Ukraine Update: World Faces Food Crisis

Countercurrents | March 21, 2022

The war in Ukraine has delivered a shock to global energy markets. Now the planet is facing a deeper crisis: a shortage of food.

A New York Times report (March 20, 2022) on global food crisis due to the Ukraine war said:

‘A crucial portion of the world’s wheat, corn and barley is trapped in Russia and Ukraine because of the war, while an even larger portion of the world’s fertilizers is stuck in Russia and Belarus. The result is that global food and fertilizer prices are soaring. Since the invasion last month, wheat prices have increased by 21 percent, barley by 33 percent and some fertilizers by 40 percent.

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China sees parallel between Ukraine, Taiwan

M. K. Bhadrakumar

Indian Punchline | March 20, 2022

On the evening of 18 March, President Xi Jinping (R) had a video call with US President Joe Biden at the request of the latter.

The Chinese stance on developments around Ukraine was initially one-dimensional, namely, there is no conceivable comparison between Ukraine and Taiwan issues, as they are fundamentally different, because Taiwan is a part of China, whereas Ukraine is an independent country. Factually, that was a correct stance. 

However, there has been a shift lately toward acknowledging that the Eurasian tensions hold an analogy for Indo-Pacific region. The Chinese commentaries underline that the relentless expansion of the NATO in the post-Cold War era is the root cause of events unfolding over Ukraine. In the video call with President Biden in the weekend, President Xi Jinping implicitly touched on this aspect: 

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‘Worse than Hitler’: Nazi revisionism in the service of US foreign policy

Louis Allday

Ebb | March 15, 2022

The past week has seen a flurry of public figures drawing direct parallels between the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the former dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. In some cases, Hitler has even been compared favourably to Putin – said to be less corrupt and less brutal as he had never killed ‘his own people’ and ‘did not use Chemical weapons’. As offensive and ahistorical as these comparisons are, to be fully understood they must be placed within the broader historical pattern of the US and its allies time and again cynically portraying leaders of their officially designated enemy states as some form of re-incarnation of Hitler in order to generate the emotional public reaction needed to justify their belligerent policies and add a superficial moral veneer to them.

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Alex Saab denounces illegalities in his detention in Cape Verde

Últimas Noticias | July 26, 2021

Through a letter made public, the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, imprisoned in Cape Verde for more than a year for an extradition request from the United States government, denounced once again the illegality of his detention this Monday: In the letter appreciates the expressions of support received from the Cape Verdean people.

According to the Telesur web portal, Saab presented his case to the citizens of the African country and denounced that he had been kidnapped in that nation “under the instructions of the United States.”

Saab described that the humanitarian mission that, on behalf of the Venezuelan State, he has been carrying out since 2018, with a view to overcoming “the vicious and immoral economic blockade unilaterally imposed by the United States,” was entrusted to him by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

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Urgent: Food sovereignty delegation to Venezuela – witness effects of sanctions and responses on the ground in the context of the 2021 Venezuela regional elections November 17-27, 2021

Revolución Alimentaria | July 19, 2021

What’s going on right now in Venezuela? Come see for yourself how Venezuelans are coping with US economic sanctions designed to cause a social implosion. The international press does not mention the different attacks on the Venezuelan people carried out by Colombian mercenaries sponsored by the United States government, come and learn about the economic war that the Venezuelan people suffer daily, in public transportation, in the distribution of gasoline, and medicine shortages in the midst of a global pandemic.Come and learn how the grassroots movements are responding to each of those deficiencies caused by the blockade that the United States has imposed on the Venezuelan people. The media also omits serious analysis of the role of the food distribution program known as CLAPs run through a government-community partnership reaching millions of Venezuelans.

There is no doubt, however, as indicated in a recent report by CEPR, that the US-imposed sanctions are indeed causing collective hardship and even death.

Join us for a special delegation (January 3-12, 2020) dedicated to studying the actual conditions on the ground and the struggle for food security and food sovereignty in Venezuela, at a time when the Donald Trump’s administration has initiated a new series of sanctions against the food programs that Venezuelan state has created 

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US Targets Nicaraguan Presidential Election

Roger D. Harris

Dissident Voice | July 14, 2021

Before Henry Kissinger became a Clinton pal, liberals condemned him for saying: “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.” The 1973 US-backed coup and bloodbath in Chile followed. Now Uncle Sam has a problem in Nicaragua, where independent polls predict a landslide victory for Daniel Ortega’s leftist Sandinista slate in the November 7th presidential elections.

The US government and its sycophantic media are working to prevent Ortega’s reelection. On July 12, the US slapped visa restrictions on one hundred Nicaraguan elected legislative officials, members of the judiciary, and their families for “undermining democracy.” A month earlier, the Biden administration imposed sanctions on President Ortega’s daughter, along with a military general, the head of the central bank, and an elected legislator.

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“We are going to put our hearts to the common work!” (+ Video)

Speech delivered by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, in the act of revolutionary reaffirmation, in the esplanade of La Piragua, Havana, on July 17, 2021, “Year 63 of the Revolution.”

Granma | July 19, 2021

Cuba belongs to all Cubans who, wherever they are, work to see it advance with its own legs and its own arms towards a destiny of possible prosperity. Photo: Ismael Batista Ramírez

Speech delivered by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, in the act of revolutionary reaffirmation, in the esplanade of La Piragua, Havana, on July 17, 2021, “Year 63 of the Revolution.”

(Shorthand Versions – Presidency of the Republic)

Dear Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution;

People of Cuba, Cuban men and women;


Long live Cuba Libre! (Exclamations of: “Long live!”).

Free from foreign interference and free from the hatred that has been stirred up by those who have been holding the neck of the nation for 60 years to make it explode and now want to present themselves as our saviors.

Cease lies, infamy and hatred. Cuba is deeply allergic to hatred.   And it will never be a land of hatred!

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How to detect fake news around the events of July 11 in Cuba?

Common sense in the face of the implausible and distrust in the face of unprecedented events should prevail whenever you read any information, especially on the internet

Yenia Silva Correa & Maby Martínez Rodríguez 

Granma | July 17, 2021

Fake news against Cuba and how to detect them Photo: Taken from Twitter

Cuba is under fire from a cyber attack, one of the techniques used as part of the unconventional war that has been waged against our nation.  

Computer aggression includes the attack on institutional digital platforms and the country’s press media; and the media bombardment is based on the manipulation of all possible audiences based on speculation about fictitious realities and the sowing of terror or discontent in the population.

News montages are becoming more common every day. People and the media at the service of the economic and political interests that move behind what has happened in Cuba since Sunday, July 11, build parallel narratives using various tools, including false news or fake news.

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Cuba: Who cast the first stone? (+ Video)

There is room in our country for debate and differences of all kinds – policies included -, what is not ethical or permissible is to try to solve them with the rule of law of the jungle, baseness or backstabbing, or mixing with the perpetrators of acts as uncivilized as the assault with stones at the pediatric hospital in Cárdenas, with patients, companions and medical personnel inside

Juan Antonio Borrego

Granma | July 19, 2021

There is so much money in the campaign against Cuba that not even the “big media” hide to lie blatantly. 
In the upper half of the photo, Fox News Channel uses images of revolutionaries (as seen below) on the streets, and blurs their posters, to make them pass as protesters. 

They said that Raúl fled, that Camagüey was taken and kidnapped the First Secretary of the Party there, that the Vice Minister of the Interior resigned, that the streets are full of the dead and, by telling and lying, they even showed Alexandria and Buenos Aires as if they were Havana .

Most likely, they continue saying, because that has been one of their most recurrent weapons, since they tried to exalt Sosa Blanco’s “human values”, they presented the Escambray rebels as defenders of the people and not as vulgar terrorists, or fabricated that insurmountable compendium of misinformation in the days of Playa Girón, when, according to reports from press agencies, the invading forces took Pinar del Río and the Isle of Pinos, Fidel fled and Raúl was captured, Habana Libre was destroyed by the bombings and “the port of Bayamo was totally isolated.”

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