Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrants for 15 Soldiers Tied to Fatal Shooting

Puebla, Mexico, April 21, 2017 ( – Venezuelan authorities have ordered the arrest of a group of soldiers accused of involvement in the fatal shooting of an opposition protester.

Issued by a court in the western state of Lara, the warrants were issued for 15 National Guard (GNB) personnel, including Captain Wilfredo Pirela, First Sergeant Orangel Moran, Third Sergeant Pastor Oviedo and second sergeants Jackson Garcia, Ali Melendez and Yomar Perez.

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International Court Denies Venezuela Opposition’s Torture Case Claim

Telesur | 19 April, 2017

The President of the opposition-controlled National Assembly Julio Borges claimed that the International Criminal Court had agre

The President of the opposition-controlled National Assembly Julio Borges claimed that the International Criminal Court had agreed to investigate the alleged torture of the Sanchez brother in Venezuela. (Reuters)

The International Criminal Court said Wednesday it had not accepted any case of alleged torture from members of the opposition in Venezuela, contrary to what the head of the National Assembly had claimed just a day earlier.

The president of Venezuela’s opposition-majority National Assembly, Julio Borges, claimed Tuesday that state security forces had tortured two brothers who were taken into custody and forced them to accuse opposition leaders of illegal activities, specifically paying demonstrators to ensure violence escalated during anti-government marches.

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 On April 29, We March for the Future

We’ll either save or doom the planet during the Trump administration. Don’t sit the Peoples Climate Mobilization out.

by Bill McKibben


It is hard to avoid hyperbole when you talk about global warming. It is, after all, the biggest thing humans have ever done, and by a very large margin. In the past year, we’ve decimated the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest living structure on Earth. In the drought-stricken territories around the Sahara, we’ve helped kick off what The New York Times called “one of the biggest humanitarian disasters since World War II.” We’ve melted ice at the poles at a record pace, because our emissions trap extra heat from the sun that’s equivalent to 400,000 Hiroshima-size explosions a day. Which is why, just maybe, you should come to Washington, DC, on April 29 for a series of big climate protests that will mark the 100th day of Trumptime. Maybe the biggest thing ever is worth a day.Read More »

Climate Change Refugees

How a tiny Alaska town is leading the way on climate change

by Joe McCarthy

Global Citizen | 18 April, 2017

KIVALINA, Alaska — Dolly’s home is warm and spacious. Snow gear sits by the door. Illustrated Christianity posters are on the walls. A Mario game is being played on the TV. It could be any house in the throes of a Midwestern winter. Until, that is, Dolly serves maktaaq — small strips of frozen bowhead whale skin and blubber. Despite it being late at night, sunlight bounces off the walls. That’s because this is Kivalina, Alaska, some 70 miles above the Arctic Circle and 1,000 miles from Anchorage.Read More »

#MarchForScience: Thousands protest in over 600 cities around the world

A Journal of People report

Source: March For Science

Thousands of people around the world took part in the inaugural March for Science as part of this year’s Earth Day celebrations.

In over 600 cities, from Washington to Sydney, scientists and science enthusiasts marched in what is seen as a global response to anti-science, climate change-denying rhetoric and policies from governments around the world.

The main event began in Washington DC at 10:00am local time, Saturday.Read More »

The Next Generation of Democratic Socialists Has Started Winning Local Elections

Campaigning for economic and social justice, they are winning municipal races in states like Illinois and Georgia

Dylan Parker

Dylan Parker, a 28-year-old diesel mechanic and DSA member who was recently elected to the city council of Rock Island, Illinois. (Neighbors for Dylan Parker)

The Nation | 20 April, 2017

Democratic socialists have advised presidents and cabinet members; they have been elected as members of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, and as state legislators, judges, sheriffs and school board members. But their primary service has been at the municipal level, as mayors and city council members — leading not just big cities such as Milwaukee but mid-sized cities like Reading, Pennsylvania, and small towns like Girard, Kansas.Read More »

Timeline: October Revolution

A Journal of People compilation

Source: Pinterest

April 3

Lenin, Zinoviev and other Bolsheviks arrive in Petrograd from exile in Switzerland.

At Byelo-Ostrov railway station they are met by a delegation of Petrograd workers and a large contingent of jubilant workers, soldiers, and party members.

Late in the evening, Lenin arrives in Petrograd. He is given a grand welcome at the Finlandsky Railway Station by the Petrograd workers, soldiers and soldiers. On the square facing the station, Lenin makes a speech from an armored car in which he greets the Russian revolutionary proletariat and the army, and calls upon them to fight for the socialist revolution. Read More »