Hugo Chávez, Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Was Born 68 Years Ago

Orinoco Tribune | July 29, 2022

Comandante Hugo Chávez surrounded by people during a political rally. File photo.

It is said that on a rainy night, in Sabaneta de Barinas, the boy who would become one of the greatest political leaders of Venezuela, and of the Latin American and Caribbean region, was born. This was Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, the great leader of the Bolivarian Revolution. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, peasant boy, baseball-playing teenager, young soldier, insurgent man, firm and loving leader, and leading light of peoples and revolutions.

The great revolutionary leader ventured into the military world in an attempt to reach the US major leagues of baseball, but the call of his homeland, and outrage at a world of inequalities, made him change course.
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Venezuela commemorates 20th anniversary of the failed coup against Hugo Chávez

The failed coup was the first victory of the Venezuelan people against US imperialism in the 21st century. It marked the beginning of the resistance of Venezuelans against the US attacks, which continue to this day

Tanya Wadhwa

People’s Dispatch | April 16, 2022

On April 13, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans flooded the streets of Caracas to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the victory of the people and the defeat of the 2002 US-backed coup against president Hugo Chávez. Photo: PSUV/Twitter

April 13, 2022, marked 20 years since the people of Venezuela defeated the US-backed right-wing coup against the democratically elected socialist president Hugo Chávez in a record time of less than two days.

On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans flooded the streets of the capital Caracas to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the historic victory of the people against the imperialist coup. Multitudes of citizens, members of political organizations, social movements and trade unions gathered in various parts of Caracas and marched to the Miraflores presidential palace to pay tribute to the civic-military uprising that beat the coup, rescued Commander Chávez and reinstated constitutional order in the country.

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World Leaders Pay Tribute to Comandante Hugo Chavez

teleSUR | March 07, 2022

The example and ideology of Hugo Chávez is always present, the Venezuelan patriot “in whose mind the ideas of Bolívar naturally germinated”. | Photo: Twitter @AsambleaCuba

The world remembers the anti-imperialist legacy of Comandante Chavez and his struggle for Latin American integration.

Heads of State, foreign ministers and popular leaders from all over the world remember this Saturday the historical legacy of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, Commander Hugo Chávez, in commemoration of the ninth anniversary of his physical disappearance.

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Always Chávez

Adán Chávez Frías

RESUMEN | July 28, 2021

photo: Bill Hackwell

Today, July 28, Venezuelans are commemorating the 67th anniversary of the birth of Commander Hugo Chávez; a date of special significance for our People and other Peoples of the world, who recognize the important contributions of the historic leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Undoubtedly, the debate on the legacy of the Eternal Commander touches all of us revolutionaries deeply, given the dimension of the work he carried out, always faithful to the ideology of another birthday boy of the month of July: the Liberator Simón Bolívar; a work whose historical transcendence has its essence in having awakened the hope of profound changes and significantly transformed the reality of the country, and why not to say it, of the planet. Chávez’s struggle led Venezuela towards a better destiny and placed it at the forefront of the construction of a new international geopolitics, with an outstanding role in the integration of the Peoples of Our Latin America and the Caribbean and, beyond, of the Global South.

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Hugo Chavez

Remembering Commander Hugo Chavez on His Birth Day

Nino Pagliccia

Communist Online | August 04, 2020


Hugo Chavez and Liberator Simon Bolivar


In anyone’s life, the years of greatest impact for character training, learning skill and even human values are children’s and youth years. Sure, it doesn’t mean there’s a foolproof formula to create heroes or geniuses, or else we all were.
But the curiosity arises to see how Hugo Chavez’s formative years were before he took his course in the military career.
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Guardian Blames Trump’s Murderous US Exceptionalism on Hugo Chávez

by Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz

FAIR | May 07, 2020

Guardian image comparing Donald Trump and Hugo Chavez

What better time to vilify the popular former leader of a country under deadly US siege than a deadly pandemic?

Such was clearly the reasoning of Guardian journalist Rory Carroll when he penned an op-ed headlined, “Blunder, Distraction, Denial: Trump Follows Chávez’s Successful Template” (4/19/20).

Seemingly immune to irony, Carroll compares Venezuela’s late socialist President Hugo Chávez to the right-wing real-estate developer at the helm of an empire currently strangling the former’s country with deadly sanctions (FAIR.org2/6/196/14/196/26/19).Read More »

Chavez, a Mirror of the People: A Conversation with Edgar Perez

by Cira Pascual Marquina | June 14, 2019

Edgar Perez, better known as the “Gordo” Edgar. (Venezuelanalysis)
Edgar Perez, better known as the “Gordo” Edgar. (Venezuelanalysis)

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Hugo Chávez Frías: When a friend departs


Granma | March 08, 2019

Chávez was the Venezuelan people, he was one of them, he was born of them, and he maintained that spirit of origin. Photo: AVN

Ignacio Ramonet, in the book My First Life, an extended interview with Hugo Chávez, describes how: “We had arrived at the center of the infinite Venezuelan plains the day before (…) the cracked, hardened earth around us was dotted with colorful bushes, splendid giant fruit trees flowering.” They were in the land of Chávez, the boy who sold dulce de lechosa (papaya in syrup), the man who embodied Venezuela’s longing for freedom, and set out to raise a rebellious continent and lead it on the path to its second independence.Read More »

US Media Erase Years of Chavismo’s Gains

by Gregory Shupak

FAIR | February 20, 2019

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, which took off with the election of President Hugo Chávez in December 1998, frequently and even quite recently received praise for its social gains from the United Nations, international humanitarian organizations and economists. This aspect of the country’s story has been almost entirely written out of media coverage of the effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government by the US, Canada and their right-wing partners in Venezuela and the region.Child Malnutrition in Venezuela

Malnutrition in children under five was one of several social indicators that improved dramatically in Venezuela following the election of Hugo Chávez in 1999. (Source: Instituto Nacional de Nutrición/CEPR)Read More »