Haiti’s market women resist global forces

by Leslie Mullin

Pambazuka News | June 08, 2019

Women street vendors in Haiti

“On a plain high in the mountains of Haiti one day a week thousands of people still gather. This is the marketplace of my childhood…The sights and the smells and the noise and the colour overwhelm you. Everyone comes. If you don’t come you will miss everything…Goods are displayed in every direction: onions, leeks, corn, beans, yams, cabbage, cassava, and avocados, mangoes and every tropical fruit, chickens, pigs, goats and batteries, and tennis shoes, too. People trade goods, and news. This is the centre; social, political and economic life rolled together.” – Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Eyes of the Heart: Seeking a Path for the Poor in the Age of Globalization.Read More »

International Women’s Day: Where are the men of integrity?

by Francis Mupazviriho

Pambazuka News | March 08, 2019

Design source: Eastside Baptist Church – Greeneville TN

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Why do Cuban women support the Revolution so firmly?


Granma | March 08, 2019

Photo: Granma Archives Endrys Correa

I told a compañero that this phenomenon of women in the Revolution was a revolution within another revolution. And if we were asked: what is the most revolutionary thing that the Revolution is doing, we would answer that the most revolutionary thing the Revolution is doing is precisely this; that is, the revolution that is taking place within the women of our country. If we were asked: what are the things that have taught us the most in the Revolution, we would answer that one of the most interesting lessons that revolutionaries are receiving in the Revolution is the lesson that women are giving us. (…)Read More »

An army of women who love and build


Granma | March 07, 2019

Cuban women have been the protagonists of every challenge and victory. Photo: Jose M. Correa“Federation members! Women of this worthy and invincible land! (…) With the satisfaction of the overwhelming achievements in the battle for the full exercise of women’s equality, and with the resolve to continue forward toward new conquests, today we convoke the 8th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women.”

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Korda’s militia woman


Granma | March 06, 2019

La Miliciana. Photo: Korda, Alberto

Among the crowd that May Day, 1962, a young photographer focused on the adolescent face of Idolka Sánchez, as she marched in front of the José Martí Memorial in Havana.

One of the almost 2,000 members of the Lidia Doce women’s militia battalion, Idolka saw him approach, camera in hand. He appeared as if hell bent on photographing her, as if he had seen her from a distance and couldn’t let her escape his lens. He had chosen her.

“Lift up the machine gun!” the man she had barely heard of ordered. This was the same photographer who, in March 1960, had immortalized Che’s face, hair blowing in the wind, during the funeral of the victims of the terrorist attack on the La Coubre steamship. The order was followed by several clicks of his camera and, in a matter of seconds, Korda had disappeared.Read More »