Numbers of internally displaced people hits record highs, study finds

by Chantelle Bilson

Morning Star | May 10, 2019

A RECORD number of people are displaced inside their own countries due unresolved conflicts, violence and extreme weather conditions, according to a new report by the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The report, launched in Geneva today by the council’s internal displacement monitoring centre, showed a whopping 41.3 million people were living in internal displacement worldwide at the end of 2018, the highest-ever figure.Read More »

Rich list: Mining magnate sees fortune soar after massacre of protesters

by Phil Miller

Morning Star | May 12, 2019

Anil Agarwal wins the Entrepreneur of the year Award at the 2016 British Asian Awards

A MINING magnate has seen his fortune soar by £8 billion since a massacre of protesters outside one of his smelters last year.

Analysis by the Star of the Sunday Times’s new Rich List highlighted London-based Anil Agarwal as one of the highest risers among Britain’s 1,000 top toffs, rocketing 62 places to finish in 12th position with a net worth of over £10bn.Read More »

Capitalist charity can’t solve homelessness or any other social problem

by Julian Tveten

People’s World | May 10, 2019

Capitalist charity can’t solve homelessness or any other social problem

In this Feb. 23, 2016 file photo, a man stands outside his tent on Division Street in San Francisco. | Eric Risberg / AP

Earlier this month, the University of California, San Francisco inaugurated the Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative, an institute founded to “research causes of homelessness,” collect “data,” and “identify evidence-based solutions.” The center is named for benefactor Marc Benioff, the founder and co-CEO of cloud-computing firm Salesforce and owner of Time magazine, whose $30 million donation is vaunted by corporate media outlets as the largest-ever private grant for homelessness research.

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Capitalism has failed to produce the new antibiotics we need

Morning Star | May 09, 2019

Capitalism has failed to produce the new antibiotics we need

Bacteria are everywhere on the Earth, including inside our own bodies. While most of these bacteria are harmless, sometimes they can cause life-threatening infections.

Before the 20th century, these infections would often be fatal. However, one of the greatest success stories of modern medicine has been the discovery of antibiotics: chemicals which act to kill bacteria.Read More »

Remembering 1945: No compromise with fascism, whatever form it takes

by Samuel Sillen

People’s World | May 08, 2019

Remembering 1945: No compromise with fascism, whatever form it takes

U.S. and Soviet soldiers meet on the Elbe River, April 25, 1945, effectively cutting Nazi Germany in half. Within days, Hitler would be dead and his Third Reich in ruins. | U.S. Army Photo

The following article appeared in the May 8, 1945 issue of the Daily Worker under the headline “The Worst Crimes in History.” It was printed on the day that the Nazis surrendered in Germany, thus ending World War II in Europe. In the piece, author Samuel Sillen says the best memorial to the millions killed in the fight against fascism is to make sure that fascism never returns.

Millions—many millions—did not live to share this hour of triumph. Millions were hounded, twisted, strangled, starved. Their ashes heaped in German ovens. Their skeletons clumsily piled in shallow ditches.

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Oregon teachers, parents, students walk out to demand more school dollars

by Mark Gruenberg

People’s World | May 09, 2019

Oregon teachers, parents, students walk out to demand more school dollars

Oregon Education Association photo.

PORTLAND, Ore.–More than 20,000 Oregon public school teachers statewide — at least two-thirds of all teachers in the state — walked out of classes on May 8 to demand more state funds to fix crumbling schools and provide up-to-date textbooks.

Tens of thousands of students and parents joined the teachers, with 25,000 people marching in Portland alone. The Oregon Education Association, the state’s NEA affiliate, organized the walkout, and NEA national President Lily Eskelsen-Garcia addressed the crowd.

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Bezos Reveals His Ugly Vision For The World He’s Trying To Rule

Greanville Post | May 12, 2019

“Guess what the best planet is in this solar system?” asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at a recent media event on his Blue Origin space program.

“It’s easy to know the answer to that question,” he continued. “We’ve sent robotic probes like this one to all of the planets in our solar system. Now, some of them have been fly-bys, but we’ve examined them all. Earth is the best planet. It is not close. This one is really good.”Read More »