Humanitarian measure granted to Alex Saab

Últimas Noticias | 2 September, 2021

In the order dated August 31, to which the Cape Verdean digital medium Notícias do Norte had access, the court considers that “being so, and because it seems to us that such a decision will not create great limitations, and even if it does, health it must come first, it is granted to the transfer of residence requested by Alex Saab to the city of Praia, Santiago ”.

This decision is the result of a request from the defense, to transfer from the city of Santa María, Sal, where the ambassador is under house arrest, to the Cape Verdean capital, alleging “the need for the ambassador to have assistance of specialists in the area of ​​oncology that do not exist on the Island of Sal ”, according to what was reported by the Saab defense team in a press release.

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Free Alex Saab! Alex Saab Case: State of Cape Verde Between Ambiguity and Schizophrenia (Part I)

José António dos Reis

Orinoco Tribune | July 10, 2021

#FreeAlexSaab poster. FIle image.

I am writing this article with a bit of disgust, or rather, with pain in my heart, because its content may be an accusatory libel against the State of Cape Verde, a country where I was born, grew up, and learned to love. This article is not an accusation, in particular, either against the government, or the President of the Republic, or the Parliament. Rather, this is an accusation against the State of Cape Verde, and consequently against all the bodies that make up the State that have directly intervened or have failed to intervene in this process, whose conduct was not guided by the principles of justice, equality, reciprocity, independence and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.

I am from a generation that has lived through and knows what colonial domination was; that knows, because it went through them, what fascist and one-party regimes are. I know who helped us in critical moments and who took a stand against foreign domination in our country.

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Alex Saab: Suspicions Raised Over U.S Massive Investment In Cape Verde


V Reporters | July 05, 2021

Ahead of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab’s appeal against his extradition to the United States by Cape verdian Competent court of law, some observers across the world have raised suspicions over the move by the United to invest about $400 million which according to American government is earmarked for the expansion of its embassy in the west African country.

The observers are of the opinion that, even if the US government is sincere about the investment, the timing of the investment might not be unconnected with the extradition of Alex Saab who is being detained by the Cape verdian authorities over alleged money laundering since last year June.

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