Should universities care about the truth?


MR Online | July 09, 2019

Douma balcony canister in Forensic Architecture's augmented reality

Isn’t the answer obvious? Universities are about attaining, preserving and disseminating knowledge—which only is knowledge insofar as it is true. Caring about the truth is what universities—through their members—do.

The question as intended, however, concerns claims of fact that are appealed to as grounds for governments to go to war or to engage in other kinds of hostilities such as sanctions, blockades, coups and military interventions.Read More »

The politics of knowledge production

by Brian Maregedze

Pambazuka News | October 10, 2018

2017 graduation at the University of Zimbabwe
Photo credit: University of Zimbabwe

These are short reflections on the “Pedagogies in Historical Studies: Theory and Practice” that was held at the University of Zimbabwe this year. 

On 9 August 2018, the Economic History Department of the University of Zimbabwe organised a workshop theme titled, “Pedagogies in Historical Studies: Theory and Practice.”

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