(U.S) Angela Davis: “Education must not be sacrificed at the altar of profit”

by Chauncey K. Robinson

People’s World | June 19, 2018

Angela Davis: “Education must not be sacrificed at the altar of profit”

Dr. Angela Davis / AP

CHICAGO—“If we want to break the school-to-prison pipeline, if we want to abolish the prison-industrial complex, if we want to create schools that nourish the intellectual imagination of younger generations, then we have to dismantle the structures and ideologies of racism, and we need to start right now.” That was the message radical activist, philosopher, and professor Dr. Angela Davis brought to a meeting of educators and activists at a “consciousness-raising” event sponsored by the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation on June 16.Read More »


India: People’s Tribunal on Attack on Educational Institutions

Countercurrents.org | April 16, 2018

People’s Tribunal on Attack on Educational Institutions was held at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, on April 11-13, 2018. The tribunal was organised by the People’s Commission on Shrinking Democratic Space in India (PCSDS). The jury panel of the tribunal comprisedJustice (Retd.) Hosbet Suresh, Justice (Retd.) B.G. Kolse Patil, Prof. Amit Bhaduri, Dr. Uma Chakravarty, Prof. T.K. Oommen, Prof. Vasanthi Devi, Prof. Ghanshyam Shah, Prof. Meher Engineer, Prof. Kalpana Kannabiran and Ms. Pamela Philipose. Prof. Romila Thapar was the Chair of the plenary session of the tribunal.Read More »

UK: Teachers ‘being sexually harassed by pupils’

by Sam Tobin

Morning Star | March 31, 2018

MANY teachers in England have been sexually harassed by one of their pupils, a “deeply disturbing” examination of life in the classroom by teachers’ union NASUWT has found.

A recent survey of teaching staff found 81 per cent felt they had suffered workplace sexual harassment or bullying since entering the profession, while 30 per cent said they had been subjected to unwanted touching.

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Puerto Rico teachers walk out to protest privatization

by Carol Widom

People’s World | March 22, 2018

Puerto Rico teachers walk out to protest privatization

Courtesy of FMPR

More than 16,000 public school teachers in Puerto Rico walked out of the classrooms and marched to the Capitol in San Juan this Monday (March 19). They strengthened a crescendo of militant actions to demand investment in public education and against private school vouchers and the massive privatization plans of the island’s schools, known as the Charter Laws. The one-day strike was called by a broad coalition of labor, community and education groups (Frente Amplio en Defensa de la Educación Pública [FADEP]), and led by the progressive and anti-colonialist Teachers’ Federation (Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico).Read More »

US: Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field


Common Dreams | January 07, 2018

“If the federal government won’t act and individual action seems too daunting, however, there is a third possibility for relief – state-owned banks that cut out private middlemen and recycle local money for local purposes at substantially reduced rates.” (Illustration: enisaksoy/Getty Images)

This is the second in a two-part article on the debt burden America’s students face. Read Part 1 here.

The lending business is heavily stacked against student borrowers. Bigger players can borrow for almost nothing, and if their investments don’t work out, they can put their corporate shells through bankruptcy and walk away. Not so with students. Their loan rates are high and if they cannot pay, their debts are not normally dischargeable in bankruptcy. Rather, the debts compound and can dog them for life, compromising not only their own futures but the economy itself.

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WTO and Commodification of Education

by Neha Chauhan\

Frontier | November 23, 2017

Is it tenable to propose and perceive education as a commodity or a good which can be traded? Is education a state responsibility or an “opportunity” which only the select few can avail? When citizens become consumers and corporations’ rights are protected with more vigour than human rights, there seems to be nothing wrong with the scenario wherein education can be treated as a commodity with profit and loss as its guiding factor.

Under the WTO regime education is a tradable service and therefore subject to the same liberalization rationale as other tradable commodities and services. In 1994, with the conclusion of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) national laws and regulations of many countries governing education became the object of an international trade regime. At the time, few members of the education community noticed.[1] The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) also contains the cross border provisions of education. Currently negotiations are underway to expand the scope of the liberalization commitments in GATS.Read More »

USA Today: “20,000 DACA Teachers at Risk — and Your Kids Could Feel the Fallout, Too”

America’s Voice | October 13, 2017

WASHINGTON – A USA Today story, “20,000 DACA teachers at risk — and your kids could feel the fallout, too,” highlights the fact that DACA recipients work in many different jobs that help Americans – including teaching children in our nation’s classrooms. This is yet another reason why Congress must act with urgency to resolve Dreamers’ status.  Excerpts below: Read More »