COVID-19: Distress calls from migrants reveal India’s digital divide

by Kundan Pandey

Down To Earth | April 24, 2020

Migrant workers were unable to call their kin as they did not have talk time on their phones Photo: Santulan Mahanta/Flickr

April 14 usually marks the traditional new year for many communities in India. This year, amid muted celebrations, the Union government launched a system to connect thousands of schools online. This when thousands of migrant workers didn’t have enough money to talk on their phones.

Welcome to India’s digital divide — the new, improved post-COVID-19 lockdown version.

Amid talks on making essentials available, mobile telephony may not make much of a mark. But it is something that this country of (presumably) 1.3 billion people have made essential for itself. Particularly its large, ever-increasing community of migrant workers.Read More »

Women in the Changing World of Work


UN Women | 08 March, 2017

Source: Internet

Globalization, digital innovation and climate change, among other factors, continue to change the world in which we work — posing both challenges as well as opportunities in realizing women’s economic potential for a better tomorrow. Below, explore just some facts on where women stand today in the changing world of work.Read More »