Russia: Sochi to host African leaders

by Kester Kenn Klomegah

Pambazuka News | March 12, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin

As Russia prepares to host the first ever Africa-Russia summit in October 2019, the author looks at Africans’ expectations of this new relationship between the former Soviet Union and African countries in the face of growing competition for the continent’s resources. 

In a February decree posted on the Russian government’s Official Legal Information Portal, Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed his aide Yuri Ushakov to chair the organising committee paving the way for the first Russia-Africa summit that Moscow plans to host in Sochi. The Russian government is to ensure financing of the expenditures related to hosting the summit and the decree has further assigned Rosscongress, a major organiser of international conventions, exhibitions and public events, the task performer.

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Geostrategy After the Deadlock in US-North-Korean Relations

by Eric Zuesse

George Friedman, the head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor, issued a report on March 5th“After Hanoi: North Korea, the US and Japan”, and it said:

The strategy since World War II, built on the assumption that US conventional forces can defeat any foe and pacify the country, is being abandoned. And in the case of the Hanoi talks, the US is following a new strategy of diplomatic deadlock without recourse to the insertion of force.

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The Showbiz of Conservation: PETA, Google and Steve Irwin

by Binoy Kampmark

The world of conservation has thrown up various voices of tenacity.  There was Aldo Leopold, a vital figure behind establishing the first wilderness area of the United States when he convinced the Forest Service to protect some five hundred thousand acres of New Mexico’s Gila National Forest.  There was Robert Marshall, the founder of The Wilderness Society.  There was Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), a solidly aimed blow at the use of DDT and its environmental effects.

Then there are the savvy showmen, the exploiters few short of a scruple, and manipulators keen on lining pockets.  The animal kingdom, for such types, is entertainment, much in the way that the automobile world is there for a figure such as Jeremy Clarkson.  Awareness of the existence of animals – their importance, their relevance – is drummed up by means of display and provocation.  The more dangerous, in a sense, the better, for here, human kind can be shown to be jousting with crocodile, sting ray and lion.  Humankind can return to savage roots, confronting other species in gladiatorial encounters with film crew and an extensive promotion strategy.  This is bullfighting, with a conservationist twist.Read More »

South Africa’s Ruling ANC Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela

teleSUR | February 26, 2019

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa speaks in parliament in Cape Town, South Africa.

The ANC said they would send a “Tripartite Alliance delegation led by the Secretary-General” to “Venezuela on a fact-finding mission.”

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the African National Congress (ANC) expressed their solidarity with the Venezuela people and discussed internal matters in a meeting Monday.

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People in 150 cities around the world oppose US intervention in Venezuela

 | February 24, 2019

People in hundreds of cities around the world stood in solidarity to Venezuela on February 23, 2019. The peoples’ gatherings opposed U.S.-led imperialist intervention in Venezuela. Labor unions and people’s organizations, and intellectuals – artists, singers, academics, activists – also raised their voices. The activists opposing the US-led intervention organized some 150 demonstrations around the globe on Saturday to show that ordinary people are against any form of foreign interference. Thousands of people assembled in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, to express support to President Nicolas Maduro and to the Bolivarian revolution.Read More »