Turkey ‘playing its last card’ as it faces defeat in Iraq Kurdistan, Kurdish guerillas say

Morning Star | September 30, 2021

Guerrilla Aliser and Guerrilla Arin

KURDISH guerillas said today that Turkey was “playing its last card” in its invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan as its forces face fierce resistance.

“The enemy cannot move freely in the areas he occupies,” guerilla Aliser said of the Turkish troops, thousands of whom are engaged in a military offensive in the mountainous border region of Duhok.

Kurdish resistance fighters are carrying out frequent attacks to prevent the soldiers from advancing.

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Turkish conflict with United States

Batko Milacic

The Saker Blog | July 15, 2021

Erdogan may have learned a good lesson in his dealings with Washington and Moscow.

The events in the Middle East have made a large number of interstate relations of the former “allies” very complicated due to the large-scale operation “Arab Spring”. After the failure of the original idea of creating the Great Middle East, a project in which the main role was played by Washington, in alliance primarily with the Gulf monarchies but also with Turkey, there was a great redefinition of relations within the axis.

Realizing that its interests in the region will not be satisfied in the alliance with the United States, Turkey turned another page in foreign policy, trying to satisfy its own interests, thus at the same time defying the synergistic policy of the NATO pact in the Middle East.

This act was a revolt within the NATO bloc itself. The most concrete results were seen with the realization of the “Turkish Stream” project with Russia and the purchase of modern S-400 anti-aircraft systems from Russia, despite numerous warnings from official Washington.

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Anti-communism, authoritarianism and repression are growing in the capitalist world

Luciana Bohne

Lenin “toppled”: the convenient rebellion of fools. Freedom at last from a spurious tyranny.

Authoritarianism in China? A place that nipped Covid in six weeks and ended poverty in 2020? Let’s turn the camera, shall we? And let’s fix it on the Western/capitalist bloc. Do you see any recrudescence of BOURGEOIS AUTHORITARIANISM in examples from recent times?

1. Slovakia: passes law on 1 Dec 2020 designating Czech and Slovak Communist parties “criminal organizations.”

2. Poland: the anti-communist hysteria is well established in the persistent “witch hunt” against the communists that for decades has characterized the Polish bourgeois authorities on a dangerous undemocratic and reactionary ridge, with the complacency and encouragement of the EU. In fact, the persecutions, restrictions and criminal proceedings that have been conducted for years against the Communist Party of Poland (KPP), its daily “Bzrask” and their members are known “for the promotion of totalitarian regimes”. Furthermore, among other things, we remember the interruption of scientific conferences on Karl Marx organized by universities, the use of public institutions such as the National Memory Institute (IPN) for the dissemination of anti-communist propaganda and the establishment of a dangerous legal framework for communist persecution which includes the 2017 “decommunization law”

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The Dynamic of Revolutionary Struggle in Turkey

Yanis Iqbal

Since January 4, 2021, student protests have been going on in Turkey. At Bogazici University in Istanbul, rectors are elected through free and fair elections by faculties. The only time in the institution’s history when these democratic processes were suspended was in the aftermath of the 1980 coup d’état. In today’s time, it is again being done.Read More »


Femicide Continues to rise in Turkey as Women’s Organisations Targeted

Steve Sweeney

Morning Star| November 04, 2020

CAMPAIGNERS battling against femicide in Turkey warned of a state cover-up today after the latest figures showed that at least 21 women were murdered by a man in October.

And according to the We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP), a women’s rights organisation, another eight women have died in suspicious circumstances.

KDCP said that nine women were killed because they either wanted a divorce or to end a relationship with a male partner.Read More »


How USA and Turkey Plunder and Loot Syria with Impunity

Rick Sterling

While President Trump lashes out at rioting and looting in Portland and Kenosha, half way around the world, the USA and Turkey are plundering and looting Syria on a vastly greater scale with impunity and little publicity.

Turkey Loots Syria, then Disrupts Safe Water Supply  

Turkey has been plundering the Syrian infrastructure for years.  Beginning in late 2012 and continuing through 2013 some 300 industrial factories were dismantled and taken to Turkey from Aleppo, the industrial capital of Syria. “Machinery and goods were loaded on trucks and carried off to Turkey through the Cilvegozu and Ceylanpinar crossings. Unfortunately, ‘plundering’ and ‘terror’ have become permanent parts of the Syrian lexicon when explaining their saga.”Read More »


In Turkey, Unions and Women’s Organizations Call for Defense of Women’s Rights

Steve Sweeney

Morning Star | September 01, 2020

In Turkey, unions and women’s organizations call for defense of women’s rights

In Istanbul, people clash with police during the funeral of Ebru Timtik, a human rights lawyer who died during a hunger strike in a Turkish prison to demand a fair trial for herself and colleagues. | AP

Activists have called for an organized defense of women’s rights in Turkey, where at least 15 women have been murdered in the last 10 days. Thirteen were killed by men and two died in suspicious circumstances.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is trying to take Turkey out of the Istanbul Convention, which obliges signatories to tackle gender-based crime, provide protection and services for women, and ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted. In March 2012, Turkey became the first country to ratify the convention. But the government now claims that it is incompatible with “family values,” bowing to conservative and Islamist pressure.Read More »


Financialization And Authoritarian Neoliberalism In Turkey

Gorkem Altinors

Progress in Political Economy | July 30, 2020

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed his son-in-law Berat Albayrak as the Treasury and Finance Minister shortly after he retained his office in the general elections in June 2018. On 10th August 2018, Albayrak held a press meeting with the heads of the prominent industrialist and capitalist groups as he revealed the ‘new economic model’ which will employ cooperation with ‘all national and international stakeholders’ and will bring a ‘decisive’ approach for maintaining the Central Bank’s independence. Perhaps it was because of Erdogan’s unorthodox views on interest rates and his increasing authoritarianism, the financial markets did not take this promise seriously as on the very same day, the value of Turkish Lira fell 10 percent against foreign currencies, marking the US Dollar six times more valuable than Turkish Lira, for the first time in history. Almost one year later, following an epic defeat in the local elections and the losing of Istanbul with a greater margin in the re-run of the mayoral elections, Erdogan sacked the head of the Central Bank over the dispute on interest rates which raised concerns over Central Bank independence once again. The violation of Central Bank independence illustrates an ongoing pattern that led to the crisis in the first place (Akcay and Güngen 2019). The currency and debt crisis of 2018 and recent developments in the finance and banking sector in 2019 brought the political economy of Islamic-neoliberalism in Turkey under scrutiny as the country represents one of the most dynamic emerging economies in the periphery in the age of global capitalism.Read More »




Kemal Okuyan

People’s Voice | July 16, 2020

Kemal Okuyan, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), discusses the political motives behind President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s decision to transform the Hagia Sophia, a nearly 1500-year-old world heritage monument, into a mosque.


The government has turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque for prayers. Doubtless, there will be an international reaction but not to such an extent that Erdoğan could not risk it. In any case, no one around the world can see beyond the end of their nose right now; everyone is preoccupied with their own problems.

What about the economic results?

Some say that tourists will not come, the stock market will collapse, the dollar will soar; however, these things are already happening in Turkey now. The economy is in such bad straits that the government can tolerate a problem like Hagia Sophia! They can somehow muddle through the situation, while blaming the opponents of the Hagia Sophia move for doing the work of the Crusaders, the Holy Alliance, the business lobby…Read More »