Zimbabwe is about to become a colony again

by David Barber and Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Pambazuka NewsSeptember 16, 2018

Photo credit: Eyetrodigital

The Zimbabwean’s own correspondent is absolutely right to warn Zimbabwe (as well as all Africa) of the dangers of China’s colonising activities. In this article, we are extending his warning to Western de facto colonialism, which still wields immense power over all Africa’s 54 nations.

This is not the old style political colonialism, but the one we call “commercial colonialism”: the control exercised by powerful foreign (mainly Western and Chinese) commercial and financial interests across Africa. Independence did not end all colonialism, only political colonialism or colonial government. But commercial colonialism merely carried on uninterrupted, and it is not only a major factor in continuing poverty in Africa, but also in helping to keep all Africa’s corrupt, oppressive governments in power – and that is the most dangerous of these factors.

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