Protests rock Sudan against massacre of school children

Peoples Dispatch | August 01, 2019

Protests rock Sudan against massacre of school children
Mass demonstrations have broken out in the capital of major States. Photo: Radio Dabanga

Tens of thousands of people are taking to the streets across Sudan today, as mass demonstrations continue against the shooting of school students in the North Kordofan State on Monday.

In the meantime, talks between a section of the opposition alliance and the military junta, which were set to resume on Tuesday, were put on hold. The leaders of this alliance, which is known as the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF), visited North Kordofan’s capital city of El Obeid to express their condolences to the families of the victims.

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Second coup attempt in Sudan to foil transition to democracy, Army Chief and Islamists arrested

 | July 25, 2019

Sudan’s army chief and at least a dozen high-ranking army officers and Islamists have been arrested in a second coup plot, the country’s military said Wednesday. The coup was hatched to foil transition to democracy in the African country.

Sudan’s military said on Wednesday that it was a plot to restore the party of ousted autocrat President Omar al-Bashir to power, who is despised for his iron-fisted rule and repression on women.Read More »

Beware of betrayal by the military, Sudanese Communist Party warns protesters

by Pavan Kulkarni

People’s Dispatch | July 08, 2019

Beware of betrayal by the military, Sudanese Communist Party warns protesters
The Sudanese military junta and civilian protesters reached an agreement on July 5 on the transitional government for 39 months. Photo: AFP

As jubilant masses of protesters on the streets of Sudan celebrate their victory after the military junta agreed to deal on the transitional government, the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has cautioned them to be vigilant against any betrayals.

The SCP urged the protesters to keep up the pressure on the military junta by maintaining a presence on the streets. In a statement on July 6, it warned against complacency and against compromising with the agenda set for the transition period in the Declaration of Freedom and Change that was adopted by civilian forces in  January.Read More »

Sudan’s popular revolution delayed not denied

by Odomaro Mubangizi

Pambazuka News | June 08, 2019

Sudanese protesters

This brief analysis is meant to shed some light on Sudan’s popular revolution that is ongoing amidst military crackdown on protesters who seem determined to protect their revolution without counting the cost or heeding the wounds.  Some lessons will be drawn for the rest of Africa and for the international community.sunonot



When what was dubbed “The Arab Spring” took shape in 2011, with several tyrannical regimes falling one after another, the next question was: “Will the Arab Spring move into the rest of Africa?” Other more introspective political analysts started wondering whether a new paradigm shift was in the making ushering in popular revolutions led by the youth armed with Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other subtle social media outlets.  Given the current political crisis in Sudan and the resilient populace, it looks like we can safely assert that Africa has entered a new phase of mass protest against long-serving tyrannical regimes.

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Western Sahara: “We ask for nothing more but to live freely on our land”

Bachraya Abahazem, an activist from Western Sahara was “disappeared” for more than a decade in one of Morocco’s clandestine detention centers. He talks about the torture in these centers and the struggle of his people for freedom

by Zoe PC

People’s Dispatch | June 08, 2019

Bachraya Abahazem. Photo: Ihsaan Haffejee of New Frame

The people of Western Sahara have been waging a valiant battle against their colonial masters for their independence and self-determination for the past several decades in spite of harsh repression.

The Moroccan regime has occupied and controlled the majority of Western Sahara since Spain relinquished control in 1975 and has gone to extreme lengths to preserve this control and suppress all popular resistance. One of methods it used to instill fear in the population and discourage further mobilizing, was the illegal detention of hundreds in clandestine detention and torture centers.

Bachraya Abahazem, an activist from Western Sahara, was one of the hundreds who was “disappeared” in one of these centers for nearly a decade. Peoples Dispatch spoke to him about his experience and the importance of the cause of Western Sahara today.

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After massacre by militia, Sudan’s civilian forces reject junta’s legitimacy

by Pavan Kulkarni

People’s Dispatch | June 08, 2019

RSF has been patrolling the deserted streets of Khartoum killing, beating and sexually assaulting anyone who dares to venture out. Photo: Al Jazeera

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has urged the international community to recognize it as the “sole legitimate representative of the Sudanese people.” The SPA, which led the protests that overthrew former president Omar al-Bashir in April, has been demanding that the Transitional Military Council that succeeded him hand over power to civilian forces.

This comes amid a reign of terror in the country. On June 3, the Rapid Security Forces (RSF), a notorious militia, killed over a hundred, injured more than 700 and raped many men and women while dispersing the main sit-in demonstration in Khartoum. Even as the incidents were condemned around the world, the junta, in an official statement, praised the RSF. The militiamen are not part of the regular armed forces but are led by an army general,  Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, who is also the TMC’s vice-president.Read More »