Corbyn case, a piece of democracy

Farooque Chowdhury

Countercurrents | July 10, 2022

Who opposes democracy? None, but the anti-people, retrogressive forces oppose democracy. They carry on the job sacred to them.

Despite wide preference for democracy as a political system, or process, it has got some problems; and the problems begin with its definition.

With the term democracy, the general perception is bourgeois democracy, which is nothing but dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Lenin exposed this fact decades ago. Mao had a long discourse on the issue in the perspective of the pre-1949-China. Yet, illusions and misperceptions persist, as the aspects/perspective Lenin and Mao discuss are either missed or ignored.

Incidents that go on almost daily, in legislative assemblies, and in acts of executive and judiciary tools of state machine, in advanced bourgeois democracies are eye-openers to perceive the character and nature, to be specific class character and class nature, of bourgeois democracy. Here, the problem is with propaganda and scholarship.

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Corbyn helped bring a movement together – and our challenge now is to keep that going

by Rick Evans

Morning Star | April 03, 2020

I WANTED to write a thank you to Jeremy Corbyn, the most maligned person in British politics.

When the books in the future are written on this period in British history, I believe they will be very kind to Corbyn, unlike so many during the last five years.

He certainly was an unlikely leader and I think it’s fair to say nobody expected it — probably least of all himself.Read More »

Corbyn’s Defeat has slain the Left’s Last Illusion

by Jonathan Cook

Dissident Voice | December 13, 2019

This was an election of two illusions.

The first helped persuade much of the British public to vote for the very epitome of an Eton toff, a man who not only has shown utter contempt for most of those who voted for him but has spent a lifetime barely bothering to conceal that contempt. For him, politics is an ego-trip, a game in which others always pay the price and suffer, a job he is entitled to through birth and superior breeding.

The extent to which such illusions now dominate our political life was highlighted two days ago with a jaw-dropping comment from a Grimsby fish market worker. He said he would vote Tory for the first time because “Boris seems like a normal working class guy.”Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn Rejects US, UK Gov’ts Intervention in Venezuela

teleSUR | February 01, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party gestures before delivering a speech days after he called a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party gestures before delivering a speech days after he called a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. | Photo: Reuters

U.K.’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said Friday that intervention in Venezuela and calling for all sanctions against the government of Nicolas Maduro were “wrong” and that only Venezuelans have the right to decide their own destiny.Read More »

Corbyn to May: ‘Do the right thing and resign’

by Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | January 16, 2019

JEREMY CORBYN drove a stake into the heart of the “zombie” Tory government today, declaring that Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Frankenstein deal” was now “officially dead.”

He said the PM should do “the right thing” and resign after losing both “confidence and supply” in Parliament and let the people of Britain decide on the way ahead with a general election.Read More »

The British Empire Is Still Being Whitewashed in UK Schools – This Must Change

by Deana Heath

The Wire | November 05, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has recently proposed that British school children should be taught about the history of the realities of British imperialism and colonialism. This would include the history of people of colour as components of, and contributors to, the British nation-state – rather than simply as enslaved victims of it.

As Corbyn rightly noted: “Black history is British history” – and hence its study should be part of the national curriculum, not segregated in a single month each year.

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Public ownership makes a comeback in British Labour leader Corbyn speech

People’s World | September 27, 2018

Public ownership makes a comeback in British Labour leader Corbyn speech

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, right, is joined on stage by supporters following his keynote speech, to sing the socialist song “The Red Flag” at the annual party conference in Liverpool, England, Wednesday Sept. 26. He called for a clampdown on unfettered capitalism and a huge investment in public services. | Peter Byrne / PA via AP

LIVERPOOL—British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the party’s annual conference yesterday was a call to arms for the labor movement, a clear challenge to all those who oppose Tory austerity in Britain to unite and bring an end to it for once and for all.

Unity and diversity were key themes throughout the speech, as Corbyn drew attention to the great variety that makes up the labor movement and the way in which that is reflected in the Labour Party’s new, increased membership.Read More »

UK: Jeremy Corbyn proves himself to be true statesman as the Tories ratchet up tensions

Morning Star | March 16, 2018

FRANCE has been knocked into shape by its Nato allies, joining Britain, the US and Germany in declaring Russia “culpable” for the nerve agent poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

President Emmanuel Macron has dropped his previous reasonable insistence that Theresa May’s government present “definitive conclusions” before any action was taken.Read More »

Corbyn: We can define our future beyond the EU

by Lamiat Sabin

Morning Star | February 26, 2018

LEAVING the European Union does not spell doom for Britain, with funds “returned from Brussels” potentially being invested in public services and jobs, Jeremy Corbyn will say today.

In a major speech in Coventry to cement Labour’s vision for Brexit, he will argue that the EU is neither the saviour nor source of Britain’s problems.Read More »