Venezuela: PSUV Holds Congress as Pressure Mounts for Maduro to Receive Campesino March

by Paul Dobson


PSUV President Nicolas Maduro and First Party Vice-President Diosdado Cabello greet the delegates at the IV Congress of the United Socialist Party (PSUV). (AVN)
PSUV President Nicolas Maduro and First Party Vice-President Diosdado Cabello greet the delegates at the IV Congress of the United Socialist Party (PSUV). (AVN)

Merida, July 30, 2018 ( – The fourth national congress of Venezuela’s largest political party, the United Socialist Party (PSUV), wound up Monday following three days of intense activities. The congress was inaugurated Saturday on the 64th birthday of the party’s founder, Hugo Chavez.

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The Governorship Elections in Venezuela. The PSUV Wins By a Landslide, Opposition in Disarray

By Arnold August and Nino Pagliccia – Global Research

VENEZUELANALYSIS.COM | November 10, 2017


The governing party of Venezuela, the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), has recently obtained a resounding electoral victory for State governorship. The election was called by the CNE (National Electoral Council) at the instance of the ANC (National Constituent Assembly). Soon after, the opposition group MUD (Democratic Unity Coalition) seemed to be in disarray.Enrique Capriles of Primero Justicia (Justice First) party, for example, resigned from the MUD coalition questioning Henry Ramos Allup of the AD (Democratic Action) party who in turn expelled the four AD governors who dared to be sworn-in in front of the ANC in acceptance of the election results.

I asked Canadian author Arnold August to give his assessment of the political significance for the Bolivarian process.

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Standoff in Venezuela

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal | May 12, 2017

Venezuela has been rocked in recent weeks by almost daily protests and counter-protests, as right-wing opponents of socialist President Nicolas Maduro seek to bring down his government.
While the media portrays these events as a popular rebellion against an authoritarian government, supporters of the pro-poor Bolivarian revolution initiated by former president Hugo Chavez say the country is witnessing an escalation in what is an ongoing counter-revolutionary campaign seeking to restore Venezuela’s traditional elites in power and reverse the gains made by the poor majority under Chavez and Maduro.
Federico Fuentes interviewed Steve Ellner, a well-known analyst of Venezuelan and Latin American politics and a retired professor at Venezuela’s Universidad de Oriente, to get his views on recent events.

When it comes to the current turmoil in Venezuela, the media have been unanimous in their version of events: the Maduro regime is on its last legs due to the overwhelming opposition it faces from the people, including among the poorest sectors that previously supported the government, and therefore its only recourse for survival is violent repression. How accurate is this media narrative?

It’s hardly a far-gone conclusion.

There is no better indication of the deceptiveness of the mainstream media’s narrative than the spatial nature of the anti-government protests in early 2014 known as the “guarimba” and again this year.Read More »

Local Venezuelan Socialist Party Leader Assassinated in Miranda State

Grassroots leader Jacqueline Josefina Ortega, 48, was killed on Saturday April 22. (Aporrea)

Grassroots leader Jacqueline Josefina Ortega, 48, was killed on Saturday April 22. (Aporrea)

Caracas, April 24, 2017 ( – Venezuelan Authorities are investigating the assassination of a local United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) leader in Miranda state.

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Poll: PSUV Still Largest Party in Venezuela

by Lucas Koerner | 03 January, 2017

(Prensa PSUV)

(Prensa PSUV)

Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) remains the largest party in the South American country, reports a new poll.

According to the independent polling firm Hinterlaces, 27 percent of Venezuelans identify as supporters of the PSUV. Meanwhile, 12 percent of the voting public supports the opposition Popular Will party, 8.6 percent for the right-wing opposition MUD coalition in general, 7.2% for First Justice, 6 percent for Democratic Action, 1.8 percent for A New Era, and just 1 percent for the Christian Democrat party COPEI.Read More »

Steve Ellner: Democratization of PSUV is Key to Chavismo’s Future


Professor Steve Ellner. (Ángel Dejesús)

Professor Steve Ellner. (Ángel Dejesús)

Distinguished Venezuelan history and politics professor Steve Ellner visited Caracas from September 26 to October 7 to teach an intensive seminar at the Venezuelan Planning School, titled “The Role of the Venezuelan State in the Transition to Socialism”. VA sat down with the long time Universidad de Oriente professor to discuss a range of pressing issues facing Venezuela, including the country’s current economic crisis, the recall referendum, and the future of the Bolivarian process.Read More »

Maduro Calls for Investigation of Blank Votes as Video Shows Opposition Mayor Handing Out Cash

Courtesy: | 17 December, 2015


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday that authorities are opening an investigation into the nearly one and a half million blank votes cast in this month’s parliamentary elections which saw a trouncing defeat for the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The PSUV has, for its part, solicited an investigation into allegations of vote buying following the release reported evidence of opposition leaders engaging in vote buying on election day.

Speaking on his weekly television program, the president indicated that the investigation was prompted by the irregularly high quantity of blank votes in a regional election, particularly in districts historically won by the PSUV.Read More »