Timeline of the October Revolution

A Journal of People compilation

Timeline of the Russian Revolution of 1917

May 1

The Petrograd Soviet votes in favor of forming a new, Coalition Government, despite Bolshevik condemnation and in contradiction to the March 1 decision of the Soviet. Weeks earlier, Lenin warned about the dangers of this new Dual Power.

Foreign minister Pavel N Miliukov (also spelled Milyukov) sends a declaration to the Allies regarding the Russian Government’s war aims. The government’s position is that of being ready to quit the war without any ambitions regarding territorial annexations.

However, knowing that the French and the British wouldn’t be happy with that position, Miliukov attaches a note of his own. Miliukov elaborates that Russia is still willing to “continue the war until complete victory” and that Russia is very much interested in expanding her territory. This note is leaked to the press and will cause the Provisional Government’s first crisis.

May 3-4

Mass demonstrations in Petrograd and Moscow against Miliukov’s declaration of war aims.

Stalin’s article “Lagging behind the revolution” appears n Pravda, No. 48.

May 7-12

Seventh All-Russian Conference of the Bolshevik party. Lenin’s April Theses are officially the party’s program. The new slogan is All Power to the Soviets.

May 10

The Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies resolves that only discharged and wounded soldiers can perform as militiamen. Lenin explains his critique.

Stalin speaks at a meeting of the Petrograd Committee of the RSDLP (B) on the organizational structure of the Committee and on the municipal election.

May 12

Lenin makes a speech on the current situation at a meeting of Putilov workers.

Lenin makes another speech on the current situation at a meeting of workers of the Admiralty Shipyards, the Franco-Russian and other works.

May 14

Lenin reads a lecture on the subject: “War and Revolution”.

Stalin speaks on the national question at a meeting and concert arranged by the Estonian Workers’ and Soldiers’ Club in the Stock Exchange on Vasilyevsky Ostrov.

May 15

Miliukov resigns as foreign minister.

May 17

The Kronstadt Soviet declares itself the sole governing power of Kronstadt.

Lenin makes a speech on the current situation at a meeting of workers of the Pipe Works and other factories.

Leon Trotsky arrives from America.

May 18

The Second Provisional Government, also called First Coalition Government, is formed. The seats are occupied as follows:

Lvov, president and minister of the interior
Kerensky, minister of war and navy (Socialist Revolutionist)
Chernov, minister of agriculture (Socialist Revolutionist)
Pereverzev, minister of justice
Tereshehenko, minister of foreign affairs
Shingarev, minister of finance
Nekrasov, minister of communications
Konovalov, minister of commerce
Peshekhonov, minister of supplies
Manuilov, minister of education
Skobelev, minister of labor (Menshevik)
Tsereteli, minister of posts and telegraph (Menshevik)

The First Coalition Government will end on July 15, 1917.

May 21

Lenin makes a report on the current situation and the tasks of the proletariat at a meeting of workers of the Skorohod and other factories in Moskovskaya Zastava district of Petrograd.

May 22

Lenin addresses the First All-Russia Congress of Peasants’ Deputies on the agrarian question; and on behalf of the Bolshevik delegates he submits a draft resolution on the subject.

May 30

Lenin speaks at a meeting of the Petrograd Committee of the RSDLP (B) and submits draft resolution on the question of a separate organ of the press for the Petrograd Committee.

May 31

Lenin addresses the First Petrograd Conference of Shop Committees on workers’ control over industry. Lenin’s resolution on measures to cope with economic disorganization is adopted by the Conference.

Minister of War Guchkov, a member of the Cadet party, resigns after street demonstrations against him. Kerensky replaces him.


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