Timeline: October Revolution

A Journal of People compilation

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April 3

Lenin, Zinoviev and other Bolsheviks arrive in Petrograd from exile in Switzerland.

At Byelo-Ostrov railway station they are met by a delegation of Petrograd workers and a large contingent of jubilant workers, soldiers, and party members.

Late in the evening, Lenin arrives in Petrograd. He is given a grand welcome at the Finlandsky Railway Station by the Petrograd workers, soldiers and soldiers. On the square facing the station, Lenin makes a speech from an armored car in which he greets the Russian revolutionary proletariat and the army, and calls upon them to fight for the socialist revolution. 

At night, Lenin attends a celebration meeting in his honor organized by the Party workers of Petrograd at the Kshesinskaya mansion.

April 4

Lenin delivers his April Thesis.

Lenin addresses a meeting of Bolshevik delegates to the All-Russia Conference of Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies at which he announce and explains his theses – April Theses – concerning the tasks of the revolutionary proletariat.

Lenin makes a second report and reads his Theses at a joint meeting of the Bolshevik and Menshevik delegates to the Conference of Soviets.

The Bolsheviks soon produce an educational pamphlet for workers on Political Parties in Russia and the Tasks of the Proletariat. Meanwhile, the steamer Trotsky is traveling on is stopped for inspection by the British Navy in Canada, and despite the General Amnesty and having his visa in order; he is thrown into a British prison, along with several other Socialists for their opposition to the War.

Khanaqin (north-east of Baghdad) again occupied by Russian forces.


April 5

British Government informs Russian Provisional Government of their adherence to the principle of an independent and united Poland.


April 6

The Daily Missourian (U.S.) said in banner-headline: “U.S. Officially at War, Wilson signs resolution at 1:13 o’clock today”



April 12

The Provisional Government passes a law allowing the freedom of meetings and unions.


April 18

Massive May Day celebrations in Russia.

Meanwhile, foreign minister Pavel Miliukov sent a telegram to Russia’s wartime allies promising to continue the war effort and observe all the treaties dating from Nicholas’s reign. When the telegram was leaked to the public, mass demonstrations by St. Petersburg’s workers arose and both the war minister and the foreign minister had to resign to restore public confidence. Miliukov secretly promised the Allies that Russia will continue the war until complete victory and the annexation of new territory is achieved.


April 20

Miliukov’s secret note is leaked, prompting armed demonstrations of furious soldiers in the streets for two days. The Bolsheviks resolve that the resignation of Miliukov is not enough; a new Soviet government must be formed.  The Bolsheviks gave party members new instructions.

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