State of the South African politics

by Bonolo Lovedelia Pelompe

The Conversation

The author offers a personal assessment of the state of politics in South Africa, just a few months leading to the 2019 national and provincial elections

There has been a state of mayhem, uncertainty and confusion in the politics of the country. Anarchic behaviour has fully prevailed in all nine provinces. Political parties are facing major challenges within and amongst themselves. Power politics is at play with leaders fighting for the control of and ascendancy to strategic positions. Quite recently the judicial system has been playing a referee in the political matters. Many argue that this is the move that is quite regrettable given the “supposedly” maturity of our politics.

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Land, factions and capital in South Africa

by Sobantu Mzwakali

Pambazuka News | April 13, 2018

Africa is a Country

In this piece, I argue that there is a historical continuity that should be put into perspectives that in times of difficulty, capitalist interests find ways to reconcile ideological differences to cohesively self-correct. Using this dialectical materialism approach, I conclude that the ANC-led government has been its own impediment on land redistribution through a combination of bureaucratic lethargy, corruption and dogmatic adherence to artificial constructs of the “market”.

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Is South Africa heading to a mass strike?

by Zama Mthunzi

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When the British return, things will be all jolly again in Nigeria


Photo: Hindustan Times

It has been over 57 years since the Union Jack went down in Nigeria. However, the indigenous leaders, who replaced the British colonial “masters” have yet to pass muster, prompting average Nigerians, to nostalgically cry out whimsically for a return to colonial times, when things supposedly worked. And now with a lady of African ancestry joining the royal family on 19 May 2018, the plebs may be on to something.

Since 27 November 2017, social media and the Black diaspora have been agog with the official announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to the stunning American divorcee, actress Meghan Markle – whose mother is an African American, who wore her Afro with pride as a young woman. Wait a minute, we know how infamously taboo divorce is in the exclusive clique of the royal family. The rocking and charming, flame-haired Prince Harry, whom we all love, like the Black man, Barack Obama, the 44th US President, is from a “broken-marriage” too. The late Princess of Wales had an acrimonious and controversial divorce from Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne of England – and of course, he is Prince Harry’s daddy.Read More »

Why South African constitution must be amended

by Motsoko Pheko

Pambazuka News | April 13, 2018


Almost 24 years after the creation of “New South Africa,” there are loud and angry voices that the constitution of South Africa must be amended and there is a strong demand that there be expropriation of land without compensation. If the constitution is amended, the author demonstrates why it is important that another mistake is not made with regard to the country’s constitution on the fundamental issue such as land. 

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