UK: Hands off our wages

by Peter Lazenby

Morning Star | October 22, 2018

UNIONS vowed today to fight plans being cooked up by the Tories for a renewed attack on public-sector wages via the introduction of regional and performance-related pay.

Millions of public-service workers, including NHS staff and local authority workers, could find themselves financially penalised under such plans, which the unions fear will be announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond in next week’s Budget.Read More »


U.S: AFL-CIO support staffers walk informational picket line

by Mark Gruenberg and John Wojcik

People’s World | October 11, 2018

AFL-CIO support staffers walk informational picket line

AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington D.C. | Matt Popovich/Wikipedia (CC)

WASHINGTON—Faced with a management decision to impose its “last, best and final offer” on them, AFL-CIO support staffers – janitors, cafeteria workers, accountants, secretaries among them – walked an informational picket line in front of federation headquarters during their lunch hour on Oct. 10.Read More »

Unionists, allies rally against Trump Postal Service privatization scheme

by Mark Gruenberg

People’s World | October 09, 2018

Unionists, allies rally against Trump Postal Service privatization scheme


WASHINGTON—If GOP President Donald Trump and his Wall Street backers convince Congress to privatize the U.S. Postal Service, youthful postal clerk Arrion Brown of D.C., a Postal Workers activist, says he may get laid off and have to find another job to support his two young children.Read More »

Fight the Boss

Labor Notes | July 02, 2018

Credit: UFCW

You’re not asking co-workers to join a social club or an insurance plan. You’re asking them to join a fight over issues that matter.

Why do any of us pay union dues? It’s because we feel our union fights for us, and we consider it important to our lives. So one key to surviving an open shop is to do the essentials that unionists should be doing anyway: Win grievances. Fight for a good contract. Report your victories and struggles.

Consider the Jeffboat shipyard. In the years after Indiana went right-to-work, only one person dropped out of the union—in a workforce of 700.

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Amazon Profits from Secretly Oppressing its Supplier’s Workers: An Investigative Report on Hengyang Foxconn

China Labor WatchJune 10, 2018


( Hengyang Foxconn factory)
Executive Summary

From August 2017 to April 2018, China Labor Watch dispatched several investigators into Hengyang Foxconn, a factory that predominantly manufactures products for Amazon. CLW’s investigation revealed a number of rights violations at the Hengyang Foxconn factory, which manufactures Amazon’s Kindle, Echo Dots and tablets. This is CLW’s first investigation into an Amazon supplier factory.Read More »

U.S: T-Shirt Ban Energizes Michigan Nurses

by Anne Jackson

Labor Notes | Auguest 01, 2018

Staffing, overwork, and compensation are the top issues for Michigan nurses. Members are going rogue and new red shirts are springing up all over. Photo: Anne Jackson

Stewards and active rank and filers at the University of Michigan Hospital have been working hard to engage a membership that has not had to fight for a contract in seven years. It was slow going at first, trying to get 5,800 nurses at maize and blue U of M to wear red to show our union solidarity as we bargain.

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Iraq’s oil union defends protesters

by David Bacon

People’s World | August 01, 2018

Iraq’s oil union defends protesters

Oil workers on a drilling rig in the Rumaila field | David Bacon

As uncertainty continues over the results of Iraq’s May 12 election, the deterioration in social services that brought about the victory of the Sairoon coalition has impelled thousands of people to take to the streets to protest the increasingly difficult conditions of their lives.Read More »