Remembering Maurice Bishop and Grenada’s Revolution

teleSUR | October 19, 2018

One often overlooked imperialist adventure was the 1983 U.S. invasion of the small Caribbean nation of Grenada.

Daniel Ortega, Maurice Bishop and Fidel Castro

The objective of the invasion was the consolidation of a pro-U.S. regime after the assassination of the charismatic Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.Read More »


The nuclear-age ‘War of Nerves’ and ‘Red Shoes’ politics of dance

by Eric A. Gordon

People’s World | October 18, 2018

The nuclear-age ‘War of Nerves’ and ‘Red Shoes’ politics of dance

Bruce Conner, “Bombhead,” United States, 2002. Part of the Wende Museum “War of Nerves” exhibit. | Courtesy of Magnolia Editions, Oakland, CA, and Conner Family Trust, San Francisco

CULVER CITY, Calif.—Count on this city’s unique Wende Museum for always thought-provoking historical and cultural programming relating to the Cold War in all its aspects. Its two current exhibitions are “War of Nerves: Psychological Landscapes of the Cold War,” a collaborative initiative of the Wende Museum and Wellcome Collection, and “Red Shoes: Love, Politics, and Dance During the Cold War.” These exhibitions will be on view through January 13, 2019.

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Memories of 1946 Great Calcutta Killings Can Help Us Understand Violence in Today’s Bengal

by Dwaipayan Sen

The Wire | October 02, 2018

Memories of 1946 Great Calcutta Killings Can Help Us Understand Violence in Today's Bengal

The recent and ongoing political violence in West Bengal must be seen in light of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s efforts to capture that most culturally and historically significant state from the ruling Trinamool Congress party, as well as the latter’s attempts to retain hold of the power it snatched from the Left nearly a decade ago now.

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Anti-fascist lessons from Republican Spain

by Jim Jump

Morning Star | June 20, 2018


THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: (top left) Emily Thornberry unveiling the Battle of  the Ebro plaque at Marx Memorial Library in 2016 and the memorial to the British volunteers in the International Brigades in London.  Photo: Monument Pic by Carlesmari / Creative Commons

JULY 25 this year marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the last great battle of the Spanish civil war — and what many now regard as the first battle of the second world war.

The Battle of the Ebro saw International Brigades, that great anti-fascist army of volunteers from around the world, “cover itself in glory,” as Ay Carmela, the famous battle-song declares.Read More »

Economics and politics in early-Soviet Russia and Lenin on his birthday – April 22

 by | April 22, 2018

[Part I]

Lenin yet, about 150 years since his birth, creates controversy. Funny figures make funnier statements while a group of scholars, white, pink and “red” in color, continue condemning the Bolshevik leader – a bold show of class conflict in the areas of ideology and politics. This reality makes it an imperative to reiterate Lenin’s analysis and class position on his birthday – April 22 (1870) – as yet those have not been proven erroneous.Read More »