Puebla Group Issues Declaration Supporting Venezuela’s Right to Access COVID-19 Vaccination

Orinoco Tribune | December 31, 2020

This Tuesday, December 29, the Puebla Group, formed by former progressive head of states and political leaders from Latin America, issued  a declaration in support of the right of the Venezuelan people to have access to COVID-19 vaccines, heavily affected by illegal sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

The Venezuelan minister for health, Carlos Alvarado, expressed recently that Venezuela was experiencing problems paying its COVAX UN dues needed to access vaccines and initiate mass vaccination, as a consequence of criminal US sanctions.Read More »

Puebla Group on the Arrival of US Troops to Colombia (Statement)

Orinoco Tribune | June 01, 2020

Puebla Group on the Arrival of US Troops to Colombia (Statement)

The Puebla Group expresses its deep concern at the announcement made by the United States Embassy in Colombia and that country’s Ministry of Defense, on May 27, about the arrival of a brigade of the US Army for “force assistance” to the country, in the first days of June, whose members will settle in various conflict areas, including some located on the border between Colombia and Venezuela (Norte de Santander and Arauca).

This agreement, in addition to being illegal -because it violates the constitutional requirement of prior approval by the Senate of the Republic of Colombia- will contribute to escalation of the conflict experienced by the two governments, increase tension in their border areas, and eventually become on the launch pad of the military offensive that President Trump has announced against Venezuela, thus destabilizing hemispheric security.Read More »