Cuba calls, love answers

This May Day, when the certainty of victory fills the air in our streets and plazas, the day will resound with pride and confidence in the future

Granma | April 27, 2018

Fuerza de trabajo (Workforce) by Cuban painter Marcelo Pogolotti (1902-1988)

When the people of Cuba march, it is no mere formality. When streets and souls resound with a “Viva Fidel” or a “Patria o muerte” followed by a “Venceremos” (We will triumph), the day resounds with pride and confidence in the future. Fortunate are the nations that have not lost their dreams, and those determined to continue building them. The date has been set for May 1, because only unity and commitment will lead us to new victories. The island calls its sons and daughters of goodwill, marked by the love that our history has sowed.

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ITUC May Day Statement 2018

One hundred and fifty years ago, workers in Britain came together to create the world’s first national trade union centre, the TUC, in the city of Manchester.

International Trade Union Confederation | April 26, 2018

Let us go onto the streets on Mayday with a louder voice against exploitation and imperialist aggression!

CIPOML | April 30, 2018

To all workers, working people, oppressed nations, brothers and sisters,

Mayday is approaching, the international day of unity, struggle and solidarity of the working class, the day when we raise our demands on the streets against capitalist exploitation and imperialist aggression.Read More »

May Day 2018: With Internationalism and Solidarity!!

World Federation of Trade Unions | May 01, 2018

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) in the name of its more than 92 million affiliates all over the world salutes, on the occasion of this great day, all the workers who live, work and struggle in every corner of the world. May Day was, is and will be a beacon for the struggles of yesterday and tomorrow despite our enemies’ efforts. May Day has to be a message of resistance against bourgeoisie, imperialists and their international alliances’ policies.

At the same time, the workers’ blood which was shed in Chicago on 1886 reminds us of our duty today; it reminds us that nothing is given for free; every right or freedom that was conquered by our class has been won through sacrifices, conflicts and organized struggles.Read More »

Kurdistan: KJK’s Çiğdem Doğu: Time for workers to unite on May Day

​​​​​​​“This year we celebrate May Day to counter State of Emergency.”

ANF NEWS | April 28, 2018

KJK Coordination Member Çiğdem Doğu has been talking to ANF about this year’s First of May celebrations.

Doğu begun by saying that “The AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated only with the unity of all democratic sectors”.

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India: ON this May Day, the Day of International Solidarity of the Working Class, CITU

People’s Democracy | April 22, 2018

Greets all working people, be they working in factories, offices, services, mines, forests, fields or waters, across the world

Expresses solidarity to all their struggles to protect their hard won rights, to improve their conditions, to defeat the attacks of imperialists-led, international finance driven neoliberal capitalist order on their lives and livelihoods, particularly in the wake of its systemic crisis globally and emancipate themselves from all exploitation

Affirms its commitment to socialism and its resolve to continue its struggle for a society free from exploitation of one human being by another; Stands in solidarity with the people of the socialist countries in their efforts to defend socialism in their countries.Read More »

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