“To preserve peace in Venezuela, there’s no choice but to convene nationwide dialogue to reform the Constitution”

The Dawn | May 02, 2017

Elías José Jaua Milano / Photo credit: Alba Ciudad

Elías José Jaua Milano / Photo credit: Alba Ciudad
From El Salvador, where the meeting of Chancellors of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is being held, the Minister of Education and leader of the Presidential Commission of the Constituent National Assembly affirmed that one of his goals is to restore the principle of cooperation of the powers, because that’s the only way to preserve peace in the country given the opposition’s lack of will to dialogue.

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Maduro Condemns Violence as Venezuela Death Toll Nears 40

Puebla, Mexico, May 5, 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke out Thursday against the wave of political violence gripping his country, as the death toll continued to rise.

Speaking at the Tiuna Military Fort in Caracas, Maduro called for an end to “violence and guarimbas”. Guarimba is a term used to refer to violent demonstrations that use street barricades to shut down neighbourhoods across the country.

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Trump Advisor and Venezuela’s Pro-US Opposition Leader Meet

teleSUR | May 06, 2017

U.S. Army officer and White House national security advisor H.R. McMaster (left) met with Venezuelan National Assembly President Julio Borges (right).

U.S. Army officer and White House national security advisor H.R. McMaster (left) met with Venezuelan National Assembly President Julio Borges (right). | Photo: Reuters/teleSUR

Washington continues to ramp up its “regime change” measures versus the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as White House national security advisor H.R. McMaster met with the head of the South American country’s opposition-led National Assembly, Julio Borges. The two decided that the ongoing political crisis, which has been exacerbated by a U.S.-led economic war against the socialist nation, should be brought to a quick and peaceful conclusion, the White House said.

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A Few Lines From Young Marx


Countercurrents.org | May 05, 2017


It was 1830, the July Revolution forced abdication of king Charles X in France, and Louis Philippe became constitutional monarch. Twenty-eight years prior to this development in France, in 1802, the first factory law was introduced in England; and the law pertained to child labor. In the same year, John Dalton introduced atomic theory into chemistry. In the Congress of Vienna in 1814-’15, Metternich of Austria, Talleyrand of France, Alexander I of Russia, Frederick William I of Prussia and Castlereagh of England attempted to attain balance of power in Europe, reestablished monarchies, redrew their boundaries to the advantage of Prussia, Austria and Russia, organized German Confederation. British conquest of Dutch and French colonies was recognized. Works by the Young Germany writers were banned in Germany. But the reactionaries failed to stop spread of liberal ideas. On December 7, 1835, the first German train powered by a steam engine completed its journey of 7 kilometers in 12 minutes from Nuremberg to Furth.Read More »

FACE OF AN ECONOMY: Billionaires in China, their politics and their meetings

A Journal of People report

Billionaires in China are not weak, neither in terms of capital nor in terms of politics. The billionaires there in China, have their agenda, and meetings.

A CNBC.com report said:

In Zhengzhou, China’s heartland, in the capital of its Henan province, some of China’s most powerful leaders would be meeting. The participants in the meeting were not the political elite that run the country for decades. The participants are a new crop of leaders from the private sector.

The April 23, 2017 datelined report said:

“This city, near corn and wheat fields, is hosting an annual meeting from the China Entrepreneur Club. That’s an invite-only group composed of 55 Chinese billionaires, at last count. In other words, they’re the richest — and among the most influential — people in a country that’s already minting millionaires monthly.”Read More »