U.S: The Koch Brothers Are Bankrolling Local Efforts to Kill American Public Transit


Common Dreams | June 19, 2018

light rail
The development of public transit, particularly when it is sustainably powered, is often seen as positive for both impoverished communities and the environment—especially considering that transportation is the largest contributor to the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions. (Photo: Oran Viriyincy/cc/flickr)

The oil baron billionaires Charles and David Koch are bankrolling astroturf campaigns across the United States to kill investment in public transit, according to a “must-read” investigation published Tuesday by the New York Times.

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Turkish bloodbath 10 days before elections

by Steve Sweeney

Morning Star | June 15, 2018

TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was accused today of being responsible for a bloodbath as opposition supporters were killed by ruling party thugs just 10 days before landmark elections.

At least five people were killed and nine injured in violent attacks yesterday after supporters of Justice and Development Party (AKP) candidate Ibrahim Halil Yildiz marched provocatively through the Turkish border town of Suruc armed with heavy weapons.Read More »

Engels and women’s oppression

by Ariane Diaz

Left Voice  | April 23, 2018

Family sitting in living room (Image by Lewis Wickes Hine)

Image by Lewis Wickes Hine

“The following chapters are, in a certain sense, the execution of a bequest” (1).

That is how Engels begins his book The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, published in 1884. After Marx’s death the previous year, Engels had taken up the task of developing and organizing part of Marx’s unfinished and unpublished work – much of which had been written in collaboration with Engels.Read More »

Pakistan: Teachers And Farmers Protests Brutally Crushed In Sindh


Countercurrents.org | December 31, 2017


In recent weeks, as much of the Pakistani media remained fixated on the internecine squabbles of the country’s ruling elites, authorities in Sindh have been brutally cracking down on sections of workers and farmers in the province who’ve had the temerity to defend their rights and fight for improved living standards and working conditions.Read More »

On Independence Day Leaders Of Narmada Bachao Andolan To Remain In Jail


Countercurrents.org | August 14, 2017


Badwani, Madhya Pradesh. August 14, 2017: The day Medha Patkar and others broke their 17 day indefinite fast, Madhya Pradesh police foisted cases of disturbing peace, kidnapping and many other trumped up charges on 55 named and 2,500 unnamed project affected and activists of Narmada Bachao Andolan. Most of the cases are related to the incident on August 7th when 2,000 strong police force violently attacked the fasting protesters, injured 42 and forcibly hospitalised 10 of them in Dhar and Indore Hospitals. This itself speaks volumes of the terror and oppression being unleashed in the Narmada valley today.Read More »

The Benefits Of Being A Slave


Countercurrents.org | August 04, 2017


My friend K. Sheshu Babu wrote a statement:

If government’s see people as private property, that may be ok because at least they ‘ value ‘ them. But, they see people as ‘ voting machines ‘ which is worse than slaves … The politicians Garner votes during elections and forget that they are in the govt because of votes and voters …not even valuable property that can be looked after …!!

Sheshu’s words remind me of comments that another person emailed me around ten years ago. They, paraphrased, went something like this:Read More »

Report: World Bank fuels land grabs in Africa

Pambazuka News | May 04, 2017

Source: Food Ingredients First

The report, Unjust Enrichment: How the IFC Profits from Land Grabbing in Africa, was released today by Inclusive Development International, Bank Information Center, Accountability Counsel, Urgewald and the Oakland Institute.

“Pouring money into commercial banks that are driven only by profit motivations is not the way to foster sustainable development,” said Marc Ona Essangui, Executive Director of Brainforest and winner of the Goldman environmental prize in 2009.  “In Gabon, this development model has instead enabled a massive expansion of industrial palm oil, which threatens our food security and the ecological balance of Congo Basin’s ancient rainforests.”

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A Long History Of Western Oppression


Morning Star | 22 March, 2017

Source: Internet

SOME anniversaries are respectfully observed annually in the West and widely reported by the obedient “free press” — International Holocaust Memorial Day, Victory in Europe Day, Remembrance Day and so on.

Yet the following are anniversaries suitably airbrushed from history books, the media, political rhetoric and polite conversation which serves the requirements of Western power.Read More »

Telling the Truth Is Not A Crime

Common Dreams | 03 May, 2016

In honor of this too often ignored World Press Freedom Day, a reminder that today at least 200 journalists – from China to  Burundi to Iran to Eritrea to perhaps most egregiouslyEgypt and Turkey – are today imprisoned and sometimes tortured for doing their job, which is telling the truth and giving a voice to the voiceless. “Journalism is not a crime,” notesAmnesty International, “yet the principles of free speech and a free press are threatened across the world.” From Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, aka “Shawkan,” who has spent three years in jail, been tortured and now faces death penalty charges after documenting violent security forces at a Cairo sit-in: “I’m a journalist who has no affiliation but to his profession. Why all this oppression and persecution? Has it not been enough?”Read More »