Farm Law Talks: Made to ‘Wait 3 Hours by Centre,’ Farmers’ Stick to Repeal Demand in 11th Round

The Wire | January 22, 2021

New Delhi: The 11th round of meetings between the Centre and agitating farmers’ unions was held at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on Friday, a day after farmers’ unions said no to the Centre’s proposal to suspend the controversial farm laws for one and a half years.

The farmers’ unions officially communicated their decision to the Centre in the meeting.

Responding to the decision taken by the joint farmers’ front to stick to their demand of the repeal of laws and reject the Centre’s offer, the Centre reportedly told the farmers to reconsider their decision because it has exhausted all options for them.Read More »


Farmers In Protest: Learning from the Past and Creating History with A Real Definition of Nationalism

Chaman Lal

The following excerpt is taken from Bhagat Singh’s “Letter to Young Political Workers” (The Bhagat Singh Reader, pp. 224-245), written on February 2, 1931:

The real revolutionary armies are in the villages and in factories, the peasantry and the labourers. But our bourgeois leaders do not and cannot dare to tackle them. The sleeping lion once awakened from its slumber shall become irresistible even after the achievement of what our leaders aim at. After his first experience with the Ahmedabad labourers in 1920 Mahatma Gandhi declared: “We must not tamper with the labourers. It is dangerous to make political use of the factory proletariat” (The Times, May 1921). Since then, they never dared to approach them. There remains the peasantry. The Bardoli resolution of 1922 clearly defines the horror the leaders felt when they saw the gigantic peasant class rising to shake off not only the domination of an alien nation but also the yoke of the landlords.

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India’s Farmers Intensify Protests Against Pro-Corporate Laws

teleSUR | December 14, 2020

Women take part in a sit-in protest at the New Delhi - Haryana, India, Dec. 14, 2020.

PM Narendra Modi’s administration remains stubborn in defending the liberalization of markets as something “positive” for farmers.

After 19 days of protests on a row,  India’s farmers on Monday intensified their mobilizations with new roadblocks and hunger strikes to show their rejection of three laws that place the agricultural sector in the hands of big corporations.

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‘We Won’t Get Scared’: The Spirit of Farmers’ Protest Is Inescapable in Punjab

Pawanjot Kaur

The Wire | December 13, 2020

Niamian/Fatehpur/Baras (Punjab): There is an uprising in Punjab. People in the state are acutely aware that they are at the epicentre of the ongoing farmers’ stir. They know that all eyes – domestic and international – are on the farmers’ movement.

Many in the cadre are enjoying this attention. Elaborate discussions on Twitter spats between celebrities, minute by minute updates on the table-talks, and the media coverage of their movement are taking place in almost every household.Read More »


‘We Are Well Educated (PhD) Farmers’: Scenes of Revolution at Singhu Border

Jyotishman Mudiar

The Wire | December 14, 2020

After boarding a train on the yellow line, my friend Ayushman and I reached Jahangirpuri metro station. From there, we took an auto to the Singhu border. We were welcomed by barricades on the roads, with security personnel patrolling all over.

On the surface, the atmosphere was calm. But if one were to look closely, it was clear that it was not so simple. The mere number of security personnel spoke volumes – they were fully equipped with riot gear. From that vantage point, the panorama was one of predatory armed men overlooking unarmed civilians; a case of “too much democracy“, as our ruling oligarchs would put it.Read More »


Does Fighting Climate Change Require Postponing the Fight for System Change?

John Molyneux

Climate and Capitalism | August 25, 2020

Time is always an important factor in politics and history but never has it mattered as much as on the issue of climate change.

The IPCC Report’s warning in October 2018 that the world has twelve years to avoid climate disaster was undoubtedly a major factor in galvanizing a global wave of climate change activism, especially in the form of Greta Thunberg and mass school strikes and the Extinction Rebellion movement. At the same it is clear that this warning could be, and was, “heard” or interpreted in different ways by different people. In this article I want consider some of those interpretations and their implications, particularly in relation to the question of whether there is time to bring about system change or whether, because time is so short, it is necessary to focus on and settle for changes that can be implemented within the framework of capitalism.Read More »


Kancha Ilaiah can have His Theories, but Without Falsehood


Countercurrents | August 25, 2020

This is with reference to the article,“Can Brahmins Bring Revolution: An Assessment Through The Prism Of Tarimela Nagi Reddy” by Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd — CC, August 18, 2020.

I am not a writer. Not a leader or political activist. I am above my sixties, an ordinary citizen who earnestly wants that my country and society should be more democratic and egalitarian so that life of people is more prosperous and peaceful. I do participate, as per my capacity, in the social activities for this purpose. I have grown up reading and knowing something about the glorious history of the revolutionary movements of my land and hold highest regard and respect for the persons and personalities who participated in such movements which brought many favourable progressive changes in society.Read More »


Late Summer ’70

Philip A Farruggio

Countercurrents | August 28, 2020

When you’re 20, full of piss and vinegar, you can open up to so much. That was the year, 1970, when dreams seemed so real. This writer had just returned from a brief summer in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was but the second time I ever was away from my parents’ apartment, and for that matter, Brooklyn, NY, lauded as the ‘ 2nd largest city in N. Y. State’. God, how I did love my hometown. The block we lived on was like a village, replete with close to 100 families. Just one block, imagine that! Two years earlier I had secured a job as camp counselor at Camp Wayne, in , where else, Wayne County Pennsylvania. Having never been to or worked in a sleep away camp, this was foreign to me. I was the Brooklyn kid who was used to the hot summer concrete desert for his whole life up to that point. I only lasted one month at Camp Wayne, having pissed off the guy who ran the lakefront, a German who must have been a Hitler Youth 30 years earlier ( No joke). As relieved as I was to return home from having to eat ‘ Camp Food’ and sleep under the covers to dodge the mosquitoes, my return to Brooklyn from Virginia Beach was the opposite. My cousin and I had a summer that out surpassed anything since… and that covers 50 years.Read More »

Corbyn helped bring a movement together – and our challenge now is to keep that going

by Rick Evans

Morning Star | April 03, 2020

I WANTED to write a thank you to Jeremy Corbyn, the most maligned person in British politics.

When the books in the future are written on this period in British history, I believe they will be very kind to Corbyn, unlike so many during the last five years.

He certainly was an unlikely leader and I think it’s fair to say nobody expected it — probably least of all himself.Read More »