American Democracy: Buying and Selling Elections

Frank Scott

The Greanville Post | November 25, 2022

THIS was the most important election in American history, as was the previous one, the one before that, and all previous exercises of marketing that pose as democratic rule in our great example of how to fool most of the people most of the time. Of course, this election, as all others, cost more money than the previous marketing fiasco, when more than 14 billion dollars were spent on the 2020 purchase of the white house and Congress which rose to more than 16 billion for this cycle of shopping center lesser evilism that cost even more just to purchase Congress. Clearly, democracy survived its most serious assault in the history of marketing, at least according to our mind managers and consciousness controllers who make pimps and sex workers seem like poets of love. The only thing that is consistent in our one corrupt system with two corrupt parties is the rising profit margin as all manner of advertising, insurance, polling and other marketplace hustlers feast on the profits available in marketing capitalist democracy while claiming to stand for truth, beauty and other forms of mass hallucinations.

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I Observed Venezuela’s Elections Firsthand: Here’s What the US Media Got Wrong

Rick Sterling

MintPress News | January 04, 2020

Venezuela Elections Feature photo

In early December, I traveled to Venezuela to serve as an election observer during the country’s national assembly election. I was part of a group of eight people from Canada and the United States organized by CodePink. There were about two hundred international observers in total, including the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts. I have served as an official election observer in Honduras and was an unofficial observer during Venezuela’s 2015 national assembly election.Read More »


What Do the Upcoming US Elections Mean for the Working Class of the US?

Claudia De la Cruz

People’s Dispatch | November 03, 2020

Joe Biden is joined by former president Barack Obama at a campaign rally. Photo: Twitter

With one day before the U.S presidential elections, tensions are growing and all sectors are waiting anxiously not only for election day, Tuesday, November 3, but wondering anxiously on what will take place on the days and months to come.

Different analysts have come to the conclusion that these elections are the elections with the greatest significance and socio-political implications since the US Civil War.

In addition to the economic crisis that has been under development and exploded in 2007/2008, and its implication for working class and elite sectors in the U.S, there are at least five factors impacting the current elections, and making them unprecedented.Read More »

US: Already Interfering in Upcoming Venezuelan Elections

 teleSUR | August 15, 2019

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro takes part in a rally against the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, in Caracas Venezuela, August 10, 2019.
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro takes part in a rally against the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, in Caracas Venezuela, August 10, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

“Donald Trump says that he is considering imposing an embargo on Venezuela meaning that no vessel enters or exits. It is a blockade,” the Venezuelan president said.

United States President Donald Trump has maintained strong economic pressure against Venezuela, having signed numerous decrees blocking the assets of the Venezuelan authorities within U.S. jurisdiction. Giants such as the Central Bank of Venezuela and the state-owned oil company PDVSA were also included in the sanctions list.

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Elections in Argentina, first impressions of a great victory that give hope to the whole region

by Manuel Bertoldi

People’s World | August 16, 2019

Protesters mobilize against the government of Mauricio Macri on Wednsday August 16. Photo: Resumen Latinoamericano

On August 11, the primary elections or the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (PASO) were held in Argentina, in which all parties introduced their potential candidates who are going to run in the general elections in October. These potential candidates are chosen internally within the parties and then in the primary elections where they have to obtain at least 1.5% of the votes in order to be final candidates. These elections serve as an accurate survey, weeks before the final election.

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Nepal’s communist parties to merge ahead of elections

People’s World | October 26, 2017

Nepal’s communist parties to merge ahead of elections

A rally of supporters of the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist. | CPN-UML

Nepal’s two main communist parties have agreed to merge ahead of elections later this year. The Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML) and the CPN-Maoist Centre signed a pact in Kathmandu on October 3, along with the much smaller New Force Party. They agreed to jointly contest two-stage elections to the new House of Representatives on November 26 and December 7, and announce their unification after that.Read More »

Kenya elections from a theoretical and global perspective

by Yash Tandon

Pambazuka News | August 04, 2017


Kenyans, like other citizens elsewhere in Africa, demand and hope for “free and fair” elections. But the key issue is that Kenya is still a neo-colony. In these circumstances elections, whatever the outcome, will not fundamentally change the material conditions of life the people. The struggle against neocolonialism must continue.


I limit my contribution to making some general observations of a theoretical nature. That, hopefully, would provide a broader historical and global perspective to the forthcoming elections in Kenya on issues of electoral politics and state policies.

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