It’s official: Left candidate Pedro Castillo declared winner of presidential elections in Peru

Tanya Wadhwa

People’s Dispatch | July 20, 2021

The National Jury of Elections (JNE) proclaimed Pedro Castillo as the next president of Peru on July 19. Photo: Aldair Mejía / La República

Almost a month and a half after the second round of presidential elections in Peru, the National Jury of Elections (JNE), on July 19, proclaimed Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party as the winner of the run-off and the next president of the Republic. The JNE also proclaimed Dina Boluarte as the first vice president of the country.

After resolving and declaring unfounded the last appeals for annulment of votes presented by Castillo’s opponent, Keiko Fujimori of the far-right Popular Force party, alleging irregularities and fraud in the electoral process, the JNE announced that Castillo secured 50.126% of the votes, while Fujimori obtained 49.874% of the votes. Castillo won the elections with a narrow margin, receiving 44,263 more votes than his rival. The new head of state and his vice-presidents will be sworn in on July 28, the bicentennial of Peru’s independence from Spain.

Minutes after the official announcement, thousands of supporters of Castillo, gathered outside the party’s headquarters in Lima to celebrate his historic victory. Castillo addressed the citizens and thanked them for their support. He also thanked the electoral authorities for their work and called on the opposition forces to unite for a better Peru.

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