Syria’s bloody and unforgiving war

by Dossier 3

The Tricontinental | April, 2018

Dossier 3: Syria’s Bloody and Unforgiving War

Syria enters its eighth year of a bloody and unforgiving war. The death toll is catastrophic. After the number reached 200,000, the United Nations stopped keeping count. It is estimated that of a population of 23 million, close to half a million have been killed. Mortuary counts are unreliable. The numbers do not clearly state how many of the dead were fighters and how many were civilians. They do not say how many were killed by the government and its allies and how many were killed by the various rebel groups.Read More »


Anna Campbell’s fight for Kurdish justice must continue

Morning Star | March 20, 2018

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Gruesome Film Shows US-Funded Syrian Rebel Group Behead Child

by Nika Knight, staff writer

Common Dreams | 20 July, 2016

Earlier this month, Amnesty International condemned the rebel group as responsible for “war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law with impunity.” (Screenshot: Twitter via the Daily Beast)

A Syrian rebel group once deemed “moderate” by the U.S. was captured on film beheading a child in Handarat, near Aleppo, in a gruesome video that circulated on social media on Tuesday.

The Daily Beast reports: “There are two clips from the unsavory events. One shows five militants surrounding the boy. In the second, one of them stands over him on the truck and cuts the boy’s head off with a dull knife, raising it over his head.”

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Time to Talk in Syria

by Stephen Kinzer

The Boston Globe | 10 July, 2016

A fighter from Syria’s Manbij military council on June 15. (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

As the horrific carnage in Syria continues, a depressingly familiar chorus is rising from Washington. The new consensus is the same as it was in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan: Bombing isn’t working, so let’s bomb more. A familiar coalition — generals, defense contractors, and politicians, along with think tanks and much of the press — is demanding escalation of our military campaign in Syria. There may be a limit to how many unwinnable wars the United States wants to wage in the Middle East, but it evidently has not yet been reached.

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CIA and Pentagon backed groups fight each other in Syria

A Journal of People report

“Syrian militias armed by different parts of the U.S. war machine have begun to fight each other on the plains between the besieged city of Aleppo and the Turkish border”, said a media report from U.S.

The situation, the report said, highlights “little control U.S. intelligence officers and military planners have over the groups they have financed and trained in the bitter 5-year-old civil war.”Read More »

Syria-Battle Lines Create Tough Questions In Geopolitics: Lessons Not To Be Missed

By Farooque Chowdhury

Courtesy: 03 October, 2015

[In view of the changing Syria-scenario the post is republished here]


The entire Middle East is in a volatile situation as coming days may find wider confrontation, and a few more actors are in the wings. New battle lines are being drawn almost everyday in the Kurdistan-Iraq-Syria-Turkey (KIST) region. Whatever news is coming from the region bears elements of uncertainty and increased tension with far-reaching implications in geopolitics. Many of the major geopolitical-players in the region are finding it difficult to estimate the total account.

A quarter assumes that Washington tacitly agreed with Moscow on Russia’s Syria-maneuver. ButWashington’s formal reactions to Kremlin’s Syria-move present a picture of unguarded Washington. Not only the US; its allies in the region are also finding it difficult to recon with the daily incidents that are moving very swiftly there. The Kremlin move in the region is, till today, swifter than Ukraine. With each day, the move is taking new shape. Russia has outmaneuvered the world imperialism.Read More »

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire Leads Delegation to Syria

Courtesy:  War is A 


Irish Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire and 14 delegates from Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Ireland, Poland, The Russian Federation, The United Kingdom and the United States, will begin a 6-day visit to Syria to promote peace and to express support for all Syrians who have been victims of war and terror since 2011.Read More »