Stung With ‘Profound Betrayal,’ ITT Tech Students Launch Debt Strike

By Andrea Germanos

Common Dreams | 14 September, 2016


The "student debt crisis ruins lives," says debt strike Niki Howland. (Image: Debt Collective)
The “student debt crisis ruins lives,” says debt striker Niki Howland. (Image: Debt Collective)


Former students of the recently shuttered, for-profit ITT Technical Institutes announced Wednesday they have no choice other than to not make payments on their federal student loans, as they denounced the “immoral system that profits from our aspirations.”Read More »


Rohit Vemula’s Is A Day Light Murder By Casteist State

By P Victor Vijay Kumar | 18 January, 2016

It is official now ! Universities are just run on ‘ Manu Dharmam’ and there is nothing like rules and procedures which are specified by UGC or any Govt. for their functioning. A Minister gets involved in the affairs of the university and passes his own judgement on it as ‘ casteist ‘ ( it is casteist because Dalits get vocal) and ‘anti-nationl’ ( because they have a difference of opinion with the Govt. and decision of judiciary ) and goes ahead in the name of ‘ highlighting the affairs ‘ of the University ‘ and suggests the Ministry ‘ to change ‘ this. As a result, a Dalit scholar from University hangs himself and commits suicide.

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Need To Cleanse The Education From The Dronacharayas

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Countercurrents.org18 January, 2016

Hyderabad University cant escape from the blame of killing the young Dalit scholar. We want to ask this question why should students at this level be ‘expelled’. The problem with these so-called institutions is that they want to ‘discipline’ students like primary class students. At the higher level you have to allow them to think and take part in political activities. India’s Universities once upon a time were the place which created student leaders who were much broader in thought and actively involved in social action. Today, in the name of having a ‘central university’ we see that students are supposed to attend classes like primary students. With no independent thinking being allowed, what do we want ?Read More »

One Year On, Thousands Demand Justice for Missing Ayotzinapa Students

A large crowd took to the streets of Mexico City Saturday demanding end to corruption and impunity of the ruling elite

Courtesy: Common Dreams | 26 September, 2015

Families of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students prepare to lead march in Mexico City Saturday. (Photo: @syndicalisms/Twitter)
Families of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students prepare to lead march in Mexico City Saturday. (Photo: @syndicalisms/Twitter)
One year after 43 Ayotzinapa students were forcibly disappeared from the city of Iguala in Guerrero state, thousands of people took to the streets of Mexico City on Saturday to demand answers, justice, and an end to the corruption and impunity of the ruling elite.