The 16th All India People’s Science Congress: Resolve to Defend Scientific Temper and Secular Education

People’s Democracy | March 11, 2018

THE 16th All India People’s Science Congress (AIPSC) was organised in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, from February 9-12, 2018. The Congress was attended by 850 delegates representing 38 peoples’ science organisations. Discussions in the Congress, in plenary sessions, sub-plenaries, and workshops, focused on areas in which the People’s Science Movement is active. These included discussions on education and literacy, science and rationality, self-reliance and science and technology, health, rural and urban development, etc. A notable feature of Congress was the presence of a large number of young delegates and sessions organised by the youth.

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UK: Water workers to strike over bosses’ grab on pensions


MORE than 1,000 water workers in north-west England are to strike to defend their pensions after three unions joined forces in the dispute.

Members of Unite, Unison and Prospect are taking on bonus-fed fat-cat bosses at United Utilities (UU) and will strike for 24 hours on Friday and next Monday.

From Friday, they will also ban overtime, refuse call-outs and suspend an advice service to councils until March 24.Read More »

U.S: West Virginia Teachers Tell Us Why Public Schools And Unions Matter


Education Opportunity Network | March 11, 2018

Teachers, service personnel and supporters celebrate in front of the Senate Chambers at the State Capitol after the 5% pay raise was excepted during Day 9 of the walkout. (Rick Barbero/The Register-Herald)

Striking public school educators in West Virginia overcame all odds in getting lawmakers to agree to a five-percent pay raise and a realistic commitment from the state to address a broken public employee health insurance program.

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A Review of The Young Karl Marx

From prohibition to collect wood to the water wars in Bolivia


Scene from The Young Karl Marx

The Young Karl Marx directed by Raoul Peck 2017 fuses the idealist with the realist beginnings of a youthful Marx. He was the first to argue the case against capitalism’s production of a “plethora of misery.”  Marx and Friedrich Engels brought into existence a lasting, active philosophy committed to human dignity and social justice. Marx and Engels are two ripples of intellect that mutually come together as one. Together they changed the entire discussion between real time circumstances and air-filled theories.

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Cuban women: A revolution within the Revolution (Photos)


Granma | March 09, 2018

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Cuban women behind the camera


Granma | March 14, 2018

Still from ¿Por qué lloran mis amigas? From left to right: Luisa María Jiménez, Jazmín Gómez, Edith Massola and Amarilys Núñez. Photo:

For a long time, the scarce presence of women behind the camera in Cuban film, especially in fiction, has been discussed. Most of the women filmmakers on the island are documentary filmmakers, but in recent times women have gained ground in other genres.Read More »

Anti-Cuban provocation plot foiled on eve of elections

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Granma | March 09, 2018

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India: Historic Farmer’s March Reaches Mumbai

 | March 11, 2018

A historic ralley of over 35,000 farmers which started from Nashik district will surround the Maharashtra Assembly tomorrow demanding loan waivers and other just demands. They walked about 180 km over the last five days. They entered Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra today and are camping at KJ Somaiya Ground in Sion.Read More »

India: Understanding Tripura Verdict

by | March 12, 2018

A new chief minister has sworn in Tripura. Obviously, BJP also played the same politics by selecting the Bengali immigrant as chief minister of the state as the CPM has been doing. In the din of despicable and condemnable attack on Lenin’s statue, the larger issues that these results have thrown have been ignored deliberately.Read More »