Che Guevara: Human dignity adamantly alive (+Photos)


Granma | August 16, 2017

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An intimate portrait of a giant


Granma | August 03, 2017

Photo: Marcelino Vázquez

“He is not on the platform, but he is very close to us, sharing the necessary values to face the challenges of now and tomorrow,” stated Minister of Culture Abel Prieto on inaugurating the photographic exhibition Fidel: An Intimate Portrait in Havana’s Casa del Alba Cultural this August 1st.

On the upper floor of the institution, Alex Castro presented just over a dozen images captured through his lens, which depict significant moments of meetings over the last decade between the leader of the Cuban Revolution and political and cultural personalities.Read More »

Anniversary of Che’s first military action as Comandante commemorated


Granma | August 02, 2017

Photo: Alexander Gaínza

BUEYCITO, Granma.– Yesterday, August 1, several generations of Cubans commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Rebel Army attack on the dictatorship’s garrison in Bueycito, the first military action led by Ernesto Che Guevara after being promoted to the rank of Comandante by Fidel

The assault, also recognized as the first to take place in the lowlands, on a military enclave that guarded an important entry point to the Sierra Maestra, was recalled with dance, music, and recitations, presented in front of the recently remodeled museum at the site.Read More »

Poets who dedicated verses to Che (+Photos)


Granma | July 25, 2017

Poets who dedicated verses to Che

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Nicaragua celebrates Sandinista Revolution


Granma | July 20, 2017

Photo: Cortesía del autor

Managua, Nicaragua.– The entire city is celebrating. People from all over the country arrive with red and black flags, filling Plaza de la Fe.
Many Nicaraguans decided to stay through the early morning of this July 19, to welcome in the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution, which defeated one of the bloodiest dictatorships on the continent.
Festivities invade homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the square. It was the poorest people and workers who were the first to start building on the rubble of the 1972 earthquake. Music fills the air, telling stories of guerilla fighters, war-torn love, and Revolution.Read More »

Nothing would stand in the way of finding Che’s remains (+Photos)

Granma | July 14, 2017

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To continue believing in a utopia of the new man (+Photos)

Gerardo Alfonso talks about one of his emblematic songs

Granma | July 06, 2017

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José Carlos Mariátegui: 87 Years Later


MR Online| June 14, 2017

José Carlos Mariátegui

Mariátegui’s funeral was one of the largest processions of workers ever seen in the streets of Lima, Peru, but in the U.S. his death was hardly noticed.

In 1930, Waldo Frank wrote in the leftist U.S. weekly the Nation that the April 16 death of Jose Carlos Mariátegui had plunged “the intelligentsia of all of Hispano-America into sorrow; and nothing could be more eloquent of the cultural separation between the two halves of the new world than the fact that to most of us these words convey no meaning.”

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Fidel Castro’s memorial speech of Che Guevara

Fidel Castro’s speech on October 18, 1967

I first met Che one day in July or August 1955. And in one night — as he recalls in his account — he became one of the future Granma expeditionaries, although at that time the expedition possessed neither ship, nor arms, nor troops. That was how, together with Raúl, Che became one of the first two on the Granma list. 

Twelve years have passed since then; they have been 12 years filled with struggle and historical significance. During this time death has cut down many brave and invaluable lives. But at the same time, throughout those years of our revolution, extraordinary persons have arisen, forged from among the people of the revolution, and between them, bonds of affection and friendship have emerged that surpass all possible description. Read More »