Lula, Brazil elections and the left

TeleSUR speaks to Sabrina Fernandes, a professor and researcher at the University of Brasilia.

teleSUR | January 24, 2018

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva. | Photo: Reuters

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, Brazilian professor and researcher Sabrina Fernandes discusses former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva’s Jan. 24 corruption trial and forthcoming elections in the South American country.

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Brazil: Thousands rally in solidarity with Lula as court ruling on right to stand nears

Morning Star | January 24, 2017

SUPPORTERS of former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva flooded into Porto Alegre today prior to a court ruling in the city on whether to overturn his highly contentious corruption conviction.

Over 15,000 activists camped out overnight near the court while thousands more gathered in Porto Alegre and other cities.Read More »

Brazil: Solidarity with former president Lula

Tomorrow Lula da Silva will be tried on appeal on trumped-up charges. MARIANA NOVIELLO explains why we should be supporting him

by Mariana Noviello

Morning Star | January 23, 2018

Former president of Brazil Lula da Silva

OVER 150,000 have signed the petition entitled “Elections without Lula is fraud,” among them legal professionals, academics, politicians, artists and union leaders across the world.

Tomorrow, the case against the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, will be tried on appeal.

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Brazil: Oligarchy versus the Amazon rainforest


Brazil: Oligarchy versus the Amazon rainforest

A deforested area near Novo Progresso in Brazil’s northern state of Para. Brazilian President Michel Temer vetoed legislation that would have reduced the size of the country’s protected environmental reserves, most of them in the Amazon. | Andre Penner / AP

In Brazil, we have a national parliament that seems to be working at a double-quick speed for the disintegration of all civilized norms in the country, whether in labor legislation, social security, or other relevant spheres.

In May 2017, the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of parliament) approved an amendment to the statutory limits of the Jamanxim National Forest in the southeastern state of Para. Shortly after this, the Senate voted on boundary changes to environmental preservation areas in both Para and Santa Catarina states.Read More »

Lula Begins ‘Caravan of Hope’ Tour Through 25 Brazilian Cities

teleSUR | August 17, 2017

Supporters of Brazil

Supporters of Brazil’s Worker’s Party at a rally. | Photo: AFP
The caravan will look to identify needs and struggles, and stimulate resistance against the unelected Temer government.

The former President of Brazil and founder of the Workers Party, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva embarked on the “Caravan of Hope” tour which will take him through nine states and 25 cities in Northern Brazil.

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Second General Strike against President Temer’s Reforms

teleSUR | June 29, 2017

Members of Brazil

Members of Brazil’s Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) occupy the entrance of Congonhas Airport in the general strike in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 30, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of people have been blocking main thoroughfares leading to Brazil’s largest cities in the second general strike this year against President Michel Temer’s labor and social security reform bills.

Demonstrations have been reported around the country, as protesters brought public transportation to a halt.

In Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, bus companies decided to keep their vehicles off the roads, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

While in Belo Horizonte, metro workers have come out on strike, despite the threat of heavy fines.

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Brazil’s Temer Could Lose Power as Fraud Accusations Pile Up

teleSUR | June 07, 2017

Michel Temer

Michel Temer’s grip on power after being installed last year, through an impeachment process widely condemned as a group, is increasingly slipping. | Photo: Reuters

As multiple corruption scandals continue to swirl around Brazilian President Michel Temer and his government, the country’s top electoral court has relaunched a case that could remove the president from office over alleged illegal financing in his 2014 campaign as running mate to former President Dilma Rousseff.

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Over 100 Diplomats Call to Restore Democracy in Brazil

teleSUR June 02, 2017

Brazilian diplomats express concern that Temer

Brazilian diplomats express concern that Temer’s administration threatens democracy.

Further cementing the widespread opposition against the President from diverse sections of the Brazilian public, an open letter signed Thursday by over 100 Brazilian diplomats condemned the administration of Michel Temer and called for the restoration of democratic elections to the country.

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Venezuela Accuses OAS of Hypocrisy Over Brazil

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