U.S: Media response to college admissions scandal reveals challenge of class struggle

by Tim Libretti

Peoples’ World | March 21, 2019

Media response to college admissions scandal reveals challenge of class struggle

U.S. Attorney for District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling announces indictments in a sweeping college admissions bribery scandal, during a news conference, Tuesday, March 12, in Boston. | AP

Americans experienced a Casablanca moment March 12 when federal prosecutors charged dozens of wealthy parents with paying a consultant to help them bribe their children’s ways into elite universities such as Yale, Stanford, USC, and others.

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FACE OF AN ECONOMY: U.S. farmers are facing a tough time and confronting a mental health crisis and suicide

A Journal of People report

The U.S. farmers are passing a tough time.

A CNN report said:

“President Donald Trump’s trade war made last year tough for American soybean farmers, but 2019 could be the year they really start feeling the pain — despite Beijing’s pledge to resume buying from the United States.”

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“A true enemy of the people”, head of a bourgeois state identifies NYT as factional fight of the US ruling classes surfaces again

by Farooque Chowdhury

Frontier | March 18, 2019

Donald Trump, the US president, has identified The New York Times as “A true enemy of the people”. (The New York Times, “Trump Attacks The Times, in a Week of Unease for the American Press”, February 20, 2019, by Michael M. Grynbaum and Eileen Sullivan; an article on the issue also appeared in print on February 21, 2019, on page A14 of the New York edition of the NYT with the headline: “In Attack, Trump Aims ‘Enemy of the People’ Directly at The Times”.)

President Trump branded the world-famous bourgeois daily recently, on a Wednesday morning, in the following way:
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AFL-CIO’s 2020 election strategy: Candidates must come to the workers

by John Wojcik

Peoples’ World | March 14, 2019

AFL-CIO’s 2020 election strategy: Candidates must come to the workers

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. speaks with steelworkers and union members at Hibbing High School in Hibbing, Minn., Feb. 26, 2016. The AFL-CIO says that if candidates want workers’ support in 2020, then they have to show what they’ve got to offer. | Jacquelyn Martin / AP

NEW ORLEANS—The AFL-CIO’s decision not to make an early endorsement in the 2020 presidential race is by no means a decision by labor that it will stay out of the election. Almost every single union leader, without exception, wants to get rid of Trump, but this year most of them think that before labor endorses, the candidates should come forward to explain how they would lift workers up.Read More »

U.S: Weingarten: Teachers strikes “successful examples” of community-based action benefiting workers

by Mark Gruenberg

Peoples’ World | March 18, 2019

Weingarten: Teachers strikes “successful examples” of community-based action benefiting workers

The teachers’ strike in West Virginia  last year was a shot heard across the nation with teachers all over the country following suit with strikes and job actions. | John Raby/AP

NEW ORLEANS—The wave of teachers’ walkouts and strikes for almost a year – forced on the workers by penny-pinching and tax-cutting GOP administrations and politicians – represent “successful examples” of community-based action where victories benefit everyone, says Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten.

That’s because those walkouts, in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Denver, Los Angeles, among Chicago charter school teachers and now in Indiana and at Summit Academy in Parma, Ohio, centered not around pay and pensions, but around what’s best for schools and kids, she adds.

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U.S: College admissions scam: Affirmative action for the rich and the famous

by Michelle Zacarias

Peoples’ World | March 14, 2019

College admissions scam: Affirmative action for the rich and the famous

A Stanford University student walks in front of Hoover Tower on the campus in Palo Alto, Calif. Federal authorities have charged college coaches, parents, and others in a sweeping admissions bribery case in federal court. | Paul Sakuma / AP

The Department of Justice arrested 50 affluent individuals Tuesday morning, in what is being called the “largest college admissions scam” ever prosecuted. Dozens of wealthy parents, including famous actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Full House) were charged in an alleged conspiracyto bribe, cheat, and deceive their children’s way into top colleges.

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