Myanmar: a battleground of the New Cold War against China

Kenny Coyle

Morning Star | May 27, 2021

Anti-coup protesters march during a demonstration in Yangon, Myanmar

DURING World War II, the British colony of Burma, sitting between British-ruled India and war-torn China, became a key military theatre, pitting Allied forces against Japan.

Today Myanmar is embroiled in conflict once again. While this time the principal factors are internal, there are wider geopolitical dimensions. In particular, Myanmar has become a battleground within the wider New Cold War against China.

A Communist Party of Burma (CPB) spokesman told the Morning Star: “We used to say that Burma’s importance to the world’s great powers lies in the geographical position it occupies.Read More »


India will be front-line state in Myanmar civil war

M K Bhadrakumar

indianpunchline | May 5, 2021

The turmoil in Myanmar had all the hallmarks of a “colour revolution”… The chorus – BBC, Radio Free Asia, western NGOs promoting democracy and human rights… But the operative part hidden from view concentrated on the creation of a “government-in-exile” (a National Unity Government.) The parallels with Syria are striking — “Arab Spring” protests… India is a plausible sanctuary for the MI6 and CIA to navigate civil war conditions in Myanmar… To be sure, India’s cooperation is crucial for the success of the Anglo-American enterprise in Myanmar… Myanmar figured prominently at the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in London on May 3-5. Jaishankar travelled to London and met with Blinken…If Myanmar becomes a failed state, India will have fallouts.


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Incurable Imperialism: Aiming At China U.S., UK Launch Ethnic Guerilla War On Myanmar

Bernhard, Editor of Moon of Alabama

If you wonder what is happening in Myanmar there is no need to look further than these maps.

China needs oil but its sea main supply route through the Strait of Malacca is vulnerable.

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Friends & Foes: Rohingya Run and Imperialism

by Farooque Chowdhury

Frontier | Vol. 51, No.13, Sep 30 – Oct 6, 2018

The long Rohingya run is passing more than a year in its current phase—a huge number of the Rohingyaas in Bangladesh. Amidst diplomatic dialogues, and imperialist intrigues the Rohingyaas staying in Bangladesh are passing difficult days.

The Rohingyaas’ days are harsh and hard, very difficult to bear. Their days are uncertain and undignified also. Living on doles is not a dignified life. Moreover, dignity dries down when imperialism appears friend. Imperialism’s “friendly” posture creates a lot of critical questions. Nowhere and never imperialism was friend of any people struggling for survival and justice, for democratic rights, for dignity as the two interests—people’s and imperialism’s—are diametrically opposite, contradictory. Read More »


FREEDOM UNITED | October 04, 2017

A group of migrant workers from Myanmar pleaded not guilty to charges of defamation this week by their former employer, Thammakaset poultry farm in central Thailand. The workers say they were forced to work overtime, unlawful deductions were made from their salaries, and that their passports were confiscated.

The workers first filed a complaint to Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission last year, but Thammakaset farm firmly denied any wrongdoing and launched a defamation lawsuit against the workers for allegedly damaging the company’s reputation.Read More »