FACE OF AN ECONOMY: Housing in U.S. city

A Journal of People Report

Housing for the common citizens is a chronic problem in capitalist economy. This is a widely discussed and researched issue. Yet the economy fails. In one sense, it is not the economy’s failure. Rather it is one of the characters of the economy.

The following reports from the U.S. tell about the housing reality. This is a face of the economy with huge resources.  

A Hailey, Idaho datelined report by The New York Times (“A Town’s Housing Crisis Exposes a ‘House of Cards’”, July 31, 2022) said:

‘Near the private jets that shuttle billionaires to their opulent Sun Valley getaways, Ana Ramon Bartolome and her family have spent this summer living in the only place available to them: behind a blue tarp in a sweltering two-car garage.

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FACE OF AN ECONOMY: U.S.: A tale of the homeless

A Journal of People report

Media reports regularly bring to light the homeless problem in a capitalist economy – the United States. These reports bring forward issues from daily life instead of “sophisticated”, abstract discussions, which often mystify burning issues related to the common people’s life in capitalist economies. These reports are much useful to the commoners to learn facts of capitalism than the “sophisticated discussions” by the famous on-line and print editions of famous Marxist journals.

An Independent (UK) report by Josh Marcus on January 24, 2020 said: Inside the mile-long California homeless camp that is tearing a town apart as Silicon Valley house prices soar.Read More »

A sick mother without option, two sisters and an eviction: A story from the US

A Journal of People report

Kimberly Gross and her two daughters, Destiny (left) and Petrina (right) at home on December 16, 2016. (Trent Nelson, The Salt Lake Tribune)

A sick mom with running out options and her two daughters are about to become homeless again. They are being evicted after finding a home through a federal-aid program that seeks private-sector housing.
A report in The Salt Lake Tribune said:
“Facing eviction from apartment found through The Road Home, sick mom is running out of options.Read More »