At least 100,000 infants die every year in ten conflict-zones, says report

Countercurrents | May 20, 2019

Every year in just ten conflict-affected countries at least 100,000 infants die who in the absence of conflict would survive, says a new report British charity Save the Children.

The study applied the findings in The Lancet’s study to the ten worst conflict-affected countries, which estimates that in the last five years alone more than 550,000 infants have died due to the reverberating impact of conflict. The total for children under five is 870,000.Read More »

Cuba and China do not forget their roots


López Miera stressed that many Chinese fought alongside Maceo, who left their mark due to their combative self-sacrifice and revolutionary convictions. Photo: Archive

The First Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Army Corps General Álvaro López Miera, received on Tuesday morning the Director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, Admiral Miao Hua, who began a working visit to Cuba, with the aim of exchanging experiences in the political-ideological and cultural fields.

The welcoming ceremony included both officers paying tribute to Antonio Maceo and Francisco Gómez Toro at the Cacahual Mausoleum, a site that recalls Cuba’s independence struggle, and highlights the examples of its heroes as valuable weapons in the deconstruction of the ideological lies that imperialist forces launch against the peoples of the world.Read More »

Numbers of internally displaced people hits record highs, study finds

by Chantelle Bilson

Morning Star | May 10, 2019

A RECORD number of people are displaced inside their own countries due unresolved conflicts, violence and extreme weather conditions, according to a new report by the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The report, launched in Geneva today by the council’s internal displacement monitoring centre, showed a whopping 41.3 million people were living in internal displacement worldwide at the end of 2018, the highest-ever figure.Read More »

Bezos Reveals His Ugly Vision For The World He’s Trying To Rule

Greanville Post | May 12, 2019

“Guess what the best planet is in this solar system?” asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at a recent media event on his Blue Origin space program.

“It’s easy to know the answer to that question,” he continued. “We’ve sent robotic probes like this one to all of the planets in our solar system. Now, some of them have been fly-bys, but we’ve examined them all. Earth is the best planet. It is not close. This one is really good.”Read More »

Venezuela and China: A friendship forged in struggle

by Ian Goodrum

Peoples’ World | April 22, 2019

Venezuela and China: A friendship forged in struggle

China’s President Xi Jinping, right, and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro share a laugh near a bust of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at an apartment complex built under an agreement between China and Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela, July 21, 2014. | Fernando Llano / AP

Last Friday, I spent the morning at a packed building in Beijing’s Sanlitun, a part of town known for its agglomeration of diplomatic missions as well as glitzy shopping districts.

Mercifully, the former was on the agenda that day. We were at the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in China to ring in an important anniversary—209 years to the day since the country declared its independence from Spain. Simón Bolívar and other revolutionaries conducted a protracted crusade to free their people from oppression, inspiring other nations to wage their own liberation struggles in turn. Though the declaration was a watershed moment, it was only the beginning of a long campaign by the peoples of Latin America to break the shackles of colonialism and stand on their own two feet.

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Russia: Sochi to host African leaders

by Kester Kenn Klomegah

Pambazuka News | March 12, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin

As Russia prepares to host the first ever Africa-Russia summit in October 2019, the author looks at Africans’ expectations of this new relationship between the former Soviet Union and African countries in the face of growing competition for the continent’s resources. 

In a February decree posted on the Russian government’s Official Legal Information Portal, Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed his aide Yuri Ushakov to chair the organising committee paving the way for the first Russia-Africa summit that Moscow plans to host in Sochi. The Russian government is to ensure financing of the expenditures related to hosting the summit and the decree has further assigned Rosscongress, a major organiser of international conventions, exhibitions and public events, the task performer.

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Geostrategy After the Deadlock in US-North-Korean Relations

by Eric Zuesse

George Friedman, the head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor, issued a report on March 5th“After Hanoi: North Korea, the US and Japan”, and it said:

The strategy since World War II, built on the assumption that US conventional forces can defeat any foe and pacify the country, is being abandoned. And in the case of the Hanoi talks, the US is following a new strategy of diplomatic deadlock without recourse to the insertion of force.

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