Global warming: 400 million tonnes CO2 pumped to atmosphere a year from this source the world is blind to

Gas flared at and gas facilities is greater than EU’s total import from Russia and a key source of methane emission

Down To Earth | May 06, 2022

Something that has not changed over 160 years of oil production is the deliberate burning of gas associated with it, called gas flaring. It is turning out to be a major source of methane emission, a greenhouse gas (GHG) “over 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a warming gas on a 20-year timeframe”.

The World Bank’s latest 2022 Global Gas Flaring Tracker Report underscored that the efforts to curb this global warming causing activity have “stalled” in the last one decade.

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“It’s not enough”, scientists say of world’s GHG policies

The young generation face catastrophe if climate crisis is not solved

A Journal of People report

James Hansen, former NASA scientist as well as the “grandfather of global warming,” asserts in a recently published paper: Preventing catastrophic climate change requires far more drastic policy shifts than any government has taken so far.

His latest report, produced with a team of 14 co-authors whose expertise ranges from paleoclimatology to carbon cycles, was tested by three different peer reviewers before being published by the European Geosciences Union.

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Failure to slash GHG emissions could leave the world gasping for breath

A Journal of People report

A suffocating future awaits the home of mankind as a recent study titled ‘Mathematical Modelling of Plankton – Oxygen Dynamics Under the Climate Change’ indicates. Natural production of oxygen by phytoplankton would fall, affected by global warming and threaten the very existence of life on this planet—the study claims.Read More »