the line that this was not just about Brexit but about Jeremy Corbyn, and more broadly the Labour Party’s significant shift towards socialism under his leadership.

No election is just about one issue — but the evidence backs up the argument strongly made by Labour MPs like Ian Lavery and Richard Burgon that Brexit was the defining factor.

Read More »

U.K: After the election, what next for the labour movement?

Morning Star | December 12, 2019

WHEN THE dust settles on Britain’s first December election in a century the left and labour movement cannot afford a moment’s rest.

The Morning Star’s print deadlines mean voting is still ongoing as we head for the presses — but however the chips fall we are in for a tremendous struggle. In four-and-a-half years the state of the left has been transformed.

Two completely contrasting visions for our future were on the ballot paper. Labour’s offer went further than two years ago, it stood on a more detailed and more radical platform and has a programme that can not only make an immediate difference to the most vulnerable but presages a more permanent democratisation of our society.Read More »

Corbyn’s Defeat has slain the Left’s Last Illusion

by Jonathan Cook

Dissident Voice | December 13, 2019

This was an election of two illusions.

The first helped persuade much of the British public to vote for the very epitome of an Eton toff, a man who not only has shown utter contempt for most of those who voted for him but has spent a lifetime barely bothering to conceal that contempt. For him, politics is an ego-trip, a game in which others always pay the price and suffer, a job he is entitled to through birth and superior breeding.

The extent to which such illusions now dominate our political life was highlighted two days ago with a jaw-dropping comment from a Grimsby fish market worker. He said he would vote Tory for the first time because “Boris seems like a normal working class guy.”Read More »

Thousands march in Edinburgh in support of Scottish independence

A Journal of People report

Thousands of people have attended a pro-Scottish independence march through the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday as organizers insist momentum is growing in the face of a possible no-deal Brexit.

Groups and organizations that support separation from the UK joined the All Under One Banner (AUOB) procession on Saturday in the final event of the year, following marches in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Perth over the summer.Read More »