Intervention: Inter-Parliamentary Union’s No To The imperialist Procedure [Part I]

by | May 17, 2017


The Venezuela government has recently accused the US of financially propping up violent opposition groups in the country: Promoting an “unprecedented and systematic attempt” to intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela. A statement of the foreign ministry of Venezuela said: “US financing and logistical support for violent groups in Venezuela have facilitated an armed sedition”. The statement added: “The US system of power relies on frequent and repeated statements, unilateral extraterritorial sanctions, economic financing of organizations in Venezuela for terrorist purposes, financial blockade, threats of military intervention […] to mask an open process of intervention marked by a rude meddling and violating international law.”Read More »

Intervention: Inter-Parliamentary Union’s No To The Imperialist Procedure – Part II

by | May 19, 2017


The costs to be calculated

The most important part of these intervention-costs lacking in most of these calculations are the cost and price the intervened countries, the societies and the people in these countries had to pay/are paying. In any of the countries going through intervention process, there’s no scope of pursuing productive, democratic, and educational-cultural-intellectual activities in usual, normal way. “Libya War: The Unknown Costs and the Indemnified Interventionists” (Farooque Chowdhury,, June 30, 2015) discusses the costs in context of Libya.Read More »

Let Farmers Die

Frontier Editorial | Vol. 49, No.50, Jun 18 – 24, 2017

Farmers’ suicides in various states is a legacy of the earlier regime and it continues during the present ‘achhe din’ (better days) period of Narendra Modi. Storms gathering momentum in several states have broken into open revolt in Madhya Pradesh, and in Mandsaur, a district town, six farmers have been shot dead by the security forces, but the disturbances hardly subsided propelling the Centre to rush 1000 Rapid Action Forces. It shows that farmers are prepared to defy the might of the state in order to protect their own interests. In Maharastra too, farmers have taken to the street. The demands of the farmers is for remunerative support prices and loan waivers. The way the farmers have revolted, torching vehicles and assaulting poliemen, suggests a deep rooted crisis. Although the farmers have behaved in a ‘less than orderly’ manner, their  demand is in general justified, and it goes without saying that the problems of farmers have been a subject of neglect by successive central governments. This neglect was particularly acute ever since the inception of the New Economic Policy. The crisis of the agrarian sector has deepened over the years. The corporate industrial lobby has, however, reaped enormous gains, and the number of billionaires (in terms of dollars) have gone up phenomenally, which is often paraded as a symbol of India’s economic progress.Read More »

Mainstream Media’s Failure to Keep the Trust of American Public

A Journal of People Report

With all its efforts to gain the American public’s trust, the U.S mainstream media has failed miserably. Recent polls reflect the growing mistrust on mainstream media that has been taking root in the mass psyche for a while.

Last year a Gallup poll found that: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.”

Americans' Trust in the Mass Media

As it can be seen from the graph, for the last 20 years, Americans’ trust in mass media has been falling steadily.Read More »

Turkey UPDATE: Editors jailed, minister sentenced, judge arrested, magazine shuttered, 2500 detained, thousands of books confiscated

A Journal of People report

Source: Internet

With arrests, sentencing, shuttering and confiscation, the situation in Turkey continues to deteriorate.

A Melville House Books report said:

In the last few weeks, president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s authoritarian regime has sentenced a minister of parliament to twenty-five years in prison for divulging “state secrets,” arrested a judge from the UN’s Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, and denounced the US’s decision to pursue criminal charges against a group of twelve Turkish security guards for kicking the shit out of a group of Kurdish protestors in Washington DC last month. In the last fifteen days alone, almost 2,500 people have been detained or arrested, including Taner Kilic, a local chair of Amnesty International.Read More »

Venezuela: Our Programme for the Constituent Assembly


In Defense of Marxism | June 16, 2017

The calling of a National Constituent Assembly (ANC) has been issued in the middle of one of the worst offensives of the counter-revolution and imperialism in the last eighteen years. In this political situation, the convening of a Constituent Assembly has awoken important revolutionary aspirations among sections of the workers’ and people’s vanguard, who are ready to fight to elect deputies to the Constituent Assembly who come from the rank and file and defend a programme of revolutionary demands.

This is in opposition to the bureaucratic clique at the top that is trying to impose itself with any means necessary, with the aim of imposing a programme of concessions to the ruling class and the abandonment of any pretence of a socialist programme.Read More »

OAS Fails to Pass Anti-Venezuela Resolution, amid Rumors of More US Sanctions

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Timeline of October Revolution

A Journal of People compilation

Source:: Internet

June 3

The First All-Russian Congress of Soviets begins in Petrograd. The Congress almost unanimously agrees to end World War I, though only through tremendous consternation agrees to support the Provisional Government, despite Bolshevik protests. Tensions flare between the parties, with the Mensheviks insisting that the Bolsheviks must be disarmed, despite not having weapons, which would in practice mean disarming the Soldiers’ Soviets. The Bolsheviks insist that all power must go to the Soviets.Read More »

Science, ecology and socialism must intersect

Green Left Weekly | June 23, 2017

The Peoples Climate March in New York, on September 21, 2014.

In his new book A Redder Shade of Green, Canadian ecosocialist activist and Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus says ecosocialism must be based on a careful and deliberate synthesis of Marxist social science and Earth system science — a 21st century rebirth of scientific socialism.

A Redder Shade of Green was published this month by Monthly Review Press. It can be purchased directly from the publisher, or from most online booksellers. Its introduction is abridged below.

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Back To Anger And Acrimony In American Politics After Brief Respite

by Jay Mala

Frontier | Jun 22, 2017

For a brief while, it seemed like American democracy at its best. The annual Congressional baseball game was held last Thursday night and the Democrats defeated the Republicans 11-2.

In true American spirit, and in a show of political unity, camaraderie and compassion, the winning team handed over the trophy to the losers.

The trophy will now be kept in the office room of Steve Scalise, the Republican chief whip who suffered serious gunshot wounds the previous day and is still lying in a critical condition in hospital.

It was a traditional baseball game that could have been cancelled after the murderous attack by a fanatical Democratic supporter on Republican Congressmen and their aides while they were practicing in a Washington suburb early on Wednesday morning.  Apart from Steve Scalise, the third-most-senior member of the US House of Representatives, four others were injured in the shooting. Read More »