The sugar rush economy

Michael Roberts Blog | March 21, 2021

Last week the US Federal Reserve raised its growth forecasts for the US economy for this year and next. Fed officials now reckon the US economy with expand in real terms by 6.5%, the fastest pace since 1984, a few years after the slump of 1980-2.  This is a significant rise from the Fed’s previous forecast.  Also, the unemployment rate is expected to drop to just 4.5% by year-end, while the inflation rate ticks up to 2.2%, above the official target rate set by the Fed.Read More »


Militarization of Colombia is a Key Aspect of U.S. Hemispheric Control

Vicente Guevara

Diaspora Tribune | March 07, 2021

Militarization of Colombia is a Key Aspect of U.S. Hemispheric Control

Colombia has historically been of great importance as an ally of the United States. It could perhaps even be said that it has been the empire’s most constant and unfaltering ally in the region since at least World War II.

Today, under President Biden, Colombia is still of great importance for the U.S. and its geopolitical goals of hemispheric control. Colombia is part of the large SOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command) area of control. The country’s abundance of natural resources and cheap labor, proximity to the Panama Canal and Venezuela, and its access to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans make it a key partner in the region.Read More »


China’s Economy could Double in Size by 2035, Eclipsing U.S. AND Yuan’s March

Journal of People report

jop march 2 china

In terms of post-Covid recovery, China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a good chance to double its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2035, according to Helen Qiao, head of Asia economics at Bank of America Global Research.

She told CNBC that some reform measures would help China get there. The doubling of China’s GDP would require an average annual growth of 4.7 percent for the next 15 years.

Qiao said: “We think China would be able to achieve it.”

The economist predicted that, in addition to doubling its GDP, China would surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest economy in around 2027 to 2028.Read More »


FACE OF A POLITICS: Counting Crowd: A View From U.S.

Journal of People report

jop march 2 crowd

Gatherings in a society tell about the society. It is an issue of politics. To the parties concerned with society, gathering is an issue to examine.

A Los Angeles Times report – “Thousands of pro-Trump crowds have gathered since he took office. No state has had more than California” by Rahul Mukherjee said:

“Despite its reputation as a leader of resistance, California saw more pro-Trump crowds than any other state during the president’s term in office.

“That’s according to the Crowd Counting Consortium, a project from the University of Connecticut and Harvard University that documents political gatherings of all kinds. By combing news reports and social media, the group has cataloged some 4,500 pro-Trump gatherings nationwide since he took office in 2017. Of those, 417 events were in California. Florida was a distant second, with 253 events.”Read More »


Syria & Iran: Israeli missiles repealed while EU-U.S. offer for direct talks on nuclear deal rejected

Journal of People report

jop march 2 nuclear deal

Syrian air defenses have shot down most of the missiles targeting the area outside Damascus, the Syrian capital, from the territory of the occupied Golan Heights, reported SANA, Syria’s state media.

Syria blamed Israel for the attack.

Citing a military source SANA said: The missiles were launched towards the Syrian capital at around 10.16 pm local time. Few of the projectiles are believed to have reached the ground.

The source said Syria’s missile defenses took down “most of the enemy missiles.”Read More »


Trump & Biden White House: Break up Big Techs AND do not Sanction Saudi Prince

A Journal of People report

jop march 2

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has called for breaking up giant technology companies and taking away their Section 230 liability protections.

Trump argued that the Big Tech mutes conservative voices like his own.

Trump said Sunday at the CPAC conference in Orlando: “The time has come to break up Big Tech monopolies and restore fair competition. Republicans, conservatives must open our platforms and repeal section 230 liability protections.”

Trump argued: While in the past the public had a chance to hear both sides of the argument before making an informed decision, the big tech censorship disproportionately targeted conservatives, depriving them of the right to be heard. “You would win, you would lose. But now there is no debate, because they refuse allow our side to even speak or to be heard,” said Trump.Read More »


Secretly, Biden’s Foreign Policies Are Trump’s Foreign Policies (The Criminal Hypocrisy Rolls On)

Eric Zuesse

Biden’s foreign policies are putting Democratic Party lipstick onto the Republican Party’s pig. That’s his ‘change’, on US foreign policies. Though President Joe Biden is publicly critical of Trump’s foreign policies, he’s continuing almost all of them and is changing only minor ones. The changes are almost entirely in rhetoric, not in actual policies, as will be documented here.

A good example of this entirely rhetorical ‘difference’ is described in a February 19th article from Reuters, Drawing contrast with Trump, Biden promises US allies a partnership that’s not transactional. Biden’s policy, to “promote democracy over autocracies,” condemns Trump’s polices as having been “transactional” instead of based on “values.” But, actually, America’s invasions, and coups, and economic sanctions, during the past few decades, have been ‘justified’ by condemning the US regime’s target-nations (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine before America’s 2014 coup there — and now Ukraine is ‘our ally‘) as not being “democratic,” and as not adhering to ‘human rights’, as if the US regime itself were an authentic democracy, or were unquestionably better on human rights than the targets against which its aggressions are directed — none of which is true.Read More »


US Embassy: Cuba, Venezuela must make democratic reforms to improve relationship

Raphael John-Lall

Trinidad and Tobago Guardian | February 27, 2021

The United States and T&T have a good relationship but don’t see eye to eye on every issue, especially the Venezuelan issue.

In response to a question from the Sunday Guardian on the relationship between the United States and Venezuela and the United States and Cuba, the US Embassy said that the US wants what’s best for both countries but these countries must make democratic reforms if the relationship is to be improved.

This comes as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley called on the US to improve its relationship with both countries for the benefit of the Caribbean region.Read More »


FACE OF A STATE: Tillerson’s tactics with Trump

A Journal of People report


A Huffpost report – “Rex Tillerson Reveals The Tactics He Used To Make Trump Focus On Important Matters” – said:

“Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a damning verdict on Donald Trump in a recent interview, saying the U.S. is in ‘a worse place’ globally because of the outgoing president.”

The outgoing president mentioned in the report is now former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The January 15, 2021 report by Lee Moran, reporter, HuffPost, said:

“Tillerson, who Trump fired via tweet in March 2018 following a controversial 14 months leading the State Department, told Foreign Policy magazine this week that Trump’s ‘understanding of global events, his understanding of global history, his understanding of U.S. history, was really limited.’”Read More »


LIFE: Post-snow storm: Over a million Texans are still without drinking water

A Journal of People report

texas snow

Over a million Texans are still without drinking water. Smaller communities and apartments are facing the biggest challenges, said reports. And oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial operators emitted 3.5 million pounds of excess pollution during the winter storm and power crisis in Texas, according to an analysis of company notices provided to state regulators. The recent snowstorm created havoc in the life of the people in Texas. Mainstream media reports have documented the life there in Texas.

A report by The Texas Tribune said:

“Over 1.4 million Texans still faced water disruptions on Wednesday afternoon, more than a week after Texas’ winter storms wreaked havoc on the state’s power grid and water services.Read More »