UK Election: Making sense of a shattering defeat

Morning Star | December 13, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks after the results was given at Sobell Leisure Centre for the Islington North constituency for the 2019 General Election

AS SOON as the scale of Labour’s shattering defeat began to emerge last night, pundits began to push the line that this was not just about Brexit but about Jeremy Corbyn, and more broadly the Labour Party’s significant shift towards socialism under his leadership.

No election is just about one issue — but the evidence backs up the argument strongly made by Labour MPs like Ian Lavery and Richard Burgon that Brexit was the defining factor.

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UK: Labour’s manifesto is a shift to the left. It’s no time for compromises with the right.

by Nick Clark

 Socialist Worker | May 16, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn out campaigning in Morley, West Yorkshire, yesterday
Jeremy Corbyn out campaigning in Morley, West Yorkshire, on Wednesday (Pic: Neil Terry)

Forget the media and right wing denunciations, there are some excellent promises in the Labour Party’s draft election manifesto.

In the manifesto Labour promises to scrap tuition fees, and plough billions of pounds into education and the NHS.

It promises to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour and end attacks on benefits claimants. And there are plans to ban fracking and renationalise the rail industry and Royal Mail.

The final version of the manifesto was agreed by a meeting of Labour’s broader leadership yesterday, Thursday. But a draft of the manifesto was leaked to a number of national newspapers on Wednesday night.

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Priorities Right On Kids’ Meals

Morning Star | 07 April, 2017

FREE school meals for every primary school child would be a godsend to millions of families across the country.

Labour is absolutely right to be championing such a policy — and right too in proposing to pay for it by slapping VAT on private school fees.

This immediately gives the lie to Theresa May’s tired riposte that Labour, as usual, was planning to “bankrupt Britain.”

The value of the school meals initiative launched by Jeremy Corbyn and shadow education secretary Angela Rayner in Lancashire goes beyond the cost of a kid’s lunch because it strikes at the heart of the austerity myth the Tories — with willing accomplices in the monopoly media — have been trying to dupe us with for seven years.Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn Easily Re-Elected Labour Party Leader

by Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Common Dreams | 24 September, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Stop Trident rally at Trafalgar Square on 27 February 2016. (Photo: Garry Knight/flickr/cc)Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Stop Trident rally at Trafalgar Square on 27 February 2016. (Photo: Garry Knight/flickr/cc)

Jeremy Corbyn scored a “monumental victory” on Saturday, easily being reelected leader of Britain’s Labour Party.

Corbyn got 61.8 percent of the vote to opponent Owen Smith’s 38.2. The Guardian reportsthat the 67-year-old “won a majority over Smith in every category—members, registered supporters, and trades union affiliates. He won the support of 59 percent of voting members, 70 percent of registered supporters, and 60 percent of affiliated supporters.”Read More »