The Journal of People, Peasants and Workers (JoP) is an online journal posting reports, articles, analyses, views, reviews on / of socio-political, economic and environmental / ecological issues that concern people around the world. It has been initiated for non-profit, non-commercial and educational purposes.

Initiated in  April, 2015, JoP is maintained by a freelancing editorial panel working off-hours on voluntary basis. The panel maintains a tradition of exclusively scrutinizing every post.

JoP by principle upholds progressive, pro-people, pro-labor, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-supremacist philosophies and ideas and vows to present the truth, even if that truth is not covered by or in contradiction to the mainstream media. The execution policy of JoP is minimum expenditure and maximum recycling. JoP plans in future to  depend upon contributions from the common people.

Publishing policy:

  1. JoP does not yet invite contributions from authors/contributors. The posts in JoP are composed / selected / edited solely by the editorial panel.
  2. JoP protects its right to edit / publish comments conforming strictly to its founding principles. The editorial panel will refrain from posting comments that may instigate or  incite anti-people ideology and propaganda.
  3. Any suggestion, correction on the published matter in JoP is welcome.






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