What Do the Upcoming US Elections Mean for the Working Class of the US?

Claudia De la Cruz

People’s Dispatch | November 03, 2020

Joe Biden is joined by former president Barack Obama at a campaign rally. Photo: Twitter

With one day before the U.S presidential elections, tensions are growing and all sectors are waiting anxiously not only for election day, Tuesday, November 3, but wondering anxiously on what will take place on the days and months to come.

Different analysts have come to the conclusion that these elections are the elections with the greatest significance and socio-political implications since the US Civil War.

In addition to the economic crisis that has been under development and exploded in 2007/2008, and its implication for working class and elite sectors in the U.S, there are at least five factors impacting the current elections, and making them unprecedented.Read More »


No, You Don’t Have To Vote for Trump or Biden. Here Are a Few Third-Party Candidates and How They’ve Been Censored

Alan Macleod

MintPress News | November 02, 2020

Howie Hawkins

With just hours to go before polls open and with 92 million Americans already having cast their vote, this year’s election will decide who will assume the office of the most powerful person in the world: Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Yet individuals’ votes do not have to come down to that. The United States is an outlier among Western nations in the dominance of its two-party system, something barely plausible in many democracies. Unbeknownst to many, however, there are a number of other candidates on the presidential ballot offering a distinctly different future for America than the established duopoly.Read More »


Pompeo’s Tweet About Tanzania Election Irregularities Could Have Easily Been About the US

Raul Diego

MintPress News | November 02, 2020

Pompeo Feature photo

When the United States decides to bring democracy to other nations, most of the world understands it as a euphemism for foreign intervention on behalf of any number of corporate and geopolitical interests. The level of involvement could range from a few USAID-linked NGOs providing ‘consultancy’ services to receptive governmental agencies all the way to remote-controlled drones and bombs dropping on innocent civilians in the name of freedom.Read More »


FACE OF A POLITICS: U.S.: Companies and CEOs Supporting Trump and Biden, and Actors’ Feud

A Journal of People report

Elections in capitalist economies are connected to capital. A closer look reveals this fact, which is very often ignored by many observers of politics in capitalist countries.

A YahooFinance report on August 22, 2020 said:

“As we take a breather between the Democratic National Convention (this week) and the Republican National Convention (next week), I thought it would be a good time to look into big business and the candidates, which executives and companies were supporting and donating to Trump, which to Biden and why.”Read More »

As Minneapolis burns, Trump’s presidency is sinking deeper into crisis. And yet, he may still be re-elected


The Conversation | May 04, 2020

Violence has erupted across several US cities after the death of a black man, George Floyd, who was shown on video gasping for breath as a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, knelt on his neck. The unrest poses serious challenges for President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden as each man readies his campaign for the November 3 election.

If the coronavirus had not already posed a threat to civil discourse in the US, the latest flashpoint in American racial politics makes this presidential campaign potentially one of the most incendiary in history.Read More »

Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign: What Happened and What Now?

by Sam Husseini

MintPress News | April 09, 2020

Bernie Sanders feature photo

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk commented just as Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign: “Bernie made a number of mistakes that I highlighted and broke down in detail. No excuses. Having said that, you’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’ll forget or look past ‘bloody monday’, aka the day Obama got Pete & Amy to drop & endorse Biden. Saving his campaign.”

In fact, the “Bloody Monday” move — when Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar both endorsed Biden just after his South Carolina win and just before “Super Tuesday” — might be the tip of the iceberg in terms of how the DNC or other establishment forces molded the campaign to producer this outcome.Read More »

Why Bernie shouldn’t quit yet

by C. J. Atkins

People’s World | March 11, 2020

Why Bernie shouldn’t quit yet

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. turns from the podium after speaking at a campaign stop at Daniel Webster Community College, Feb. 8, 2016, in Nashua, N.H. Sanders is under pressure by some to wrap up his campaign for the Democratic nomination, but front-runner Vice President Joe Biden has not yet embraced many of the key issues that have propelled the Sanders campaign. | John Minchillo / AP

Super Tuesday II was another round of victories for Joe Biden. Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho were added to his column on March 10; as of this writing, only North Dakota went for Bernie Sanders, and Washington state is still counting. After two tough weeks at the polls and with endorsements from elected officials rolling in for Biden, there are increasing calls for the socialist from Vermont to close up shop and head back to Burlington. But there are many big reasons that Bernie shouldn’t call it quits, at least not yet.

We can start with the numbers game. When it comes to the delegate count, there are only 164 separating the two candidates right now, with over 2,000 more still to be awarded. There’s no need to peddle false hope, though. With so many shockers in this race so far, nothing is certain, but it’s more than an uphill battle for Sanders at this point. If current trends and turnout patterns hold, he won’t go to the Democratic convention with the most delegates and thus won’t secure the nomination.

Read More »

U.S Democratice Presidential Primary: Feature or Bug? Super Tuesday Plagued by Long Lines, Closed Polling Stations and Systemic Failure

MintPress News | March 04, 2020

Super Tuesday Feature photo

Read More »

FACE OF A POLITICS: U.S.: Half a billion dollars sent to waste

A Journal of People report

The on-going U.S. presidential election race is an area for learning politics in capitalist state. Following are a few of the huge number of incidents going around the race, which show a part of the politics.

Bloomberg’s millions go to waste

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent more than half a billion dollars of his own cash to buy himself a place in the race. Yet, despite spending a whopping $500 million on ads, the idea of Bloomberg as president never took off with voters.Read More »