Trump Hits Venezuela with New Sanctions as CIA Chief Plugs Intervention

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The World Celebrates Oscar Lopez Rivera’s Freedom

telesur | 17 January, 2017

A mural of Oscar López Rivera in Puerto Rico

A mural of Oscar López Rivera in Puerto Rico | Photo:

By now, you’ve probably Googled his name a few times to find out why everyone’s talking about him — Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Rivera is a Puerto Rican independence leader who has been imprisoned in the United States for 36 years, the longest-held political prisoner in the U.S. from Latin America. He was arrested by the FBI in 1981 for his involvement in the revolutionary struggle to free the Caribbean island from U.S. colonialism.

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Bangladesh Liberation War Exposed A Neocolonial State’s Failure

By Farooque Chowdhury | 16 December, 2015

With flawed political process, mismanagement of contradictions in body-society-polity, failures in political arrangement, incapability in handling of aspirations ingrained within the society, limitations in socio-political farsightedness of the dominating part of the society and failures in making compromises with emerging reality the dominating elites in pre-1971-Pakistan exposed its historical limits in its domain. It was a failure of the neocolonial state as well as of the imperialist power that stood by it as its guarantor and savior. The Bangladesh people’s War for Liberation in 1971 exposed the failure, a significant development in the people’s stride onward.

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Kshama Sawant Re-Elected: Seattle’s Political Revolution Continues

By Patrick Ayers

Courtesy: Socialist Alternative In Action


Not only can socialists get elected, we can get re-elected. At the time of writing, and with about a third of the votes counted, 52.6% of voters in Seattle’s District 3 have chosen Kshama Sawant to serve another four years on the City Council. Since late votes tend to trend in our favor, we can safely claim victory. In Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood tonight, hundreds of campaign supporters are celebrating at our election night party. People arrived confident due to Kshama’s outstanding work in the council and our ferocious ground game.Read More »

‘Victory for the People’ as Guatemalan President Resigns in Disgrace

U.S.-backed Otto Pérez Molina stepped down over corruption charges, but Guatemalans say his crimes include torture and acts of genocide

by Sarah Lazare

Courtesy: Common Dreams | 03 September, 2015

Protesters in Guatemala City on Thursday. (Photo: Esteban Biba/European Pressphoto Agency)
Protesters in Guatemala City on Thursday. (Photo: Esteban Biba/European Pressphoto Agency)

School of the Americas-trained Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, who oversaw acts of torture and genocide during the country’s decades-long civil war, stepped down just before midnight Wednesday disgraced by unprecedented corruption charges—and by a popular movement against impunity for the ruling elite.Read More »

Moscow’s last stand during WW II

Soviet troops defeated the Nazis for the first time

 By, May 6, 2015 |

Having quickly conquered most of Europe, the Nazi German army that arrived on the outskirts of the USSR’s (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) capital in 1941 autumn appeared to be an unstoppable war machine. It was the Soviet troops at the Battle of Moscow who shattered this illusion.Read More »