Venezuela to COVAX: Send Vaccines or Return Payment

Paul Dobson | July 05, 2021

Venezuela has reportedly paid for 11 million COVAX-supplied vaccines which have not arrived. (Leonardo Fernández Viloria / Reuters)

Mérida, July 5, 2021 ( – Venezuela has demanded that the United Nations’ COVAX program return its US $120 million payment or supply the 11 million Covid-19 vaccine doses purchased.

“We did our part: over two months ago we sent the entire payment [for the vaccines], incredibly freeing up blocked funds to do so,” President Nicolás Maduro explained on Sunday. “The COVAX system has failed Venezuela. This week we are issuing an ultimatum: either send the vaccines or return our money, period,” he continued.

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China Joins Covax Effort to Ensure Global Access to a Covid-19 Vaccine

Morning Star | October 09, 2020

A worker feeds vials for production of SARS CoV-2 Vaccine for COVID-19 at the SinoVac vaccine factory in Beijing

CHINA has joined the global Covax effort to share production and distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The majority of the world’s countries – 172 – have now joined the project, which aims to ensure that access to a vaccine is not restricted to richer countries but is facilitated worldwide by the World Health Organisation.

China’s decision to join is a boost for the group, as the country has four of the nine candidate vaccines currently undergoing final-stage tests.Read More »