NATO declares China as global security challenge

M K Bhadrakumar 

Countercurrents | June 18, 2021

Family Portrait of NATO Allies, Brussels, Belgium, June 14, 2021

The NATO brings to mind the classic paradigm of someone all dressed up and nowhere to go. It has to constantly reinvent a reason for its existence.

The NATO is a lucrative hunting ground for the American arms industry. The bigger the NATO’s threat perceptions, the greater the scope for US exports of weaponry.

In the final analysis, NATO’s naming of China as a systemic challenge, for the first time in the alliance’s history, would have profound implications for international security. Prima facie, it will draw China and Russia even closer together. 


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Prepare for both dialogue and confrontation with U.S., says N. Korea’s leader Kim

Countercurrents Collective | June 18, 2021

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said North Korea should prepare for both dialogue and confrontation with the United States, particularly confrontation, state media KCNA reported on Friday.

It was Kim’s first direct comment on the Biden administration. The remarks came during Thursday’s plenary meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party’s central committee, after an earlier session where Kim called for measures to tackle the “tense” food situation arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim had made a detailed analysis of the policy of the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden towards Pyongyang and laid out “appropriate strategic and tactical counteraction” with the United States, KCNA said.

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WATCH: Cuba, St Lucia, Venezuela join forces to assist St Vincent

LOOP NEWS | April 23, 2021

Kingstown Port in St Vincent.

Regional solidarity continues to keep the people of St Vincent and Grenadines afloat as they manage the ongoing eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano.

St Lucia, Cuba and Venezuela came together to coordinate the delivery of relief supplies into the island on Wednesday. Read More »



Greanville Post | March 31, 2021

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Cuba and Russia reiterate mutual interest in cooperation

Milagros Pichardo Pérez

Granma | April 01, 2021

Co-presidents of the Commission, Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Yuri Borisov, Vice President of the Russian Federation. Photo: José Manuel Correa

The need to globalize solidarity and international cooperation were emphasized yesterday, during the 18th meeting of the Cuba-Russia Intergovernmental Commission for economic-commercial and scientific-technical collaboration, which concludes today, and is headed by co-chairs Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, deputy prime minister of the Republic of Cuba, and Yuri Ivanovich Borisov, vice president of the Russian Federation’s government.Read More »


Russian Deputy PM Borisov in Venezuela: Strategic Alliance Strengthens

Orinoco Tribune | March 30, 2021

President Maduro met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov and signed 12 cooperation agreements. Photo by Prensa Presidencial.

This Tuesday, March 30, the Vice President of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, paid a high-level visit to Venezuela to strengthen the ties of friendship between the two nations. Russia’s high-ranking official highlighted cooperation and solidarity as vital.

In addition, new agreements were signed to accelerate the bilateral agenda for mutual benefit. “We have taken the opportunity to sign new alliances in energy, mining, and health sectors for the development of both economies,” said Borisov.Read More »


Syria & Iran: Israeli missiles repealed while EU-U.S. offer for direct talks on nuclear deal rejected

Journal of People report

jop march 2 nuclear deal

Syrian air defenses have shot down most of the missiles targeting the area outside Damascus, the Syrian capital, from the territory of the occupied Golan Heights, reported SANA, Syria’s state media.

Syria blamed Israel for the attack.

Citing a military source SANA said: The missiles were launched towards the Syrian capital at around 10.16 pm local time. Few of the projectiles are believed to have reached the ground.

The source said Syria’s missile defenses took down “most of the enemy missiles.”Read More »


World debt rises to record $281 trillion in 2020

A Journal of People report

world debt

The coronavirus pandemic has added $24 trillion to the world debt over the last year, said the Institute of International Finance (IIF).

The IIF study said: Government spending has accounted for about half of the increase. Corporations added $5.4 trillion to the total, while banks and households accounted for $3.9 trillion and $2.6 trillion respectively.

With the world debt now totaling a record $281 trillion, the ratio of debt to world GDP has risen 35 percentage points to over 355 percent, the study said.Read More »


CHINA’S MEGA PROJECTS: Maybe Now You Will Understand Why the US Oligarchy Fears and Hates China

Annotated by Patrice Greanville

The Greanville Post | February 18, 2021

China is clearly a civilization on the march. Bathed in optimism about the future, as America itself once was; fueled by a genuine fraternal and egalitarian philosophy, it continues to set new records for human accomplishment in innumerable areas. But its new ascendancy to global power status, which it enjoyed once for many centuries, instead of harming humanity, benefits it. The images below illustrate why she is feared by those whose own squalid thinking prevents them from believing peaceful coexistence is not only possible but imperative in the 21st century.
—The Editor

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