L.A. teachers strike: Wearing red for ed on rainy Day One

by Eric A. Gordon

People’s World | January 15, 2019

L.A. teachers strike: Wearing red for ed on rainy Day One

LOS ANGELES—At Hamilton High School in West Los Angeles, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) chapter chair Frank Burton had his team prepared for heavy rain: As his fellow teachers arrived for the 7 a.m. picket line and approached the tent supplied with coffee and refreshments, Frank unfolded yet another plastic poncho and slipped it over a new arrival’s head. By his count, every single one of “Hammie’s” 140 teachers, plus others represented by the union, such as the librarian and counselors, turned out to be counted on Day One.Read More »


Los Angeles teachers stage first strike in 30 years demanding city invests in public education

by Ben Coweles

Morning StarJanuary 15, 2019

MORE than 30,000 striking teachers flooded the rainy streets of downtown Los Angeles on Monday demanding the city properly invest in its educators and schools.

The strike, organised by the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union, is the first time teachers have walked out the classroom in LA since 1989.Read More »

Indian police detain communist leaders during largest-ever strike

by Steve Sweeney

Morning Star | January 08, 2019

COMMUNIST Party of India (Marxist) leaders from West Bengal, Sujan Chakraborty and Anadi Sahoo were detained by police during India’s largest-ever national strike today.

They were arrested in Kolkata as an estimated 200 million took part in the first day of two days of action across India involving at least 10 trade unions.Read More »

UK: Women workers bring Glasgow to a standstill

by Conrad Landin

Morning Star | October 24, 2018

SCOTLAND’S largest city was brought to a standstill today as women workers made history in the largest ever strike over equal pay.

Care workers, cleaners and school dinner ladies were among 8,000 women council employees and contractors staging a two-day walkout in Glasgow.Read More »

UK: Solidarity strikers threatened with legal action by Glasgow council

by Conrad Landin

Morning Star | October 24, 2018

SNP council chiefs came under fire today for threatening workers refusing to cross picket lines with Tory anti-union laws.

Brave male dustbin workers, street cleaners and parking wardens in Glasgow refused to clock on while women working as care workers, cleaners, and school-dinner ladies picketed outside their depots over equal pay.Read More »