Venezuela: Opposition Leader Guaidó Under Fire Over Alleged $1.3 Billion Settlement

Ricardo Vaz and Andreína Chávez Alava | September 25, 2021

Hardline politician Juan Guaidó denied the reported deal with ConocoPhillips and claimed that the court's document made a "mistake." However, the text cites his lawyers’ direct communication. (AFP)
Hardline politician Juan Guaidó denied the reported deal with ConocoPhillips and claimed that the court’s document made a “mistake.” However, the text cites his lawyers’ direct communication. (AFP)

Mérida, September 25, 2021 ( – Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaidó has drawn severe criticism over a reported agreement to pay US $1.3 billion to US corporation ConocoPhillips.
The alleged settlement was revealed in a report by Delaware District Court-appointed “Special Master” Robert B. Pincus on a proposed “sale procedure” of Venezuelan assets to meet creditor demands.
“The Venezuela Parties [opposition-appointed boards] have indicated that they have reached an agreement with ConocoPhillips regarding the outstanding amount of ConocoPhillips’ Judgment,” which “totals $1,287,664,420 as of July 20, 2021,” reads the 73-page text seen by Venezuelanalysis.
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Government delegation arrived in Mexico for the dialogue table (+ Photos)

Blanco Narkys

Últimas Noticias | September 25, 2021

Delegation of the Venezuelan Government arrived in Mexico to initiate third meeting of dialogue with the opposition. Photo: Wilmer Errades

At noon this Saturday, the delegation of the Venezuelan government, chaired by the plenipotentiary representative, Jorge Rodríguez, arrived in Mexico to begin the third dialogue meeting with the opposition.

The information was confirmed by the head of the delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, through a post published on his Twitter account @jorgepsuv: “We have arrived in the beautiful and hospitable land of Mexico to defend the truth and dignity of Venezuela. Wait for our news ”.

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Hush, Hush (Venezuela is Winning!)

Maria Paez Victor

COUNTERPUNCH | September 17, 2021

By now it is obvious that the mainstream media does not cover any good news whatsoever about Venezuela.  Even non-political issues are always accompanied by a poisoned cliché sentence or two about “dictator”, “authoritarian regime”, “collapsed economy” “humanitarian crisis”, etc. etc.

So, the game-changing news that there are peace talks being held in México City between the Venezuelan government and opposition parties is ignored.  México is acting as host and facilitator with the kingdoms of Norway and Netherlands, and the Russian Federation as mediators. This seminal event has been scarcely reported by the North American media or commented on by politicians. Not a peep. Perhaps it is because neither the USA nor Canada have been permitted to be part of these negotiations, although certainly the USA has tried, and failed, to worm itself in.

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Venezuela Proposes a General Secretariat for Celac

teleSUR | September 18, 2021

President Nicolas Maduro, Mexico, Sep. 18, 2021.
President Nicolas Maduro, Mexico, Sep. 18, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @NicolasMaduro

President Nicolas Maduro called for the reactivation of mechanisms for analyzing economic, social, political, and trade integration proposals. 

Addressing the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro reiterated the need to set up a “powerful” bloc’s General Secretariat to promote the region’s multilateralism, integration, and cooperation.

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Venezuela incorporates Álex Saab into the Mexican dialogue

Blanco Narkys

Últimas Noticias | September 14, 2021

President of the AN / Jorge Rodríguez

The head of the government delegation for dialogue in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, reported on Tuesday that diplomat Alex Saab is joining the dialogue negotiations taking place in Mexico.

“We want to inform public opinion that we are incorporating the diplomat Alex Saab as a full member of this delegation and as a delegate before the social table approved in the partial agreement to assist the people of Venezuela,” he said.

He added that the diplomat is perfectly qualified to take part as a full member of the Delegation and the decision will be confirmed to the government of Norway, the government of Russia and all those involved.

Similarly, he stressed that Saab will be a plenipotentiary spokesperson and added that the diplomat is not detained in Cape Verde but has been kidnapped for 400 days.

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US Chamber of Commerce Asks Biden to Modify Illegal Sanctions Policy Towards Venezuela

orinocotribune | September 13, 2021

US Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Washington D.C.. Photo by Greg Nash.

On Thursday, September 9, the US Chamber of Commerce released a statement asking the US government to modify the illegal sanctions policy against Venezuela. The statement called the implementation of coercive measures a “failure” that has deeply affected Venezuela’s energy sector.

However, the statement still relies on the same anti-Chavista US narrative that led to the application of these measures in the first place. “While well-intentioned in their aim to rid the longsuffering Venezuelan people of Maduro, the ultimate failure of sweeping cross-sectoral sanctions to spur quick democratic transition unleashed a cascade of negative unintended consequences,” reads the statement.

These illegal sanctions came after the end of US and European companies’ participation in the oil and gas market of Venezuela. Clearly, these coercive measures apply penalties as an obstacle to Venezuelan business both in the United States and in other parts of the world.

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Mexico Talks Second Round – Day 2: Optimism on Early Agreements, ‘Ambassador’ Vecchio Removed

Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza

Orinoco Tribune | September 05, 2021

Jorge Rodriguez answering questions from the press at the end of the second day of the second round in the Mexico Talks.  Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Caracas, September 4, 2021 ( —Jorge Rodríguez, leader of the Venezuelan government delegation in the ongoing dialogue in Mexico, reported this Saturday, September 4, that the second day of the talks was focused on reaching partial agreements related to lifting US and European illegal sanctions and the illegal seizure of assets affecting millions of Venezuelans.

“There is a willingness to put all our efforts to achieve partial agreements soon,” Rodríguez said, adding that “this is a great opportunity for Venezuelans to regain their right to economic freedom.”

“We are very attentive to the economic guarantees that have been cut off, blocked, stolen — stolen from the people of Venezuela,” he asserted.

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Always Chávez

Adán Chávez Frías

RESUMEN | July 28, 2021

photo: Bill Hackwell

Today, July 28, Venezuelans are commemorating the 67th anniversary of the birth of Commander Hugo Chávez; a date of special significance for our People and other Peoples of the world, who recognize the important contributions of the historic leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Undoubtedly, the debate on the legacy of the Eternal Commander touches all of us revolutionaries deeply, given the dimension of the work he carried out, always faithful to the ideology of another birthday boy of the month of July: the Liberator Simón Bolívar; a work whose historical transcendence has its essence in having awakened the hope of profound changes and significantly transformed the reality of the country, and why not to say it, of the planet. Chávez’s struggle led Venezuela towards a better destiny and placed it at the forefront of the construction of a new international geopolitics, with an outstanding role in the integration of the Peoples of Our Latin America and the Caribbean and, beyond, of the Global South.

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Urgent: Food sovereignty delegation to Venezuela – witness effects of sanctions and responses on the ground in the context of the 2021 Venezuela regional elections November 17-27, 2021

Revolución Alimentaria | July 19, 2021

What’s going on right now in Venezuela? Come see for yourself how Venezuelans are coping with US economic sanctions designed to cause a social implosion. The international press does not mention the different attacks on the Venezuelan people carried out by Colombian mercenaries sponsored by the United States government, come and learn about the economic war that the Venezuelan people suffer daily, in public transportation, in the distribution of gasoline, and medicine shortages in the midst of a global pandemic.Come and learn how the grassroots movements are responding to each of those deficiencies caused by the blockade that the United States has imposed on the Venezuelan people. The media also omits serious analysis of the role of the food distribution program known as CLAPs run through a government-community partnership reaching millions of Venezuelans.

There is no doubt, however, as indicated in a recent report by CEPR, that the US-imposed sanctions are indeed causing collective hardship and even death.

Join us for a special delegation (January 3-12, 2020) dedicated to studying the actual conditions on the ground and the struggle for food security and food sovereignty in Venezuela, at a time when the Donald Trump’s administration has initiated a new series of sanctions against the food programs that Venezuelan state has created 

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Economic recovery in Venezuela

Pasqualina Curcio

Últimas Noticias | July 12, 2021

To forecast the economic recovery in Venezuela, or in any country in the world, it is necessary, first, to know what the causes of the fall in national production have been. Between 2013 and 2020, the gross domestic product has registered an abysmal decrease of 73%, that is, we are producing around a quarter of what was produced 7 years ago. 

Like all economic, social and political phenomena, the causes are usually multiple, however, among all of them there are always some that have more weight. In this case there are two: 1) the fall in oil exports; 2) the attack on the bolivar. Recovering national production necessarily involves reversing these two factors or, at least, their effects.  

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