Libya: Imperialism and the Left

The US imperialist ruling class is the world’s most dangerous predator. Immoral and opportunistic, it can prey on anyone, including “class allies”

Stephen Gowans

Gaddafi murdered, after being assassinated by the Western press. The imperial signature. Put it on Clinton, Sarkozy, and Obama’s tab—and a zillion accomplices.

While the class character of regimes under siege by Western powers is often explored in analyses of imperialist interventions and is frequently invoked to justify them, it neither explains why capitalist imperialist powers intervene nor stands as a justification for their actions.

The relevant consideration in explaining why interventions occur is not the political orientation of the government under siege, nor its relations with its citizens, but whether it accommodates the profit-making interests of the dominant class in the intervening countries. Does it welcome foreign investment, allow repatriation of profits, demand little in the way of corporate income tax, open its markets, and offer abundant supplies of cheap labor and raw materials? Or does it impose high tariffs on imports, subsidize domestic production, operate state-owned enterprises (displacing opportunities for foreign-private-owned ones), force investors to take on local partners, and insist that workers be protected from desperation wages and intolerable working conditions?

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Libya: Before and After Muammar Gaddafi

by Roxana Baspineiro

teleSUR | January 15, 2020

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi attends a wreath-laying ceremony in Victory Square in central Minsk, November 3, 2008.

Nine years after the military intervention, led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to overthrow Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, Libya remains trapped in a spiral of violence involving armed groups, sectarian, ethnic groups and external interference that have led the country into absolute chaos.

On Oct. 20, 2011, amid protests supported by the governments of the United States and the European Union, an armed uprising that plunged the country into a civil war, the Libyan leader was captured and brutally murdered by the rebels.

Being one of the most prosperous countries in the African continent, thanks to its vast oil fields, after the fall of Gaddafi, the North African country was divided between rival governments in the east and west, and among multiple armed groups competing for quotas of power, control of the country and its wealth.Read More »

Russian Intel: West ‘Tearing Apart’ Venezuela Like Syria, Libya

teleSUR | April 25, 2019

Russian Intelligence Sergei Naryshkin says western countries are "tearing apart" Venezuela and following the same patterns as in Libya and Syria.

Russian Intelligence Sergei Naryshkin says western countries are “tearing apart” Venezuela and following the same patterns as in Libya and Syria. | Photo: Reuters file

Western countries, Naryshkin highlighted, “are tearing Venezuela apart cynically and following the same patterns as in Libya and Syria. The U.S. retakes the Monroe Doctrine.”

Chief of Russian Intelligence Sergei Naryshkin has denounced the “tearing apart” of Venezuela and promoting of the humanitarian catastrophe in the Latin American nation by Western countries.

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Eight years of “spring”


Granma | April 02, 2019

Libya has been devastated by the endless conflict provoked by the United States and its allies. Photo: Sputnik News

In 2011, the Middle East suffered a reconfiguration of its political map through protests encouraged from abroad, and interventions disguised as aid. This series of events went down in history as the “Arab Spring.” However, the similarity with one of the most festive seasons of the year is only found in the nomenclature, because this geographical region has since been hit by continuous internal crises, resulting in a climate of permanent instability.Read More »

Italy warns against ‘another Libya’ if Venezuela is attacked

Morning Star | February 01, 2019

ITALY broke ranks with the EU on Thursday night, declaring that it “does not recognise the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido” in Venezuela.

The declaration came after the European Parliament voted to recognise Mr Guaido, an MP of the Popular Will party who declared himself president of Venezuela on January 23 despite not having participated in any election.Read More »

Another reason why imperialism wanted Libya overthrown

by Abayomi Azikiwe

Pambazuka News | March 22, 2018

NY Daily News

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy detained for questioning over Gaddafi loan, reminding us of another reason imperialism wanted the Libyan leader assassinated. 

Seven years ago this month, beginning on 19 March 2011, the United States Pentagon and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) began a massive bombing campaign against the North African state of Libya.

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Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement on the Seventh Anniversary of the February Conspiracy.

by Libyan National Popular Movement

Pambazuka News | February 21, 2018

Today comes the seventh year of the international conspiracy, in which obscurantist forces and Libyan agents participated in the war against Libya and its safe people, where innocent people were hurled to take part through the launching of false slogans by a media campaign carried out by excessive regional and international mass media machines.

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Let’s never forget why Muammar Gaddafi was killed

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Glimpses of life: Intervention-devastated Libya

A Journal of People report

Life in Libya, devastated with imperialist intervention, is difficult: factional fights, blood spilling, death, destruction. Fighting factions have carved up the fourth largest country in Africa into fiefdoms. Uncertainty is permanent company of citizens there in Libya. Many wonder: is the economy operating?

A few media reports present a glimpse of life in the vast and oil-rich country embroiled in violence since the 2011 imperialist intervention toppled and killed Mummar Gaddafi.Read More »

Contradicting Prior Claims, Pentagon Admits US Forces on the Ground in Libya

by Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Common Dreams | 11 August, 2016

The Pentagon confirmed this week that U.S. forces are indeed on the ground in Libya as the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) continues.

A “small number of U.S. forces have gone in and out of Libya to exchange information with these local forces in established joint operations centers, and they will continue to do so as we strengthen the fight against [ISIS] and other terrorist organizations,” Deputy Defense press secretary Gordon Trowbridge said Wednesday.

The news comes just days after the U.S. launched new airstrikes in Libya, centering largely around the strategic port city of Sirte, on August 1. At the time, defense officials claimed there were no troops on the ground supporting the bombings.

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