Evicted Mumbai slum residents occupy footpath as protest

groundxero | October 30, 2018

The fight of Mumbai’s slums against forceful eviction and deadly “rehabilitation” continues. As the Maharashtra Government and the Bombay Municipal Corporation continue to violate High Court order mandating proper and just rehabilitation for the slum residents evicted last year from all along the Tansa water pipeline, the protests have now spilled onto the streets. On Monday, hundreds of residents of the Mahul Slum Rehabilitation Apartments occupied Tilaknagar police station for an entire day, demanding proper rehabilitation, or relocation back to the original location from where they were evicted. This was a part of the ongoing symbolic occupation and reclaiming of the demolished slum of Ambedkar Nagar, Vidyavihar – one of the slums from which people had been shifted to Mahul. A GroundXeroreport.  Read More »